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Modern Family Wisdom for Sales

family modern'wisdom ATOP for sales Get out of your Face your fears Dress to impress comfort zone Remember the details Luke Is terrified to go under his Whether It's fencing, asking a girl to the big dance, or golng to his first party, Manny always pushes himself to do things he's afrald of. Phil prides himself on noticing the little things. He always has a thoughtful gift for every wedding anniversary, or the right bouquet to perfectly stage a house he's trying to sell. house due to ublquitous rodents, spiders, and darkness. However, the possibility of burled treasure tempts him to put his fears aside. Gloria might Just be golng to a PTA meeting, or dropping Manny at school but she's always dressed to the nines, and ready to put her best foot forward. Use new tactics - shadow a colleague's calls, go to professional development workshops or webinars, and change the timing of calls. Studles show 8AM and 3PM are the top times to prospect. Take a page from Luke's book and do something that scares you, like golng after an exec; you'll never talk to decision makers without calling them. As a sales rep, you are a representative of your company, taking the time to be well put together sends the message that you are professional and If you can recall a prospect's Iikes, dislikes, and pet peeves, goes a long way towards bullding a relationship and ultimately closing the deal. confident. Take charge Don't hide who you are Embrace vour theatrical side Mitch often fears that his Utilize technology Claire never hesitates to fight for what she belleves In - whether relationship with Cam will have negative consequences for his famly, but soon learns It's his Individuality that sets him apart and helps earn Lily a spot In a coveted preschool. It's a run for town council, or Just keeping her three kids In line, Hayley's parents begrudge her Cam never misses the rellance on her IPhone for opportunity to be over the top. When asked to describe himself he says, "I'm sort of like Costco. I'm big, I'm not fancy, and I dare she never backs down to a Incessant selfies, but the Joke Is on them when she uses her challenge. social medla following to start a As a Sales person, you never small business. Every salesperson has unique skills and thrives In specific roles, so get to work discovering your strengths. If you're a Hunter, hunt. If you're a born farmer, farm. want to come across as too you not to Iike me." There are an abundance of apps for today's sales reps and it is Important to employ them strategically to Increase productivity and stay connected. aggressive, but if you want to reel In a whale, you're golng to have to fight for It: 80% of sales require five follow-up calls. Take a page from Cam's book, and don't let your prospects forget you. Jazz up your presentations with storles - people retaln them 63% more than stats. Stand out with unexpected Image-heavy slides, and don't forget to send friendly emalls. xactly Inspire Performance Do your homework f XactlyCorp Alex Is the endearing nerd of the Dunphy famly. She works hard to ace every class, get a perfect SAT score, and round in Work on your wit Seek out a mentor out her extra curriculars so she @Xactly The youngest member of the quirky clan never misses the chance for a great one - Iiner. Whether It's calling out her famly for fibs or telling it like It Is, Lily keeps us smiling. As the most "south of middle can get Into an Ivy. age" character on the show, Jay has been around the block and has the experlence to back up the advice he doles out to his family. XactlyCorp Channel Alex's drive and ambition to thoroughly research each of your prospects and their company before you ever 8+ Xactly plck up the phone. The bottom Iine is, everyone likes to laugh, humor Is a great unifier, and It's a relationship bullder that lets your prospects know you are down to earth. Avold generational tenslons at XactlyCorp work, and seek out a mentor who's more advanced In their career to glve you advice. Or, find someone to share your hard-earned knowledge with. Sources:,

Modern Family Wisdom for Sales

shared by chart23 on Jun 18
ABC’s hit television show, Modern Family, whose tagline is “one big (straight, gay, multi-cultural, traditional) happy family,” may seem like an unexpected place to garner wisdom for your sales ...


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