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Movie Legends - Immortalised in Stone & Steel

MOVIE LEGENDS IMMORTALISED IN STONE & STEEL Almost every town and city in the world has at least some kind of monument in honour of its local or national heroes, and for all kinds of achievements. It has been little over a century, but there are now many tributes to the stars of film. Here are some of the newest and biggest arrivals. MOVIE STARS 8.4 ft 2.6 m ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER Perhaps one of the greatest movie legends, at least in terms of the action genre. This statue of “Arnie" depicts his time as a bodybuilding champion, located in the city where he won his first world title. An identical statue exists in his home town of Thal, Austria. Columbus, Ohio. U.S.A. ARNOLD JEAN-CLAUDE VAN DAMME 8.12 ft 2.7 m Based in the home town of “The Muscles from Brussels", this statue portrays JCVD in one of his most iconic roles from the movie 'Kickboxer'. Although he is a martial arts action star and not highly regarded for his acting ability, his eponymous role in JCVD' was rated by Time Magazine as the second best Brussels, Belgium. performance of 2008. Falling short to Heath Ledger's portrayal of the Joker in 'The Dark Knight'. 26 ft 7.9 m MARILYN MONROE The statue known as 'Forever Marilyn' re-enacts her iconic image from the set of 'The Seven Year Itch', but unlike the others on the list it is not a permanent fixture. It has taken taken up temporary residence in various locations across the United States, but there are plans to bring her home for good in her home state of California. On tour - BRUCE LEE 61.8 ft 18.8 m The largest of over 50 statues that exist of him throughout the world, this giant likeness of the “King of Kung Fu" stands tall within the grounds of the 'Bruce Lee Paradise Park'. He is considered a great inspiration not only for his contribution to cinema, but Guangdong, China. also his teachings on martial arts, fitness and philosophy. MOVIE CHARACTERS 8.6 ft 2.6 m ROCKY BALBOA This statue has become a symbol of inspiration. Not only for the character that it represents, but also the passion and determination that he found in order to achieve a goal. The sculpture was created specifically as a prop for the movie "Rocky III", but thanks to a campaign by its citizens has since become a permanent feature of the city skyline. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. U.S.A. ROBOCOP 10 ft 3 m Taking inspiration from the people of Philadelphia, it was proposed that Detroit should have a monument to its own hero. Despite initial rejection from government officials, a crowd funding campaign was started and the idea went viral. All of the required funds were secured and Detroit, Michigan. U.S.A. construction of the statue began, it is due to be unveiled in late 2014. 12 ft FITZWILLIAM DARCY 3.7 m This depiction of Colin Firth's iconic scene from the movie 'Pride and Prejudice' isn't quite stone and steel, but the fibreglass coated polystyrene sculpture is still quite strong. It appeared in London's Hyde Park to coincide with the launch of a new drama TV channel, but was later sold at auction to the National Trust of Melbourne, Australia. Australia. SUPERMAN 15 ft 4.6 m Considered by many to be his home town, and officially legislated in the state of Illinois, Superman stands proudly outside the local courts of justice. The city's favourite son is celebrated every year in June, and fans from all over the country come to visit as a number of events take place in his honour. Metropolis, Illinois. U.S.A. A smaller statue of his long-term partner, Lois Lane, TRUTH - JUSTICE -THE AMERICen can also be found further down the street. NOTABLE MENTIONS 16.5 ft ROBOT FROM LAPUTA 5 m 60 ft 18 m RX-78-2 GUNDAM GIGANTOR 60 ft 18 m Tokyo, Japan. Kobe, Japan. HEIGHT COMPARISON 60 ft 50 ft 40 ft 30 ft 20 ft 10 ft @lamRobertShaw

Movie Legends - Immortalised in Stone & Steel

shared by IamRobertShaw on Jul 25
A pop culture graphic comparing various statues of movie stars.


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