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Mobile App Design- It’s the Rule of Thumbs!

Mobile App Design It's the Rule of Thumbs! Touch Target Size Design Specs for Mobile Apps 49% of users held their phone in one hand and used their phone with Apple recommends a minimum target size of 44 pixels wide 44 pixels tall. one thumb. Microsoft suggests ideal target size of 34px with a minimum touch target size of 26px. Nokia states the target size should be no smaller than 28 x 28 pixels. Average width of an adult thumb is 1 inch (2.5 cm), which converts to 72 pixels. NOKIA The average width of the index finger is 1.6 to 2 cm (16 – 20 mm) for most adults, which converts to 45 – 57 pixels. Studies indicate User errors declined as the target size in- creased. 1, You will need to measure the size of your screen and touch targets to know exactly how big of a touch target you can afford. The One Handed Hold ow The Thumb Zone This is the range which is comfortable and natural for your thumb Stretched to move with a one- handed hold on your mobile phone. Left thumb on the screen Right thumb on the screen 67% 33% Natural How Do Users Hold a Mobile Phone? OW Use Fitt's Law! It was originally formulated with a mouse in mind and calculates the time it takes to move a pointer from one point to another. Cradled One handed 36% 49% D T=a+b log, ( 1+ The Phone Cradle- with a Basically, there is a time loss in accelerating from your starting position and slowing to tap your target precisely. By giving Users ability to tap targets without having to make intentional physical accommoda- tions to increase accuracy such as reorienting the thumb, it stops slow performances. Finger on the screen 28% Thumb on the screen 72% Additional Mobile App Design Advice • Keep up to date with every OS update • A brand will always pick up iOS first, then Android Know Your User Simply and focus your design, there is no room for clutter on mobile. Who are your users- Their age range, likes, dislikes, hobbies, job, and so on. • How does your app solve their problem- Fulfill a need in the user/buyer • When, why, how, where- How will users be using the app? Where? Think about it! • Do you need to include accessibility? • Your gestures have to be consistent across your app. • Use gestures established by other apps to be more successful in your designs. A continuous stroke is a richer and more textured approach. Sources ZILLION DESIGNS

Mobile App Design- It’s the Rule of Thumbs!

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Touch design has evolved rapidly, but the thumb is the ruling champion as the most widely used finger. This infographic explains why you need to design thumb-friendly.


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