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Mickey Mouse: The history of animation 3D

MICKEP Animation timeline 1928 2004 W.o. 1923 Disney improved the device the 'rotoscope', which uses the tech- nique of allowing animators to trace over live action film frame by frame onto animation cel. 1928 Walt Disney created the drawing for Mickey Mouse and created Mickey's first film debut the silent movie 'Plane Crazy'. 1930 King Features ask Disney to produce the Mickey Mouse animated comic strip. 1940 Mickey first film feature was in "Fantasia' and the Technicolor film process was used in the film produc- tion. Animators modified his image to include eye pupils and more of a 3D ROTOS- VS COPE 3D appearance. 1951 Mickey's film 'R'coon Dawg' is released and the animation for Mickey changed again to a more modernised and advanced version. Disney recorded live-action film with the movement of the character. The artist created the look and feel, the aparience, props, visual looks for the surfaces and colors. 1983 Mickey mouse returns to theatrical animation with 'Mickey Christmas Carol' an adaptation of Charles Dickens 'A Christmas Carol. The characters are sculpted by 2) Then the frames were projected onto a glass and re-drawn by an animator. hand and than are modeled in a 3D software with the computer. O-1988 Mickey appears for first time with Bugs Bunny in the animation and live action film 'Who framed Roger Rabit'. 2004 The computer-animated sequel film "Mickey's twice upon Christmas is released showing the Mickey Mouse series characters with 3D computer animation. (3) Finally added the details of Mickey and the various back- grounds. The shot is animated. Finally they apply the lights, shadows and textures.

Mickey Mouse: The history of animation 3D

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Timeline of Mickey Mouse and how is the 3D animation going from 1928 to ours day


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