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Nail Shape & Personality: What The Shape of Your Nails Says About You

Nail Shape And Personalitiy we heart nails! - WHAT THE SHAPE OF YOUR NAILS SAYS ABOUT YOU – Long & Narrow Short & Wide Creativity and genius are two words often used to de- scribe long & narrow. This is due to their tenency to be more right-brain dominant. Unfortunately, with genius often comes naivety. Don't let others take you for the fool you are not. Silver-tongued and poetic, you can talk your way out of, or into, any situation. That's a good thing. What's not a good thing is your extreme reliance on logic, while ignoring your emotions, which can sometimes come back to haunt you. Almond Rounded Sensitive souls on the surface, but fiery deep inside. The most kind and caring people in the world to those they find agreeable, yet get Life's one great big party. You're a people person who knows how to have fun, and people love you for it. Ideally, a rounded will find their soulmate in on their bad side and there will be one of the more serious-minded hell to pay. Learn to control your emotions and find happiness. shapes, proving once again that oppo- sites truly do attract. Diamond Egg You're a hybrid of the strength of square, but with the softer, more No one has more ambition than you. There is no task too tough to stop you from reaching your goals. Your only noticeable flaw is the high standards you have for those around you. Learn to harness your drive and go easier on your peers. delicate traits of a round. While you may not excel in any single area like other shapes, your all-around qualities help make you both unique and trusted. Triangular Square Strength and stubbornness are your hallmarks. While there will be some who dislike you for it, there will be many more who will find much-needed comfort in your strength. No one has a sturdier shoulder to cry on than the square. Be proud. Innovation and attention to detail are two areas in which you excel, which is why you can find great success in the business world and always keep your lovers happy. Invert- ed triangles can be a bit too pushy, however.

Nail Shape & Personality: What The Shape of Your Nails Says About You

shared by weheartnails-com on Dec 10
Nails Personality Diagnosis is one of the newest trends out of Japan. According to proponents, the shape of your nails can foretell certain personality traits. Think of it as astrology meets OPI. Is ...


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