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Michael Bay’s Bayhem

THE BODYCOUNTS ONSCREEN DEATHS IN MICHAEL BAY'S FILMS PEARL HARBOR TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN 153 206 TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON BAD BOYS 78 61 30 TRANSFORMERS 63 BAD BOYS II 24 22 16 THE ISLAND THE ROCK ARMAGEDDON TOTAL ONSCREEN DEATH COUNT: 653 Although with the destruction of Shanghai, New York, and Paris by asteroids, the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and the decimation of Chicago by the Decepticons, the implied bodycount is likely in the milions. BOO0000OOM! A BREAKDOWN OF THE EXPLOSIONS IN MICHAEL BAY'S FILMS BAD BOYS 18 THE ROCK 22 ARMAGEDDON TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON 121 283 PEARL HARBOR 162 (BOOM) BAD BOYS II TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN 31 211 THE ISLAND 16 TRANSFORMERS 128 TOTAL EXPLOSIONS: 992 More than half of the explosions come from the Transformers films. There is more than one explosion for each minute of Michael Bay's nine films. MONEY IN THE BANK THE TOTAL COST AND GROSS OF ALL MICHAEL BAY'S FILMS Each rectangle represents ONE MILLION DOLLARS. Red is the cost of the film. Green is the profit. BAD BOYS $19,000,000 $141,407,024 THE ROCK $75,000,000 $335,062,621 FO FIV AND EICHTYED ARMAGEDDON $140,000,000 $553,709,788 PEARL HARBOR $140,000,000 $449,220,94 5 MIL BAD BOYS II $130,000,000 $273,339.556 THE ISLAND $126,000,000 S162,949.164 TW TH TRANSFORMERS $150,000,000 $709,709,780 NINE HUNDRED AND FORTY NI G10NRS TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN $200,000,000 $836,303,693 TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON $195,000,000 $1,119,126,378 TOTAL COST: $1,175,000,000 TOTAL GROSS: $4,580,828,949 GIVE 'EM WHAT THEY WANT THE CORRELATION BETWEEN EXPLOSIONS AND MONEYMAKING 200 100 50 1200 1000 800 600 400 200 TRANSFORMERS RANSFORMEHE FALLEN TR BAD BOYS BAD BOYS II THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WANT TO SEE SHIT BLOW UP: These two graphs have the same peaks and valleys, which shows th at almost across the board, the more explosions a movie contained, the more money they would make. When Bay toned down the explosions in The Island and Bad Boys II, his returns in the box office dwindled. When he ramped up the explosions for the Transfomers series, he made more money than all six of his previous movies combined. Research and Design by Jeffery Frankenhauser FRANKENSPACE.CÓM Data taken from: IMDB.COM BODYCOUNTERS.COM MOVIEBODYCOUNTS.COM KGBACS.BLOGSPOT.COM BOXOFFICEMOJO.COM ART320 - Fall 2011 Portland State University # OF EXPLOSIONS GROSS (IN MILLIONS) THE ROCK ARMAGEDDON PEARL HARBOR THE ISLAND

Michael Bay’s Bayhem

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Michael Bay is well-known for his use of explosions, helicopters, and sheer budgetary mayhem. But what is the breakdown, by movie, of the use of some of those factors? And which of the films managed t...


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