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Metallica on Stage

METALLICA ON STAGE 1982-2012 SONGS THEY HAVE PLAYED LIVE: HOW MANY FROM WHICH ALBUM 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 II Since 1983, THE ECSTASY OF GOLD by Ennio Morricone is played from tape at every concert before Metallica hits the stage. LAST CARESS 791 COVERS AMI EVIL? 731 SO WHAT 307 SEEK & DESTROY 1233 KILL EM WHIPLASH ALL THE FOUR HORSEMEN 513 RIDE CREEPING DEATH THE FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS 1223 LIGHTNING FADE TO BLACK I029 MASTER MASTER OF PUPPETS 1384 OF SANITARIUM 844 PUPPETS BATTERY 843 ONE 1239 JUSTICE HARVESTER OF SORROW 7I17 FOR ALL BLACKENED 425 LAND ENTER SANDMAN I074 METALLICA SAD BUT TRUE NOTHING ELSE MATTERS 972 KING NOTHING 339 LOAD UNTIL IT SLEEPS 243 AIN'T MY BITCH 175 FUEL 394 RELOAD THE MEMORY REMAINS 193 LOW MAN'S LYRIC 6 S&M (Symphony & Metallica) is a live album recorded with the San Francisco NO LEAF CLOVER 12 S&M - HUMAN Symphony on April 21-22, 1999, featuring 18 songs from the previous Metallica albums and 2 previously unreleased songs. FRANTIC 74 ST. ANGER ST. ANGER DIRTY WINDOW 30 THAT WAS JUST YOUR LIFE 170 DEATH CYANIDE MAGNETIC BROKEN, BEAT&SCARRED 149 WHERE THEY HAVE PLAYED The density of red correlates with the number of concerts. Molson Ice Polar Beach Party Tuktoyaktuk, NT, Canada September 3, 1995 The bass guitarist Cliff Burton died at 07:00 on September 27, 1986, when the tour bus over-turned near Dörarp in rural southern Sweden. United States 1004 Germany 104 Canada 101 United Kingdom 86 Australia 47 France 42 Japan 36 Spain 24 Netherlands 24 Italy 23 CBS Canterbury Arena Christchurch, New Zealand September 21-22, 2010 MOST PLAYED SONGS TOTAL COUNT BY ALBUMS LEAST PLAYED SONGS MASTER OF PUPPETS 1384 I CREEPING DEATH I ONE SEEK & DESTROY 1233 FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS 1223 ENTER SANDMAN 1074 SAD BUT TRUE I073 FADE TO BLACK I029 I NOTHING ELSE MATTERS 972 WHIPLASH 862 |METALLICA 4719 | RIDE THE LIGHTNING 4276 MASTER OF PUPPETS 3919 KILL 'EM ALL 3577 COVERS AND JUSTICE FOR ALL 2832 LOAD DEATH MAGNETIC 938 RELOAD ST. ANGER 387 S&M ITHE UNFORGIVEN II SWEET AMBER SUICIDE & REDEMPTION ALL WITHIN MY HANDS MAMA SAID SOME KIND OF MONSTER POOR TWISTED ME |- HUMAN THE UNFORGIVEN III 2X4 10 MOST POWERFUL SONGS ALBUMS BY POWER SONGS NEVER PLAYED ENTER SANDMAN 0.945 SAD BUT TRUE 0.944 ONE 0.940 MASTER OF PUPPETS 0.938 NOTHING ELSE MATTERS 0.928 I CREEPING DEATH 0.866 THAT WAS JUST YOUR LIFE 0.837 FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS 0.796 SEEK&DESTROY 0.771 BROKEN, BEAT&SCARRED 0.733 DEATH MAGNETIC O.274 | RIDE THE LIGHTNING 0.239 MASTER OF PUPPETS 0.227 | METALLICA 0.225 KILL 'EM ALL O.157 .AND JUSTICE FOR ALL 0.156 S&M 0.068 I LOAD 0.065 ST. ANGER 0.048 IRELOAD 0.044 ESCAPE ITHE FRAYED ENDS OF SANITY ITO LIVE IS TO DIE DON'T TREAD ON ME |MY FRIEND OF MISERY THE STRUGGLE WITHIN THE HOUSE JACK BUILT CURE THORN WITHIN RONNIE BETTER THAN YOU I SLITHER CARPE DIEM BABY BAD SEED WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE PRINCE CHARMING ATTITUDE FIXXXER INVISIBLE KID MY WORLD SHOOT ME AGAIN PURIFY Song Power is calculated by dividing the total play count of the song by the number of concerts after its first playing date. Album Power is the total play count of the songs from the album divided by the number of all songs played in all concerts after the release of that album and by the number of songs on it. This is a normalization to eliminate the advantage that the old songs have (they had more time to be played) in order to create more neutral rankings. You can also say that a song with the Power value 0.945 has a 95% chance of being played in the next concert. The Album Powers are additionally normalized with respect to the numbers of songs on the albums. SONG POWER vs SONG DURATION SAD BUT TRUE ENTER SANDMAN NOTHING ELSE I MATTERS MASTER OF PUPPETS CREEPING DEATH THAT WAS JUST YOUR LIFE FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLSO SEEK & DESTROY BROKEN, BEAT & SCARREDO CYANIDE THE END OF THE LINE FADE TO BLACK HE DAY THAT NEVERCOMES WHEREVER IMAY ROAM FUEL SANITARIUM HARVESTER OF SORROW BATTERY WHIPLASH ALL NIGHTMARE LONG KING NOTHING FRANTIC THE MEMORY UNTIL IT SLEEPSI INS ST ANGER THE FOUR HORSEMEN THE UNFORGIVEN CKENED OF WOLF AND MAN. NO LEAF CLOVER BLEEDING ME MOTORBREATH. THE JUDAS KISS JUSTICE FOR ALL ORION HOLIER THAN. THOU 300" 4'00" 5'00 6'0 700 9'0 10'00" I DISAPPEAR is a song recorded in 2000 as a contribution to the Mission: Impossible || Soundtrack and does not appear on any of Metallica's studio albums. The song is the last Metallica studio recording to feature bass guitarist Jason Newsted. The instrumental SUICIDE & REDEMPTION from Death Magnetic is the longest track (957) recorded by Metallica. DISCREPANCY: AUDIENCE vs BAND This is a comparison between the personal listening statistics taken from and the concert setlists (after 2002 when was founded). On the left are songs that have a greater share within than within setlists in total, and the songs with greater share within setlists are on the right of the axis. The height of a bar shows the level of the difference. This chart suggests that the band may further please the audience by playing songs from the left end more in concerts. Hetfield suffered Frontman third-degree burns in a pyrotechnics accident while performing the song FADE TO BLACK in Montreal, Canada in 1992. Sixteen years after DYERS EVE was recorded, the band performed the song in its entirety for the first time ever on March 5, 2004, in California. DATA MINING & VISUALIZATION BY DATA FROM çilek ağacı / O & CONCERTS/YEAR

Metallica on Stage

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This is an examination of Metallica’s concert history from 1982 to 2012 with a focus on the numbers of songs played live and the albums that they belong to. We took the raw data from (plu...



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