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Most Badass Female Video Game Characters

falet, BADASS com FEMALE VIDEO GAME CHARACTERS It's easy to come up with male characters when asked to think of badasses in video games, like Master Chief (Halo), Nathan Drake (Uncharted), Duke Nukem, and Niko Bellic (Grand Theft Auto IV). It's much tougher to come up with a list of badass female video game characters because women, who are typically not thought of as gamers, are not the target audience for video game developers even though they make up 48% of the 190 million gamers in the U.S. alone. Statistically, only 16% of playable video game characters are female. Out of that 16%, we pulled out the best and the baddest and ranked their badassery. Who made the cut? Let's get started. SAMUS ARAN BADASS SCORE: 78 Role: Intergalactic Bounty Hunter Most Badass Moment: Destroying Planet Phaaze and all the Phazon in the galaxy. Games Sold: 17.74 million (as of Sept. 2012) First Appearance: Aug. 6, 1986 "METROID" SERIES CLEMENTINE BADASS SCORE: 66 99 Role: Kid Most Badass Moment: Killing Lee, her father figure, before he could die and be reanimated as a walker. Games Sold: 21 million Date of Release: April 24, 2012 TELLTALE'S THE WALKING DEAD" SERIES LARA CROFT BADASS SCORE: 46 Role: Archaeologist Most Badass Moment: Destroying an ancient Japanese priestess, saving her best friend and ending a several-thousand-year-old curse on the island of Yamatai. Games Sold: 50 million (does not include "Rise of the Tomb Raider" figures) Date of Release: Oct 25, 1996 "TOMB RAIDER" SERIES LIGHTNING BADASS SCORE: 39 Role: Rebellion Leader Most Badass Moment: Volunteering to be purged to save her sister, Serah. Games Sold: 9.7 million Date of Release: Nov. 19, 2009 "FINAL FANTASY XIII," "FINAL FANTASY XIII-2" AND "LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII" JOANNA DARK BADASS SCORE: 27 Role: Secret Agent Most Badass Moment: Defeating the Skedar high priest of the Battle Shrine. Games Sold: 4 million Date of Release: May 22, 2000 "PERFECT DARK" SERIES CHELL BADASS SCORE: 27 Role: Test Subject Most Badass Moment: Answering her assessment test in binary to spite the researchers. Games Sold: 7.41 million Date of Release: Oct. 9, 2007 "PORTAL" SERIES APRIL RYAN BADASS SCORE: 23 Role: Savior of the Universe Most Badass Moment: Imprisoning the Chaos Vortex in the Balance Talisman. Games Sold: More than 300,000 (actual figures unknown) Date of Release: May 22, 2000 "THE LONGEST JOURNEY" AND "DREAMFALL: THE LONGEST JOURNEY" BAYONETTA BADASS SCORE:23 Role: Umbran Witch Most Badass Moment: Destroying the ancient being Jubileus after reuniting with her previously antagonistic childhood friend Jeanne. Games Sold: 2.7 million Date of Release: Oct. 29, 2009 "BAYONETTA" SERIES JILL VALENTINE BADASS SCORE: 20 Role: Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance Operative Most Badass Moment: Accurately landing a headshot on a Majini from more than 200 yards away in a moving helicopter. Games Sold: 62 million Date of Release: March 22, 1996 "RESIDENT EVIL" SERIES ELLIE BADASS SCORE:19 Role: Survivor Most Badass Moment: Saving Joel after he is stabbed in the stomach. Games Sold: 8 million Date of Release: June 14, 2013 "THE LAST OF US" FAITH BADASS SCORE: 13 Role: Runner Most Badass Moment: Destroying the city's surveillance system. Games Sold: 2.5 million Date of Release: Nov. 11, 2008 "MIRROR'S EDGE" RLYX DANCE BADASS SCORE: 42 Role: Resistance Member Most Badass Moment: Taking out the Civil Protection units and saving Gordon Freeman's life. Games Sold: 16 million Date of Release: Nov. 16, 2004 "HALF-LIFE 2," "HALF-LIFE 2: EPISODE ONE" & "HALF-LIFE 2: EPISODE TWO" LELIANA BADASS SCORE: 2 12 Role: Spymaster Most Badass Moment: Sacrificing herself in the alternate future to allow the Inquisitor and Dorian to return to the present and stop Alexius. Games Sold: At least 6 million (actual figure unknown) Date of Release: Nov. 3, 2009 "DRAGON AGE" SERIES CHUN LI BADASS SCORE: 40 Role: Narcotics Investigator Most Badass Moment: Returning from retirement to help take down S.I.N. Games Sold: 36 million Date of Release: Feb. 6, 1991 "STREET FIGHTER II: THE WORLD WARRIOR" SERIES JADE BADASS SCORE: 40 Role: Photojournalist Most Badass Moment: Risking her soul to defeat the DomZ High Priest. Games Sold: 330,000 Date of Release: Nov. 11, 2003 "BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL SONYA BLADE BADASS SCORE: 9 Role: Officer of the Outworld Investigation Agency Most Badass Moment: Sacrificing her freedom to fight in the tournament and protect her squadmates. Games Sold: 26 million Date of Release: Oct. 8, 1992 "MORTAL KOMBAT" SERIES RAYNE BADASS SCORE: Role: Agent of the Brimstone Society Most Badass Moment: Defeating the Nazi Mauler in single combat after blowing up the Nazi base. Games Sold: 1.16 million Date of Release: Oct. 15, 2002 "BLOODRAYNE" SERIES CAMMY WHITE BADASS SCORE:8 Role: Delta Red Agent and Former Shadaloo Operative Most Badass Moment: Breaking free from M. Bison's mind control, rescuing the other "dolls" and defeating M. Bison. Games Sold: 36 million First Appearance: Sept. 10, 1993 "SUPER STREET FIGHTER II" SERIES RED BADASS SCORE: Role: Singer Most Badass Moment: Defeating Royce Bracket and restoring Cloudbank after the Process' destruction. Games Sold: 600,000 Date of Release: May 20, 2014 "TRANSISTOR" Conclusion As you can see, you don't have to be a well-trained assassin to be one of the most badass women on this list. We have to tip our hat at the creators of Metroid for developing a character who is ambiguous and powerful in the 1980s. The twist of realizing that you played a woman this whole game is amazing. There is no denying that the badass ladies in this list kick just as much ass as their male counterparts. So we'll see you in another castle, Mario, because we don't need your help saving the world. walet. com

Most Badass Female Video Game Characters

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