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prepared by Haidi Bulinga on 12/02/2010 Art Music (Classical (European) Musical tradtions implying Traditional / Folk Music ... transmitted through an Popular music.. belongs to any of a number of musical genres having wide appeal" and is typically distributed to large audiences through the music industry. It stands in contrast to both art music and traditional music, which are typically disseminated academically or orally to smaller, local audiences. advanced structural and theoretical oral tradition, often related considerations and a written to national culture, musical tradition. commemorate historical and personal events, lack copyright on songs, represent a fustion of cultures, and is non- commercial. Afghan classical (Klasik) Andalusian classical Azerbaijani Mugham Bangladeshi classical Cambodian ceremonial (Pinpeaty Chinese traditional European classical Indian classical Indonesian art (Gamelan) Persian classical Japanese court (Gagaku) Korean court Lao classical Mande art (Griot) Ottoman classical Philippine art songs (Kundiman) Scottish Pibroch Ceol Mór) Thai classical (Piphat) (North American folk Bluegrass Country Gospel Old time music Jug bands Appalachian folk Blues Cajun Native American South American Central American Carribean Asia Afropop: Afrobeat, Benga, Chimurenga, Highlife, Isicathamiya, Kizomba. Kuduro, Kwela, Maloya, Mbalax, Palm wine Avant-Garde: Lo-f, Experimental, Minimalist Country: Close Harmony, Honky tonk, Bakersfeld Sound, Nashville, Neotrad- itional, Outlaw, Rockabilly, Western Swing Jazz: Acid, Avant-garde, Bebop, Big band, Dixieland, Chamber, Cool, Free, Gypsy, Hard bop, Fusion. Latin, Mainstream, Modal, M-Base, Nu Jazz (cont.): Smooth, Soul, Swing, Vocal. Blues: Boogie-woogie, Delta, Fife and drum Easy listening: Lounge, Background, Elevator. Electronic: Ambient, Breakbeat, Dance (Bigbeat, Dubstep. Drum and Bass, Electro, Gabba, Goa, House, IDM, Trance, Rave, Trip hop), Downtempo, Glitch, Industrial, Progressive. Hip Hop & Rap: Crunk, East Coast, Gangsta, Grime, Hiphi, Turntablism, West Coast. Latin: Bachata, Bossa Nova, Calypso, Chutney soca, Mambo, Merengue, Salsa, Samba, Tejano. Pop: Adult-oriented, Balkan, Bubblegum, Contemp. Christian, Disco polo, Electro-, Europop, French, Indian, Italo disco. Louisiana swvamp. Schlager, Space Age. Ska: 2 tone, Dancehall, Dub, Ragga. Reggaetusion. Rhythm & Blues: Doo wop. Funk, Disco, P-Funk. New jack swing, Neo soul, Urban contemporary (Source: http:/ genres) Rock: Britpop, Dream, Emo, Grunge, Indie, Madchester, Post, Shoegazing, Dark cabaret, Desert, Garage, Glam, Gothic, Hard, J-Rock, Math, New Wave, Progressive, Space, Psychedelic. Psychobilly, Soft, Southern, Surf. Heavy Metal: Black, Christian, Doom, Drone, Glam, Grindcore, Industr. Metalcore, Nu, Power, Sludge, Speed, Thrash. Punk Rock: Anarcho, Hardcore, Post. World: Worldbeat.. Europe Middle East and North Oceania and Australian Sub-Saharan Africa *One of the great things about KTRU that would be sorely missed from the airwaves is an active debate and study (or musicology) of the ever- evolving genres and subgenres of music. A new KUHC would only air a very narrow band of music, that of European Classical. Sa м Mdnt Th Su Th Sa Su м Mdnt Th Sa Su т Th Sa Su 1am 1am 2am Jam 2am Jam 4am 4am Sam Bam Sam 6am 7am 8am 7am 8am 9am 9am 10am 10am 11am 11am Noon 1pm 2pm Эрт 4pm Spm брт 7pm Врт Spm 10pm 11pm Noon 1pm 2pm 3pm 4pm Spm брт 7pm Врт Spm 10pm 11pm KUHF CURRENT KTRU CURRENT KUHF PROPOSED KUHC PROPOSED non-commercial 87.5 87.5 88.1 88,3 88.7 89.3 commercial 89.7 90.1 90.5 90.9 91.1 91.7 92.1 92.5 92.9 93.7 94.5 95.7 95.7 96.1 96.1 96.5 96.9 97.1 97.9 97.9 99.1 99.7 100.3 101.1 101.7 KJIC KTSU KYBJ KTRU KROI KZRC KKBQ KKRW KTBZ KHJZ CBSR KGUL KDOL KHMX KIOX KTHT KRBX KBXX KODA KROY KILT KLOL KOKGJ (source: KHCE KDOH KFTG KAXF KUHF KSBJ KACC KPFT CURRENT non-commercial commercial 90.5 90.9 91.1 91.7 92.1 92.5 92.9 93.7 94.5 95.7 95.7 96.1 96.1 96.5 96.9 97.1 97.9 97.9 99.1 99.7 100.3 101.1 101.7 87.5 87.5 88.1 88.3 88.7 89.3 89.7 90.1 KHCE KDOH KFTG KAXF KUHF KSBJ KACC KPFT KJIC KTSU KYBJ KUHC| KROI KZRC KKBQ KKRW KTBZ KHJZ CBSR KGUL KDOL KHMX KIOX KTHT KRBX KBXX KODA KROY KILT KLOL KXGJ PROPOSED


shared by IGEmp on Dec 28
This infographic provides a visual for music diversity and musical fusion. It shows the different types of music and narrows it down by genre and country of origin. It narrows the genre of music furth...




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