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Most Wanted Getaway Cars

CATCH ME IF YOU CAN THE MOST WANTED GETAWAY CARS CHARACTER ACTOR VEHICLE THE GREAT ESCAPE BONNIE AND CLYDE 1963 1967 WH-13371 HILTS 'THE COOLER KING' O CW MOSS STEVE MCOQUEEN MICHAEL J POLLARD 1961 TRIUMPH TR6 TROPHY 1929 MODEL A FORD The German motorcyclist that was hit by the wire strung across the road by McQueen, was also played by McQueen. The majority of the cars used, including the one stolen from Gene Wilder's character, were loaned by a private collector. His only condition was that the cars weren't shot up. BULLITT TO LIVE AND DIE IN L.A 1968 1968 FRANK BULLITT RICHARD CHANCE STEVE MCQUEEN * WILLIAM PETERSEN 1968 FORD MUSTANG 1985 CHEVY IMPALA Bullitt's reverse burnout during the chase wasn't scripted, McQueen just missed a turn. The car chase sequence took 6 weeks to shoot, and was the final scene recorded. Apparently this was in case anything happened to the actors involved. THE ITALIAN JOB THE LOVE BUG 1969 1969 - (53) CHARLIE CROKER JIM MICHAEL CAINE DEAN JONES A Mini Cooper x 3 1963 VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE (HERBIE) The only existing 'trick Herbie' (able to open doors and squirt oil) is owned by Dean Jones. After the authorities refused to close the roads, the production team had to turn to the Italian Mafia, who shut entire sections of Turin down for filming. As such, the traffic jams in the film are completely real. FRENCH CONNECTION VANISHING POINT 1971 1971 JIMMY DOYLE KOWALSKI GENE HACKMAN * BARRY NEWMAN 1971 PONTIAC LEMANS 1970 DODGE CHALLENGER The car crash during the chase sequence was actually real. The man who was driving the car was on his way to work and producers later paid for repairs. The 1970 Dodge Challenger was the car of choice for this film with 8 being used throughout production, though by the end of filming just 1 car remained intact. THE GETAWAY GONE IN 6O SECONDS 1974 1978 DOC MCCOY HB HALICKI STEVE MCOQUEEN MAINDRAIN PACE/VICINSKI VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 1973 MUSTANG SPORTSROOF (NAMED ELEANOR) Actual police cars were used throughout for the chase scenes. A 35 minute car chase covering 6 California cities resulted in 93 vehicles being destroyed. THE DRIVER GOLDENEYE 1995 1996 © J33 THE DRIVER JAMES BOND * RYAN O'NEAL * PIERCE BROSNAN MERCEDES V-8 SEDAN BMW Z3 The BMW Z3 that Bond used never deployed any of its gadgets because the car was a prototype, and couldn't be damaged or modified in any way. None of the characters have names in the film, all are addressed by their occupation. 'The Driver' only spoke 350 words in total. FARGO RONIN 1996 1998- JERRY LUNDEGAARD SAM WILLIAM H MACY ROBERT DE NIRO OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS CIERA A 1998 AUDI S8 QUATTRO The snowplough that drives past at the end of the film was not scripted, it just ignored the signs about filming in the area. To make it look like De Niro was actually driving during the chase, right hand drive cars were used with pretend controls on the passenger side. THE FAST & THE FURIOUS 2001 ROAD TO PERDITION 2002 BRIAN O'CONNOR 9 MICHAEL SULLIVAN JR PAUL WALKER TYLER HOECHLIN NISSAN SKYLINE GT-R 1931 BUICK SEDAN Over 1500 cars were used during the Race Wars segment of the movie, with filming taking place at the San Bernardino International Airport. For the robbery scenes Tyler Hoechlin, who was 15 at the time, had to learn how to drive. To be safe, a stunt driver also sat in the back with separate driving controls. THE BOURNE IDENTITY 2002 THE TRANSPORTER 2002- FRANK MARTIN JASON BOURNE JASON STATHAM * MATT DAMON 1999 BMW E38 750I A MINI COOPER Frank's car is the only one ever produced with a manual 6-speed gearbox. 5 different Mini Cooper's were used to film the iconic chase through Paris. DRIVE HIT AND RUN 2011 2012 DRIVER YUL PERKINS A KA CHARLES BRONSON RYAN GOSLING DAX SHEPARD * FORD MUSTANG 5.0 1967 LINCOLN CONTINENTAL Ryan Gosling restored the Chevy Malibu used in the film himself, in preparation for his role. Most of the cars seen throughout the film were from Dax Shepard's personal collection. Source: cardealerreviews

Most Wanted Getaway Cars

shared by Jamiewright on Apr 29
A collection of speedy vehicles to help you 'get away from it all'.


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