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Memorable Gifts from Literature

MEMORABLE gifts FROM LITERATURE INVISIBILITY CLOAK HARRY POTTER AND THE PHILOSPHER'S STONE J.K. ROWLING The Cloak of Invisibility is steeped in history, being passed down from generations and with origins in the fairy-tale 'The Tale of the Three Brothers', told to all wizarding children. At Christmas 1991, Dumbledore anonymously gives Harry the cloak that once belonged to his father James Potter and tells him to 'use it well'. RUBY SLIPPERS THE WIZARD OF OZ FRANK L. BAUM Dorothy's famous ruby slippers were actually silver shoes in the original novel. However, like in the film version, the shoes originally belonged to the Wicked Witch of the East and had the power to teleport the wearer to anywhere in the world if they clicked the heels together three times. PANDORA'S BOX WORKS AND DAYS HESIOD According to Greek mythology, Zeus gave Pandora a beautiful box or jar as a wedding present but instructed her never to open it. However, curiosity got the better of Pandora and she opened the jar, releasing death and evil into the world. After struggling to close it again she left one last thing lying at the bottom of the jar - hope. The myth gave rise to the saying 'to open Pandora's box'. JEWELLERY GREAT EXPECTATIONS CHARLES DICKENS The jilted Miss Havisham uses Estella to avenge her broken heart by using her beauty as a weapon. Estella's beauty is complimented by jewellery given to her by Miss Havisham, which her guardian uses to further objectify her and determine her worth. BREAD THE HUNGER GAMES SUZANNE COLLINS In the first book of the trilogy, it is revealed that Peeta once gave a starving Katniss a loaf of bread. While it might not seem like the best gift, this small act of kindness plays a big part in the relationship between the two Hunger Games victors and the revelation of Peeta's feelings. A SOCK HARRY POITER AND THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS J.K. ROWLING Throughout the series, it is revealed that a house elf can be set free if they are given clothing by their owner. The loyal elf's friendship with Harry Potter leads the boy wizard to set the elf's owner up to accidentally give the gift of a dirty sock, setting Dobby free from his life of serving the Malfoys. CLOTHES BROOKLYN COLM TÓIBÍN When Eilis comes to make the move from rural Ireland to Brooklyn, she soon realises she doesn't have enough clothes to fill her suitcase. Her sister Rose's gift of her own clothes is a tender moment between the pair before Eilis sets off for her new life, a world away from everything she knows and everyone she loves. TOYS THE MINIATURIST JESSIE BURION When a number of mysterious toys begin appearing for her new doll's house, Nella can't imagine the significance they will have in her life. As the miniatures seem to slowly predict the future, Nella begins to search for the person sending them to her - but will she make the connections between the dolls and real-life in time? COMBS AND A WATCH CHAIN THE GIFT OF THE MAGI O. HENRY With two prize possessions between them (Della's hair and James' watch) and very little money, the couple struggle to buy each other Christmas presents. However, Della sells her hair to buy James a chain for his pocket watch, while James sells his watch to buy Della accessories for her hair. When they reveal the presents and their sacrifices, they realise how much they are willing to give up for love. TURKEY A CHRISTMAS CAROL CHARLES DICKENS Mean and miserly Ebenezer Scrooge treats his employee Bob Cratchit poorly until he is visited by the ghost of his business partner Jacob Marley and the ghosts of Christmas Past, Christmas Present and Christmas Yet to Come. The spirits show Scrooge the error of his ways and on Christmas morning he sends a turkey to Mr Cratchit and his family, before going on to give Cratchit a pay rise. A PORTRAIT THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY OSCAR WILDE Dorian Gray is young and handsome, and wants to remain that way. When he sits for a painting by Basil Hallward, Dorian wishes that the image could age instead of him. Dorian's wish comes true and he maintains his youthful beauty, while the painting becomes more hideous, reflecting his bad behaviour, debauchery and vanity. WEAPONS THE LION, THE WITCH, AND THE WARDROBE C.S. LEWIS Father Christmas' appearance acts as a sign that the Long Winter is coming to an end. After an absence from Narnia of one hundred years, Father Christmas spoils the children with a sword and shield for Peter, a bow and arrows and magical horn for Susan, and a magical healing cordial and small dagger for Lucy. TROJAN HORSE AENEID VIRGIL After a 10-year siege during the Trojan War, a war between the Achaeans (Greeks) and city of Troy, the Greeks came up with a novel idea of entering the city - constructing a huge wooden horse to hide inside and leave at the city gates. The Trojans take the horse in as a victory prize, before the Greeks creep out in the dead of night, opening the city gates and letting the rest of their army in, leading to the destruction of Troy and the end of the war. A CHOCOLATE BAR CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY ROALD DAHL Poor Charlie Bucket lives with his parents and four grandparents in a small house with only one bed. Every year for his birthday, Charlie's parents buy him a bar of chocolate which he rations out over several months. However, one year, Charlie finds some money in the snow and buys himself two more bars of chocolate; inside one is a golden ticket to visit Willy Wonka's chocolate factory and leads to a series of events that sees Charlie become the heir to Willy Wonka's factory. GLOVES AND COLOGNE LITTLE WOMEN LOUISA MAY ALCOTT After proclaiming 'Christmas won't be Christmas without any presents', Jo March and her sisters set about buying presents for their beloved Marmee. The four sisters present their mother with cologne, gloves, handkerchiefs and some shoes; much to their surprise, each of the girls wakes on Christmas morning to find a book from their mother beneath their pillow. GOLD, FRANKINCENSE AND MYRRH THE BIBLE The traditional nativity story tells of the three wise men journeying to give Jesus the gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh after his birth. The Magi, as they are otherwise known, are said to have been guided on their journey from 'the east' by the Star of Bethlehem. SUPPLIES THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING J.R.R. TOLKIEN In the second novel in the series, to help the Fellowship on their journey, Galadriel bestows a number of gifts on them, including an Elven cloak each, supplies and a boat. The gifts include 3 strands of her hair for Gimli, which would later be set in an impregnable crystal, a sheath for Aragorn and a magical phial for Frodo containing the light of Eärendil's star. HORSE'S HEAD THE GODFATHER MARIO PUZO After refusing to cast Johnny Fontane in a film, Fontane's godfather intervenes to pressure the film producer Woltz into giving him the part. However, Woltz continues to ignore the pressure and finds himself waking the next morning to his prize stallion's severed head on his bed post.. It's perhaps more of a warning than a 'gift, but nevertheless it's a scene that has gone down in literary and cinematic history. SOURCES + REFERENCES PACK SEND Anything. Anywhere. wwW.PACKSEND.CO.UK

Memorable Gifts from Literature

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For many of us, the giving and receiving of presents is a big part of the festive period and the memory of a thoughtful Christmas present can stay with us long after we’ve eaten our last turkey sand...


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