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The MP3 Revolution

THE MP3 NAPSTER REVOLUTION This audio file-sharing service operated between 1999 and 2001 before belng shut down by court order! Napster allowed FREE peer-to-peer sharing of MP3 audio files and had 80 million users at its peak! MP AUDIO 1998 RIO The very first solld state digital audio player, the MPMan, was developed In South Korea by SaeHan Information Systems could hold The Rio PMP300 launched in September 1998 with a 32MB capacity which equated to about 30 minutes of music at 128kbit/s. An upgraded version was later launched with 64MB storage at a cost of $250! a maximum of about 12 tracks at 64MB with the 32MB model only capable of 6 tracks! 9% CD vs MP3 As a result of the success of digital music players like the IPod, physical format sales (CDs) have decreased by 51% since 2009! MP3 IPOD PLAYERS By early 2005, 9% of ALL UK households had at very least one standalone (l.e. not ─░ncluding smartphones) MP3 player! A mere 3 years after the original 32MB MPMan went on sale, Apple Computers released the IPod. The advertising campalgn slogan 1,000 songs In your pocket' was backed up by a massive 5GB hard drive! THEBLACK EYED PEAS DOWNLOADS By the middle of 2013, 39% of all UK households had on average two standalone dedicated MP3 players! If you add smartphones to the mix you're looking at 74% of UKhouseholds with at least one The Black Eyed Peas' I Gotta Feelin' was the most downloaded track in the US between 2009 (when the track was released) and 2013 with over 8.44 mllon digital coples sold! MP3-capable devicel 39% 556 DAYS! The Filo X5 high resolution digital audio player supports dual microSDXC cards which means it can hold 2x 512GB cards maxing out at 1TB of storage! This equates to around 200,000 tracks - 13,333 hours or 556 days of continuous music playback! 743 RIP SALES By February 2013, of the 23.99 million albums sold in the US in the first month of that year, digital sales outpaced CDs with 11.18 million downloads vs 11.1 million CDs! Spotify BEATS MUSIC NEXT? Instead of keeping your MP3S on your MP3 player or smartphone, many people are now streaming MP3S! In adopting this new platform the Swedes lead the way in Europe with downloads dropping to 7% of the music-purchasing population with 47% of people Instead subscribing to a music streamlng servicel Compare this to the UK with just 22% opting for a subscription over downloads! Turns out the Brits LOVE downloading MP3S! THE MP3 REVOLUTION brought to you by BUY cheapmp3s

The MP3 Revolution

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Take a look back at the evolution of MP3 since its birth to modern times..



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