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Mustangs in the Movies, An American Icon Seen Through Celluloid

MUSTANGS IN THE MOVIES: An American Icon Seen through Celluloid The Mustang is essentially America's car; the movies are essentially America's art form. No wonder these two have had such a long and healthy relationship. Check out our list, which highlight's the best Mustang appearances in film, below: BULLITT Frank Bullitt (Steve McQueen) 1968 GT390 FASTBACK Why it is Awesome: The quintessential mustang in film. No leading man is cooler than Steve McQueen, and no car is sleeker than this emerald green beauty. THE LAST AMERICAN HERO Elroy Jackson Jr. (Jeff Bridges) Why it is Awesome: As "Junior" Jackson drives his pony down the back- woods streets of his rural hometown, each neighbor he passes cheers at the sight of his beloved car. The opening sequence to this film perfectly encapsulates America's love for this automobile." 1968 MUSTANG FASTBACK GONE IN SIXTY SECONDS (1974) Maindrian Pace (H.B. "Toby" Halicki) MODIFIED 1971 MUSTANG FASTBACK "ELEANOR" Why it is Awesome: Perhaps the greatest love letter you can write to a car is a 40-minute chase sequence through Los Angeles, heading toward the Long Beach docks. Eleanor, one of the first car stars in motion pictures, further fueled America's Mustang obsession. CHARLIE'S ANGELS Fawcett) COARA IT Jill Mu 1976 MUSTANG COBRAII Why it is Awesome: We know this is from a television series. But what is better than shiny white Mustang? A shiny white mustang being driven by a blonde bombshell. Did we mention she is also a crime-fighting private detective? BACK TO THE FUTURE PART II Character: N/A (Actor: n/A) 2015 FORD MUSTANG (1987-1989 MODIFIED MUSTANG) Why it is Awesome: Because it shows us how far off we were in the '80s when we thought about the future. Essentially, it is just an '87 Mustang with a lot of unnecessary parts attached to it. But that is what makes it so great! GONE IN SIXTY SECONDS (2000) Memphis Raines (Nicolas Cage) 1967 SHELBY GT500 "ELEANOR" Why it is Awesome: The remake of Halicki's classic film may have been a Nicolas Cage movie, but it did give the world this amazing monster of a car. WAR OF THE WORLDS Ray Ferrier (Tom Cruise) Why it is Awesome: What is as cool as a Mustang, in a zombie apocalypse, being driven by a superstar? A Mustang, in an alien invasion, being driven by a superstar. 1966 SHELBY GT350H TRANSFORMERS (2007) Barricade (Jess Harnell) S-1-1 POLICO 643 2007 SALEEN S281 EXTREME Why it is Awesome: Not only is it a sweet car, it is a sweet car that trans- forms into a Decepticon! Not going to lie, I wish my car could turn into a powerful robot alien. IAM LEGEND Robert Neville (Will Smith) Why it is Awesome: A contemporary Mustang needed to make it on this list, and this one aided Will Smith in fighting a zombie 2007 SHELBY GT500 apocalypse. Any car that does that deserves to be "one of the greats." LITEMODELRESTORATION

Mustangs in the Movies, An American Icon Seen Through Celluloid

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Since its introduction as the first example of the "pony style" coupe by Ford in the mid-1960's, the Mustang has developed an iconic-like status in the American imagination. Nowhere is this fact more ...


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