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Meme, a term first coined by Richard Dawkins, is a cultural idea, be it fashion, technology, or ideology, that self-replicates and spreads among the people. Often compared to genes and evolution, a meme can experience variation and mutation; they can become extinct or they can evolve with society. An internet meme, on the other hand, is an idea that spreads quickly via, you guessed it, the internet. It's the 'viral in a viral video. MEMES FIRST THINGS FIRST. MEME RHYMES WITH: 'DREAM' 'CREAM "TEAM' THE DANCING BABY, OR 'BABY CHA-CHA,' -The Dancing Baby was originally a data and files test for Character Studio. -It was not created using motion capture. APPEARED AROUND 1996 AND IS ONE OF THE EARLIEST INTERNET MEMES. The Dancing Baby appeared on Ally McBeal, a 1990s sitcom. MMM ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF AN EARLY INTERNET MEME IS THE HAMSTER DANCE. In 1999, site views jumped from 4 visits a day to 15,000 per day. -Set to a sped-up loop of "Whistle Stop" (the credits song from Walt Disney's animated Robin Hood), the site featured dozens of animated hamsters and rodents. ACCORDING TO NEWSWEEK, THE MOST POPULAR INTERNET MEMES ARE: LOLCATS 2 IÇAN HAS CHEEZBURGER? LonelyGirl15 LonelyGirl15 was a character played by Jessica Rose. When people discovered that she was fake, it created a huge uproar. It also blurred the lines between entertainment and reality. Obama Girl The Obama Girl ("I Got a Crush... on Obama" produced by featured a seductive woman singing about here love for Barack Obama. Although the video garnered a lot of additional attention for Obama, it was not endorsed by the campalgn. Obama stated that the video upset his daughters and expressed his concern about future videos. The Star Wars Kid 2 Girls I Cup 2 Girls 1 Cup refers to a trailer or a scat-fetish porno. More popular than the trailer, however, were reaction videos. These videos featured the horrified and disgusted reactions of viewers (Including a popular one of Kermit the Frog) who had not previously seen the trailer, Parodles also ensued. Prison Remake of "Thriller" A 2007 video featuring 1,500 Filipino prisoners performing an incredibly accurate remake of Michael Jackson's 1982 "Thriller,' all while wearing orange prison jumpsuits. The program was developed to keep prisoners physically fit and mentally occupled. Stuff White People Like is a blog "devoted to stuff white people like." It makes humorous observations about things North American white people generally enjoy doing that 'non-yuppies' find perplexing. Such things including picking fruit, camping, and being offended. DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO Stuff White People Like UNIODE TASTE MILLIONS 8. Rick Rolling R. Kelly's *Trapped in The Closet* A series featuring R. Kelly that depict a series of events beginning with the morning after stand, gradually spiraling out of control. There are 22 'chapters' in all. one night *Dick in a Box Originally aired on December 16, 2006, this Saturday Night Live sketch features Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg crooning about giving gifts to their lovers. The gifts involve three steps, 1:"Cut a hole in a box", 2: "Put your junk in that box", 3: "Make her open the box... and that's the way you do it AN INTERNET MEME CAN BE: A WEBSITE (like a shock website) A PHRASE (like "All your A VIDEO CLIP (like the Star Wars Kid) base are "ALL YOUR belong to us") Www. BASE ARE BELONG TO US" AN IMAGE (either edited or PARODIES unedited, like LOLCATS) (like parodies of the Kanye West interruption) A JOKE (like Rickrolling) ON APRIL 21, 2010, PRODUCERS OF 'DOWNFALL," AN EPIC FILM DEPICTING HITLER'S LAST 10 DAYS, ISSUED A MASS REMOVAL OF PARODIES FROM YOUTUBE.COM -These parodies depict an incensed Hitler reacting to modern politics, cultural events, or popular culture. -Despite the producers' negative response, director Oliver Hirschbiegel said that many were funny and furthered the message of the film - that it was important to view Hitler, and others like him, as humans and not as a supernatural evil doer. Every time she winked, I thought it was just for me. There were thousands of parodies, and the removal caused a resurgence in this particular Internet meme. LOLCATS ARE A GOOD EXAMPLE OF AN INTERNET MEME THAT EVOLVES. i iz abowt to Featuring a pictureof a cat with superimposed type, the LOLCATS have evolved Into a phenomenon with characters and unique aspects. LOLCATS most often feature creative spelling and text-message type ("I ate your cookies" might be written "I eated UR cookiez" or "kittens" might become "kittehs"). This is sometimes called deleat ur cookiz LOLspeak. Snacks or food are almost exclusively referred to as NOM NOM NOM. Nom Nom Nom Ding Ziip 75% Ceiling 25% Basement In accordance with this, there is an ongoing LOLCAT BIble Translation Project, which began In July, 2007, and is almost complete. A white cat is usually dubbed "celling cat (the equivalent of an angel or godly being) and a black cat is Nomiliom Nom Ding Zip Nom Tom lom Omg Zp "basement cat (the equivalent of demons or the Devil). BEING AN INTERNET MEME CAN BE PROFITABLE OR DISASTROUS. For Chris Crocker (of 'LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE! fame), becoming an İnternet sensation was great. He was able to move to L.A. and pursue a career in multimedig. Contrastingly, Ghyslain Raza (better known as the "Star Wars Kid") was bullied, forcing him to drop out of his private school and check Into a children's psychlatric facility. He later sued the three students who initially distributed the video clip. RICK ASTLEY'S NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP (1987) BECAME AN INTERNET MEME IN 2007 WITH THE CREATION OF "RICKROLLING." According to Encyclopedia Dramatica, the first Rickroll occured on March 29, 2007. A 4chan link that was supposed to lead to the official trailer for Grand Theft Auto IV actually redirected to Astley's video. QUITE humorous. -By May of that year, "Rickrolling" was a Google Trend. -April 1, 2008, YouTube Rickrolled the world by linking all of their featured vide os to Never Gonna Give You Up. -Astley has stated in interviews that he thinks the meme is quite humorous. You Tube 4chan 4CHAN, PRIMARILY AN IMAGEBOARD, IS RESPONSIBLE FOR STARTING OR POPULARIZING YOUTUBE.COM HAS BECOME A POWERFUL MEDIUM FOR INTERNET MEMES, SEVERAL INTERNET MEMES, LIKE: PARTICULARLY VIRAL VIDEOS, -As one of the main internet hubs, YouTube allows users to upload original videos. This is often where a video first gains popularity, eventually going viral and becoming an internet meme. LOLCATS Rickrolling "Chocolate Rain" -In act, the fourth and fifth most watched channels of all time, RayWilliamJohnson and failblog, are solely geared towards exposing viral videos and spreading internet memes. Pedobear YouTube Is also the place to find thousands of parodies and spoofs of popular Internet memes. Sources: (film) line/ Design By Ellie Koning UnlineSchools


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An internet “meme” is an idea that catches like wildfire online and goes viral. These videos or websites take off and before you know it they are a part of pop culture history. For every time you�...


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