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Most Popular Classic Toys of All Time

MOST P OPULAR CLASSIC TOYS OF ALL TIME SOCK MONKEY 1870's Folk art sock dolls appeared in the US in the 1870's imitating popular European monkey toys The iconic red mouth sock monkeys emerged in 1932 The red heel is the monkey's mouth with white hands and feet ARMY MEN Based on Tin Soldier toys of 1880's from Europe 1880's First seen in 1938 Regained popularity after appearance in Toy Story trilogy STEVENS JEACEMAKER EFEATINE TOY PISTOL THE JARSZEVENI COMANY. CONWEL CORNECTSUT CAP GUNS Introduced in 1860's after the Civil War (1860 Popular in the 1950s with Cowboy Themes and safer caps Many children emulated their cowboy heroes RAGGEDY ANN Character in the 1918 children's book 1918 Raggedy Ann Stories Newspaper cartoonist Johnny Gruelle created the doll for his daughter The dolls were originally handmade PEZ DISPENSER PEZ was invented in 1927 in Vienna, Austria as a breath mint (1927 PEZ dispensers appeared in 1949 and were shaped like cigarette lighters In 1955 heads were placed on the dispensers and they were marketed towards children Mickey and Santa were the first character dispensers. YO-YO JOY BUZZER In 1928 Philippine-born US Immigrant Pedro Flores opened the Yo-yo Manufacturing Company in Santa Barbara, California Invented by SS Adams (1928 in 1928 Practical joke device delivering unexpected zaps to victims Donald F. Duncan bought it in 1929 and the "Duncan Yo-Yo" was born. Buzzer creates a vibration that feels like a "shock" 1930: producing 300,000 yo-yos per day PLAY-DOH Originally made as wallpaper cleaner in 1930s (1930's Play-Doh First widely available in 1955 Bright colors and additional products keeps it popular through the ages BUCK ROGERS ROCKET PISTOL 1934 First sold in 1934, 1st ray gun ever produced Set the pattern for all space guns DINKY TO HOT WHEELS: MINI DIE-CAST CARS Dinky sold in 1935, Matchbox in 1953, Corgi in 1956, and Hot Wheels in 1968. Metal in limited availability after WWII led to smaller toy cars (1935 Hot Wheels popularity increased in the 1960's with tracks and modern race cars Hot Wheels has over 11,000 varieties and over 800 models Roughly 41 million adults have grown up playing with Hot Wheels The average collector has around 1,550 cars in their collection VIEW-MASTER Invented by Harold Graves View Master Unveiled at the 1939 New York World's Fair to view photos of tourist attractions in 3D 1939 First widely available in 1966 Gained popularity with Disney licensing deal 1+ billion units have been sold Scenic reel of Mecca is the most popular View-Master reel SLINKY In 1940, Richard James invented this "precompressed helical spring" toy 1940 Sold its first batch of 400 units in just 90 minutes Slinkry 300+ million Slinkys were sold between 1945 and 2005 SILLY PUTTY WIN DOLAWPO 2VACE DX CHICKEN EKIEZ 1943 Created accidently by Scottish engineer James Wright in 1943 First sold in 1949 Apollo 8 astronauts took it to lunar orbit in 1968 300+ million Silly Putty eggs have been sold since inception MAGIC 8 BALL Pe-77P oo.omveg tmes In 1944, Albert Carter created a fortune-dispensing "crystal ball" (1944 magic answering 8 BALL Inspired by a device his mother used who was a professional psychic VORTU TELLE Ju LEGOS First sold in 1947, patented in 1958 (1947 Allowed kids to build permanent structures from scratch 6 pieces of Lego blocks can be interlocked in 102,981,500 ways 320+ billion blocks have been produced MR. POTATO HEAD MR POTATO HEAD Debuted in 1952 (1952 Earned $4,000,000 months after it was introduced funniest. W making pal Sold 100+ million toys worldwide. Claimed movie-star status thanks to Disney Pixar's Toy Story franchise GUMBY AND POKEY WOOLY WILLY The CR Wooly Willy Introduced in 1955 by Art Clokey and his wife Ruth Launched in 1955 (1955 Unique artist toy with magnet Toys and Clay Animated TV Show premiered on Howdy Doody Show, a cowboy 75+ million Wooly Willies have been sold marionette puppet show The bendable figures are the most popular Gumby toys MAGNITIC PIRSONAT A W S, HAR AND ROws wiTH eS MAGIK WAND ROBBY ROBOTS UNCLE MILTONS ANT FARM Introduced in 1956 a few months before the 1956 film Forbidden Planet Introduced in 1956 The movie Inspired 100's of robot tin toys from Japan that influenced Star Wars, Creator Milton Levine collected ants in jars on his uncle's farm for fun (1956 Advertised by saying "Watch the ants dig tunnels and build bridges" Transformers, and the Japanese robot craze. Made many appearances in other movies and television programs such as the iant Ant Farm 20+ million ant colonies were sold, putting 3 of Levine's kids through college Big Bang Theory A 76" life-sized replica was built in mid-1955 with a cost of $125,000 SEA MONKEYS THE AMZING NTVE 6nonke HULA HOOP Hybrid breed of translucent brine shrimp invented in 1957 by Harold von Braunhut AST Debuted in 1957 Brine shrimp eggs are in a state of "cryptobiosis" until water is added (1957 Inspired by a traditional Australian bamboo exercise First marketed as "Instant Life" but In 1958, Wham-O sold more than 100 million Hula Hoops for $1.98 each later called "Sea Monkeys" because of their saltwater habitat and tails that supposedly resemble those of monkeys May 16 is National Sea-Monkey Day DRESS UP DOLLS: PAPER DOLLS TO BARBIE First seen in 1959 Girls dressed up paper Hollywood female stars with outfits decades before Barbie dolls. (1959) Barbie was an American copy of the original German toy Bild Lili Has over 150 careers World's most popular doll for girls Ruth Handler, saw how her daughter Barbara played with her friends and thought with a Barbie doll sold ever 3 seconds about how important it was for kids her age to pretend as they gave their paper dolls names and played different roles as kids, teenagers and adults. Roughly $3,000,000,000 in sales every year ROCK EM SOCK EM ROBOTS (1960 ETCH A SKETCH Widely available in 1960 Created in 1955 by an electrician while installing a factory light switch plate and making pencil markings on its translucent decal Introduced by Marx Toys in the 1960s Kids control the robots and battle until one of the robot's head is off 150+ million units sold to date SLIP N'SLIDE Introduced in 1961 (1961 Created by Wham-o Can transform any lawn into a water-slide paradise After safety concerns, now back again with improvements SUZY HOMEMAKER AND EASY-BAKE OVEN (1963 Cooked up in 1963 by Kenner Products (now part of Hasbro), 1st toy that allowed kids to make edible food, a brand new category of play 30+ million Easy Bake Ovens have been sold and 150+ million cake mixes and refills NERF BALL NERE 1969 Introduced in 1969 bal World's first official indoor ball More than 300 million balls have been sold worid's first Sources claim "NERF" is an acronym for "Non-Expanding Recreational Foam" INDOOR BALL RUBIK'S CUBE Created in 1974 by architecture professor Erno Rubik 1974 More than 350 million have been sold worldwide since it was invented 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 different ways to twist and turn a Rubik's Cube CLASSIC TOYS VS) TOUCHSCREENS Touchscreens have overtaken Over 70% of children in all dolls, action figures, board games and other traditional toys. Over 60% of parents claim that their child uses a touchscreen. income levels are living in homes with smartphones, and over 70% 60% 55% with tablets. FREQUENCY OF PLAY TYPE Children 12-years-old and under Board Games Puzzles Paly Vehicles Game Consoles Construction and Blocks Arts and Craft Dolls & Action Figures Touch Screens 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% In 2014, 36% of children own their own device. This figure was in the single digits the year before. FREQUENCY OF USE BY ACTIVITY Children 12-years-old and under Utility Communication Viewing Learning Play Games 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% 32% of parents claimed that mobile devices should never be put in the same category as physical play products. SOURCES: •,29569,2049243,00.html • • • t-century/045089 • • • • • • • • • • • Selling_Toys of AlL_Time • of-all-time/9223465/ • • • • • hildren-play-touchscreens-traditional-toys.html • • • • • • Willy BROUGHT TO YOU BY TIN TOY ARCADE Classic Toys and Retro Fun ............. ........ ............ ............. ................ ........ ....... ............ ..........

Most Popular Classic Toys of All Time

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Nothing brings back the good old days like classic toys. This infographic from Tin Toy Arcade takes you down memory lane by showing how popular classic toys have evolved over the past 150 years.


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