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Memento Scene Timeline

Story Ends Film Starts Story Starts Leonard goes to Natalie's. Natalie says he helped her to get rid of Dodd. She tells Leonard that her boyfriend went to meet someone called Teddy and never came back. Leonard offers to to help. They go to sleep. onard starts his car. nd wokes up at Natalie's oy Leonard leaves, gets in his car and Teddy jumps out. Leonard wakes up in a motel room. There is a gun in the drawer. Dodd is taped up in the closet. Teddy arrives, and they drive Dodd out of town for Natalie. Leonard goes to Natalie's. Leonard is in a bathroom with a wine bottle. He goes for a shower, then Dodd arrives. He beats up Dodd, and ties him up in the closet. He takes a polaroid of Dodd and writes, "Get rid of him" on it. He puts Dodd's gun in the drawer and goes to sleep. Leonard is running away from Dodd, who is shooting at him. He gets into his car and drives away. He finds information on where Dodd lives and breaks into his apartment, waiting for him in the bathroom with a wine bottle as a weapon. Leonard is at the reservoir with a dying fire. He gets into his car and drives away. Dodd pulls him over and chases him. Memento Leonard tattoos himself with the words "Access to drugs." Still in the motel room, the phone rings again. Leonard answers, "Who is this?" Leonard goes to the reservoir and burns his dead wife's belongings. The fire dies out and he gets in his car, On the phone, Leonard receives information about drugs. He thinks it will help him in finding his wife's killer. On the phone, Leonard is told that John G is a drug dealer and that this would be the way to find him. Leonard wakes up and looks for his wife. He feels her side of the bed is still warm. He goes to the bathroom to look for her. There is another woman in there. Lenny takes brown bag to car and drives to reservoir. On the phone, Leonard talks about how Sammy's wife, frustrated at his condition, tested him to try and make him better. tattoo saying "Never answer the phone." He hangs up. In his car, Leonard has a card with "Discount lInn" written on it. He gets a room and rings a prostitute. He places his wife's possessions around the room and tells the prostitute to wait for him to fall asleep, then slam the bathroom door. The phone rings and Leonard hangs up. He tells front desk Leonard gets into his car. Teddy is there. He says Natalie is bad news and shouldn't be trusted. Teddy tells Leonard to get a room at the Discount Inn. Leonard doesn't trust him. Leonard is at Natalie's. "Write this downl Find a pen!" Natalie ar says Dodd beat her. "You told me to see Dodd and reason with him and Leonard wants to get back at Dodd. He gets information on Dodd. He then leaves and gets in his car. Teddy is there. End a pen to Natalie arrives and hides all the Film Ends tatooed on Colour scenes Black & white scen es Film progression @GregBurney eus 'uoun od ob pJpuoe 30 Ade poep siy ino John G's pasport He oes to bathroor Pedo, uo eu sa Teddy, who he n help desk. him to me his wife. He tells him to meet bim says, "Meet Natalie at diner for info" He drives to diner. ne goes to Discount Inn . HIM" on d Yo aHoo on his cl eondrd looks at a abou meis Natalie at diner for informe 1e che o poidroid of Teddy Hd write dys, "John G ra d murdered y building and kills him. eBowpp uiDJg p gol sooudAwWDS JOIp6u At Discount Inn help desk, Teddy arrives and Leonard takes him to Credits and polaroid of dead Teddy in reverse. Jankis was in a car crash and ny Jankis, Sammy otion is tattO0 Vital intormaion is fafooed on bimberin d Leonard talks about his system fc In a motel room. "So where are you?" A og rite down what hannened Na pens Leonard drives himself and Natalie to her house. She says he can stay with her. She comes back later and hides all the pens. plaroid of Leon The phone rings again and a po ched under the door to hs chest i Leonard is in a bar. He drinks, and an old man laughs at him. by are you clice officer Leongrd answers the phone."W " It's a polic On the phone, Leonard talks abouimes in a row illed he Sammy to inject her insulin shot 3 tir In his cor leonord sees a note that says "Ferdy's bo and "Whoman lau my's wife a On the phone, Leonard is t He meis going Natalie asks, " mmy" An old man spits into his drink. Leonard drink killer. ard is told thet iemy G ves v. It sets Teddy weonard go bir dethes , where he is g limmy arrives, * Ster, Nod H drinks it, and the 1o gives him information on rd kills him , Leonard a polaroid of dead limmy Fades to colour to the s wife's y and दम्म्मम न-म Leongrd stops outside fatfoo pan d dothes, He says a cop his e Leonard doesn't bellev note that says "Come by after, Natalie." He goes to Ferdy's bai totton rives belie leddy an 1 ofters im, He looks in h arlour and gets a licence plate is 1ong im new c his pocket e and finds Fading from black and white, Teddy ar Jh insulin sev Leonard gedown Teddy's licence plate and drives to tattoo parlour. didn't remeo G." He writes can be my J Leonard that his wife survived her a y arrives. He ade wididn't have himself to admits he used Lenny eo told him. "You r attack and it v wife." "You vewhat Tec ill drug-dealing teced her ard tharG, but y

Memento Scene Timeline

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Visual map of the structure of the film Memento. The orange bar shows the colour scenes, the grey bar shows the black and white scenes. The white bar shows the film's progression as seen by the viewer...


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