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The Man of Steel

THE MAN OE STEE FROM THE GOLDEN AGE OF COMICS TO TODAY IT'S A BIRD. IT'S A PLANE. IT'S SUPERMAN! COME SOAR THROUGH THE FINANCIAL SUCCESSES IN THE HISTORY OF AMERICA'S MOST POPULAR SUPERHERO. SUPERMAN MOVIES THROUGH THE AGES SUPERMAN HAS HIT SUPERSTAR HOLLYWOOD STATUS. 1978 1981 SUPERMAN SUPERMAN II US GROSS US GROSS $134,218,018 Budget * $55,000,000 * * $108,185,706* Budget $54,000,000 * 1983 -1987 SUPERMAN III SUPERMAN IV US GROSS * $59,950,623 -Budget $39,000,000 -US GROSS- $15,681,020 * -Budget $17,000,000 2006 SUPERMAN RETURNS Man of Steel -US GROSS *$200,120,000* Budget *$232,000,000* Budget *$175,000,000 * How much is this new film going to make? DID YOU KNOW? Superman: The Movie was written by Mario Puzo, who also penned The Godfather. In one of the issues a trap created by the Cyborg-Superman caused Superman to split into Superman Red and Superman Blue who represented different aspects of his personality. Both Supermen deeply loved Lois Lane and fought over her affections. TOP 5 SUPERMAN ISSUE REVENUE-MAKERS SINCE 2009 THOUGH COMIC BOOKS ARE BRINGING IN LESS MONEY THAN THE FILMS THESE DAYS SUPERMAN IS STILL SELLING TONS OF PRINT COPIES! SUPERMAN 2010 * SUPERMAN * 2011 * SUPERMAN * Vol-3 Issue#1 Issue#700 * Price * * Price * Revenue- -Revenue- $430,560 $2.99 $356,785) S4.99 SUPERMAN SUPERMAN 2011 2012 * SUPERMAN * * SUPERMAN * Vol-3 Issue#2 Vol-3 Issue#3 Revenue- * Price * Revenue- * Price * $286,442) $2.99 {S234,715 ) $2.99 SUPERMA TEERE D N 2009 * SUPERMAN * Secret Origin Issue #1 Revenue * Price * $230,622 $3.99 SUPERMAN The top-selling day in comics history was the release of * THE DEATH OF SUPERMAN * In 1992 - Revenue- $30,000,000 THAT'S MORE THAN THE TOP 5 SUPERMAN COMICS FROM THE LAST YEARS, COMBINED! TOP 5 YEARS FOR OLD SCHOOL SUPERMAN THE YEARS FROM 1960-1987 WERE PRIME YEARS FOR COMIC BOOKS AND FOR SUPERMAN IN PARTICULAR. SURERMA SUPERMAN PLEADE IONA 1987 1971 * $121,394 * * $105,487 * REVENUE REVENUE Main villain: Main villain: Lex Luthor & Sand Superman President Marlo Superman took on climate change The first print run of The Adventures of Superman He warned of how a scientist "Superman experienced a major reboot had predicted Krypton would be destroyed but nobody listened. 1965 1979 * $98,859 $98,510 REVENUE REVENUE Main villain: Main villain: This year didn't appear to Master Jailer have a main villain Master Jailer grew up in Smallville with Superman and resented his popularity. SUPERMAN Lex Luthor becomes Lex Luthor Kent, Superman's adoptive brother 1983 · $98,859 * REVENUE Main villain: Alex Mason aka The Planeteer The Planeteer believed that he was a reincarnation of Alexander the Great In line with the release of Superman movies, this was one of the best years for Superman FUN FACTS ABOUT THE SON OF KRYPTON YOU MIGHT KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT THE FINANCES BEHIND THE SUPERMAN INDUSTRY, BUT HOW MUCH DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THE HERO HIMSELF? IN ONE OF THE ISSUES THE MAIN VILLAIN, SLEEZ, CONTROLS PEOPLE'S MINDS AND MAKES SUPERMAN MAKE A PORNO WITH A SUPERHEROINE HIS BODY IS ABLE TO The Green Machine TURN SUNLIGHT Superman Porn (FROM A YELLOW SUN) INTO POWER, LIKE HE WAS COVERED IN SOLAR PANELS. SUPERMAN'S STRONG MORAL FIBER PREVENTS HIM FROM FOLLOWING THROUGH. ON HIS OWN PLANET, SUPERMAN IS JUST A REGULAR GUY ADE PRONE SOM m STANGE COSTNE A COL L ORIGINALLY SUPERMAN COULD ONLY LEAP OVER ACTION COMICS WAS THE FIRST EVER COMIC TO SKYSCRAPERS IN A SINGLE BOUND. NOW HE PRINT A 900th ISSUE CAN FLY. IN THAT ISSUE NOWADAYS KRYPTONIANS LIKE SUPERMAN RENOUNCES HIS US CITIZENSHIP TO BE SEEN AS MORE OF A Red & Yellow Sun SUPERMAN CAN ONLY FLY UNDER THE YELLOW SUN. A Global Icon GLOBAL ICON THAN JUST AN AMERICAN ONE IN SUPERMAN: RED SON, KAL-EL'S IDEALS SUPERMAN HAD LONG HAIR TURN HIM INTO A THROUGHOUT SOVIET SOCIAIST MOST OF THE 1990s. HERO AFTER HE CRASH LANDS IN THE Fashion Statement Super Socialist UKRAINE INSTEAD OF KANSAS. SUPERMAN CREATORS JOE SHUSTER AND JERRY SIEGEL WERE PAID JUST SI30 FOR THE ORIGINAL SUPERMAN STORY DC. COMICS HAS MADE OVER ŞI,000,000,000 ON IN 1GG2, AN ISSUE ENTITLED "DEATH OF SUPERMAN" CAME OUT. SUPERMAN OF COURSE CAME BACK LATER BUT THEY STOPPED THE TITLES FORA FEW SUPERMAN. IN 1G75, DC AGREED TO PAY THEM $20,000 EVERY YEAR FOR THE THEIR UVES Sold for $130 Superman Dies MONTHS AND INSTEAD REST OF RAN FOUR REPLACEMENT SUPERMEN. THE "S" ON SUPERMAN'S SHIRT IS THE KRYPTONIAN SYMBOL FOR "HOPE". UPSIDE DOWN THIS SYMBOL MEANS "REBIRTH." S Isn't For Superman THE SYMBOL IS SUPERMAN'S FAMILY CREST Which classic Superman issue would you most like to see on the big screen?

The Man of Steel

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The Man of Steel from the golden of the comic today, Superman Movie and Novels


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