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Most Memorable Makeup In The Movies

THE MARVELOUS MAGIC OF MAKEUP IN THE MOVIES THE MOST MEMORABLE MAKEUP IN THE MOVIES The movies have always had the unparalleled power to transport us to another world, and makeup has had a significant role in creating this magic of the movies. Although it always looks flawless on screen, the makeup process is often long and grueling, and many people work tirelessly to ensure the characters look startlingly real. Here are some of the greatest makeup moments in movie history: MAKEUP ARTIST: JOHN CAGLIONE JR. ACTOR: HEATH LEOGER ARTIST'S PROCESS: • The aesthetic sensibility of the makeup was influenced by Francis Bacon's painting "Study for a Portrait, 1953." which Christopher Nolan greatly admired • They wanted to find a "lived in look" for the Joker's makeup: a look that had much texture and expression • The artist's technique was "dance-like," before he would apply the makeup. Ledger would "lead by contorting his face, scrunching his eyes, and raising his forehead" • The artist would then brush the makeup over his various expressions, and that is what created all the textured THE JOKER "THE DARK KNIGHT" cracks and creases MAKEUP ARTIST: GORDON SMITH ACTOR: REBECCA ROMIJN ARTIST'S PROCESS: • Gordon Smith and a team of 4 makeup artists spent 12 hours each day before shooting painstakingly bringing Mystique to life • Silicone prosthetics were applied directly to the skin, and their see-through nature provided a life-like realism • After applying the prosthetics, the team would apply paints, powders, and Temptu Pro Dura makeup to enhance her appearance • As the team became more efficient, the application pro- cess was reduced to 6 hours MYSTIQUE "X-MEN" MAKEUP ARTIST: PETER KING & PETER OWEN: JASON DOCHERTY & GINO ACEVEDO ACTOR: LAWRENCE MAKOARE ARTIST'S PROCESS: • Peter King & Peter Owen were the heads of the makeup and wig department, and are primarily responsible for the design of the makeup • Jason Docherty and Gino Acevedo physically put the costume on Lawrence Makoare everyday • Full body makeup and prosthetics took 11 hrs. to apply • The terrifying headpiece was made of 5 separate parts of silicon, some up to 4 inches thick. This made for a very uncomfortable time in costume for the actor LURTZ "THE LORD OF THE RINGS" to remove all the makeup • Makoare would be on set in full costume for 12 hours, and afterward would have to go through a 3-hour process MAKEUP ARTIST: ALBERTO DE ROSSI ACTOR: ELIZABETH TAYLOR ARTIST'S PROCESS: • Elizabeth Taylor's famous cat eye makeup universally changed the way women wore their eyeliner in the 196os • Though simple to put on, her makeup's profound elegance perfectly accentuated her timeless beauty • Alberto De Rossi designed the makeup through sketches in preproduction. However, before production began, he needed back surgery. so Elizabeth Taylor had to put the makeup on each herself each day CLEOPATRA "CLEOPATRA" MAKEUP ARTIST: JACK PIERCE ACTOR: BORIS KARLOFF ARTIST'S PROCESS: • Jack Pierce, a founding father of movie makeup, is responsible for the looks of Universal's iconic monsters. from Frankenstein's Monster to the Wolfman • Pierce designed the makeup to align seamlessly with Karloff's interesting anatomy. He designed every aspect of the Monster, from his flat top skull to his bolted neck • To give The Monster hollow cheeks, they removed a dental bridge in Karloff's mouth • Pierce refused to use molds, and would duplicate his FRANKENSTEIN'S makeup from scratch everyday MONSTER "FRANKENSTEIN" • It would take 5 hours to put on every bolt, scar, and stitch, and another 2 hours to remove it MAKEUP ARTIST: BERNADETTE MAZUR & DON KOZMA ACTOR: NICOLE KIDMAN ARTIST'S PROCESS: • While not as showy as some of the monsters and machines on this list, the eerily doll-like appearance of the women in The Stepford Wives shows a high level of makeup artistry • Bernadette Mazur & Don Kozma made an extremely difficult makeup regime seem effortless • Temptu airbrush makeup was extensively used to create the porcelain appearance of the robot wives in this iconic JOANNE EBERHART "THE STEPFORD WIVES" science fiction tale MAKEUP ARTIST: STAN WINSTON ACTOR: ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER ARTIST'S PROCESS: • The makeup process for this film was much more com- plicated than many things that came prior. This is because it was about finding seamlessness between Arnold in makeup and the animatronic Arnold • In preproduction, Stan Winston's workshop spent months designing custom prosthetics that would make it appear as if parts of the T-800 flesh face had been removed, revealing the robot underneath • They designed prosthetics that do not stick out from Arnold's face, and lay flat enough to seem realistic THE TERMINATOR "TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY" • They also created a chrome under-skull that was actually believable as makeup. and nearly indiscernible from the animatronic and endoskeleton T-800 models MAKEUP ARTIST: GREG CANNOM, VE NEILL, YOLANDA TOUSSIENG ACTOR: ROBIN WILLIAMS ARTIST'S PROCESS: • Greg Cannom specially designed the makeup that was used for Robin William's transformation • Everyday, Williams would sit for 4 % hours as makeup artist Ve Neill applied a complex series of latex pieces on Williams' face • Additionally, she would have to paint the surfaces of these pieces to simulate a realistic skin tone • Mrs. Doubtfire showed that innovation in movie makeup MRS. DOUBTFIRE "MRS. DOUBTFIRE" wasn't solely reserved for the genres of horror and science fiction MAKEUP ARTIST: ILONA HERMAN ACTOR: ROBERT DE NIRO ARTIST'S PROCESS: • Ilona Herman and a team of makeup designers at Temptu Pro created Robert De Niro's intimidating tattoos in Cape Fear • Much research was done for the tattoos, and an in-depth collaboration between De Niro and the makeup artists LORETTA allowed for fake tattoos that looked real and authentic to De Niro's character, and quoted from religious texts Max Cady would have held dear to his heart • The tattoos alone took 1.5 hours to put on, and were touched up every morning • De Niro delved so deep into his role and gained so much MAX CADY "CAPE FEAR" muscle, that Temptu Pro had to increase the size of his tattoos by 10% TEMPTU 59/articles/dark_knight.cfmľo8/02/hollywood-make-up-legends-jack-pierce/ T r-2-judgment-day-t-800-effects-part-1's-tattoos-in-cape-fear/

Most Memorable Makeup In The Movies

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The movies have had a very intimate relationship with beauty and makeup going all the way to the dawn of the motion picture. Here are some of the most memorable ones that have graced silver screen ov...




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