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Making The Most of Pokemon Go

Making the Most of Pokémon GO TRAINING THE TRAINER INSTALLING POKÉMON GO ENCOURAGES PEOPLE TO WALK MORE. 07/ 50 KM Pokémon GO requires users to walk for a certain distance to hatch eggs they get from PokéStop, which will lead to some sort of exercise for their physical body. Based on the data taken from Similarweb, 43 minutes of playing Pokémon GO in 7 days results in burning 1795 calories in average for males and 1503 calories for females. Converted into tastier measure, that could be 7 SMALL CHOCOLATE DONUTS for a man - or 6 for a woman. Instead of having exercise apps that ends up making you feel like "a failed Olympic athlete", 5.0 / 5.0 KM Pokémon G0 encourages positive mindset for workouts and gives you Pokémon as its actual rewards. THE T2T (TRAINER-TO-TRAINER) EXPERIENCE The easiest way to farm Pokémon is to go to the nearest PokéStop and set up a lure module, which will attract Pokémon. This also sets up a social setting where players gather and socialize, and incentivizes people to explore their neighborhood. DUKE IT OUT! The competitive aspect of the game has players battle to take control of gyms. In order to secure the top spot, players need to venture out a lot, catch Pokémon with high Combat Points (CP), evolve and level them up with Stardust and candies. The popularity of Pokémon GO has inspired many social events, from. hobby clubs dating sites pub crawls POKÉBALL-SIZED ICE BREAKER Having trouble trying to to start a conversation? Installing Pokémon GO might be the answer. A simple "Are you looking for Pikachu or Magmar?" can lead to longer conversation. There have been various reports of Pokémon G0 players getting themselves injured as they were distracted on their phones while walking. CATCHING THE $$$ Pokémon GO usage has already outnumbered Instagram and Snapchat. According to Similarweb, people in America used Pokémon GO for 43 minutes daily (on average); considerably longer than well established and popular apps like Whatsapp (30 minutes) and Instagram (25 minutes). PokéStops are determined by Pokéstops Niantic's location database. Sponsored locations have been used for Ingress, Niantic's original AR based game. 10% OFF Pokémon G0 launched in Japan with a MCDONALDS sponsorship deal. Setting up a lure module on PokéStop attracts Pokémon, and thus potentially, people. This has led Poké-savvy business owners to set up lures to drive traffic to their businesses. Milkwhale is an infographic design agency dedicated to create high quality PRESENTED BY infographic that turns your complex and hard to understand data into y milkwhale easy-to-decipher graphic representation that tells a story and helps you levitate yourself and your company above the crowd. SOURCES https://miccom/articles/148322/pokemon-go-has-mental-health-benefits#X3LZArytx IC =====

Making The Most of Pokemon Go

shared by milkwhale on Nov 24
Describing the phenomenal mobile game in 2016 that is Pokemon Go with some interesting facts




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