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The Meanings of the Family Banners of Westeros

THE MEANINGS OF THE FAMILY BANNERS OF WESTEROS HOUSE LANNISTER MOTTO: HEAR ME ROAR The Lannister's banner of a golden lion on a field of crimson has connotations of royalty, perhaps signifying their ambition. It is also a nod to the family home at Lannisport, which sits atop a hugely profitable goldmine (and gives way to their more commonly known motto 'A Lannister always pays his debts'). The lion may refer to a legend surrounding Lann the Clever, whereby he released lions into Casterly Rock, pushing the then-owners out of the land and allowing him to claim it for his own. HOUSE STARK MOTTO: WINTER IS COMING The famous Stark banner has a white background, which represents the snow of the north. The direwolf is, of course, the most famous creature to come from this region, and are often seen accompanying members of the Stark family. The direwolf also represents loyalty, which is a major part of their identity. HOUSE TARGARYEN MOTTO: FIRE AND BLOOD The three-headed dragon of the House Targaryen banner is based on an important event in their family history. After Valyria was destroyed in the Doom, Aegon Targaryen and his sisters flew to Westeros on three dragons named Balerion, Vhagar and Meraxes. Using their dragons to spearhead their advance, they destroyed anyone who opposed them. The Targaryans like to remind the people of Westeros of their (literal) firepower whenever they can, hence the sigil of the dragon with three heads. HOUSE BARATHEON MOTTO: OURS IS THE FURY The approach of the Baratheons is to take what you want by force, and this is reflected in the fact that the sigil and motto of their family doesn't actually belong to them. Centuries before the Game of Thrones we all know, Orys Baratheon used force to seize the seat of House Durrandon, Storm's End. While taking their seat, he also stole their sigil and motto, perfectly summing up the approach of the fearsome House Baratheon. HOUSE ARRYN MOTTO: AS HIGH AS HONOR The falcon in the Arryn sigil refers to the legend of Ser Artys Arryn, who is reported to have had a falcon for steed. The sigil also references the Eyrie, a castle found on the peak of the Mountains of the Moon, explaining the inclusion of the crescent in the sigil. It may also be a nod to the Moon Door, a sheer drop onto rocks from the castle that is used to execute prisoners and those who displease House Arryn. HOUSE TYRELL MOTTO: GROWING STRONG The inclusion of a rose on the House Tyrell sigil is particularly representative of the way they conduct themselves. Roses are beautiful and loved, yet they have thorns. This is much like House Tyrell, who engage in kind, charitable behaviour and fool people into thinking they are not a threat. But the Tyrells are dangerous, and often resort to subtle, underhand tactics to kill or remove their enemies. HOUSE MARTELL MOTTO: UNBOWED, UNBENT, UNBROKEN The sigil of House Martell is a combination of two sigils, after the marriage of Princess Nymeria of the Rhoynar and King Mors Martell. Combining their two symbols - the red sun of Nymeria and the spear of Mors Martell - created the House Martell symbol we know today. It also represents their fierce, fiery nature, and their motto speaks to the fact that they do not easily surrender. HOUSE GREYJOY MOTTO: WE DO NOT SOW The Greyjoys are extremely proud of their raiding ability, but all of their strength is invested in the coast. The inclusion of the Kraken on the sigil is a direct reference to their strength in and around the sea, but also suggests that they are much weaker on the land. The black of their sigil refers to both the Iron Islands that their seat is found on, as well as the 'iron price' - a practice where the Greyjoys take something they want through force, rather than paying for it. UK FEATHER FLA G S

The Meanings of the Family Banners of Westeros

shared by Eavesy on May 25
An interesting infographic from the people at UK Feather Flags which provides information about the house banners from the amazing TV show Game of Thrones.


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