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Makin' Money In Music

MAKIN' MONEY IN MUSIC WHERE MONEY GOES AND WHO IT GOES TO IN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY WHERE DOES THE MONEY FROM A CD GO? 6% Copyright 8% Distribution Per CD Album 30% 9% Manufacturing Record Label 13% Artist Typical Breakdown 17% Tax 17% Retail As you can see, the majority of revenue goes to the record labels. There are only three major labels, known as “The Big Three" UNIVERSAL warner music group SONY MUSIC Any label not under their control is known as an independent, or 'indie' label. A typical signed artist would have to sell almost 4,000 CD ALBUMS to earn the monthly minimum wage STREAMING - HOW MUCH DO ARTISTS EARN? REVENUE PER UNIT UNIT SALES / PLAYS REQUIRED TO EARN MONTHLY MIN. WAGE* FORMAT UNIT COST LABEL ARTIST ITUNES ALBUM $9.99 $5.35 $0.94 1,229 ITUNES / AMAZON $0.99 $0.53 $0.09 12,399 amazon SINGLE TRACK PLAYS / MONTH $ FIXED $0.004 $0.00075 1,546,667 PLAYS / MONTH $ FIXED $0.0016 $0.00029 4,053,110 *in the US 1:45 3:25 VS. Taylor Swift famously fell out with Spotify in a very public rift about royalties, or lack of. Despite this, streaming services only continue to grow.. +42% +28% In the first half of 2014, Revenue, however, only grew by 28% to around $859 million streaming rose 42% to nearly 70.3 million streams So, why would artists work for so little? Well, CD sales lead to tours and that's where the money's at.. TOURING - WHERE THE REAL MONEY IS Performing in concerts has always been a great source of income for artists. THE TOP 10 TOURS OF 2013 MADE A COMBINED TOTAL OF $1.33b WORLDWIDE The Highest-Grossing Tour of 2014 was... ONE DIRECTION 537 WHERE WE ARE TOUR 2014 MANCHESTER SUNDERLAND STADIUM OF LIGHT ETIHAD STADIUM LONDON WEMBLEY STADIUM EDINBURGH MURRAYFIELD STADIUM ...who made a sickening... $290m On average, artists earn around 60% of the total ticket price, with the rest going to show costs, service fees and taxes. AVERAGE TICKET PRICE = $69.65 $41.30 $14.00 $11.55 SECTION X8 ROW Q SEAT 15 SERVICE FEES -20% SHOW COSTS ARTIST FEES -16% -60% WHO EARNS WHAT? PER CONCERT, PER NIGHT TAYLOR SWIFT JAY-Z & KANYE LADY GAGA $1.2m+ $1.5m+ $1.9m+ COLDPLAY PEARL JAM ROGER WATERS $2.2m+ $2.5m+ $2.6m+ BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN MADONNA BARBRA STREISAND $2.8m+ $3.2m+ $3.4m+ KENNY CHESNEY & TIM MCGRAW $4.2m+ THE RICHEST MUSICIANS OF ALL TIME So, who's made the most money in music? The results may surprise you... SEAN “DIDDY" COMBS - $550m (BLING) BING CROSBY – $550m (NOW THAT'S A CHRISTMAS BONUS!) BONO - $600m (HMM, OKAY U2 ARE PRETTY POPULAR) PAUL MCCARTNEY - $800m (YUP, HE WAS IN THE BEATLES, I GUESS...) ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER- $1.2b (WAIT, WHAT?! OH YEH, HE WROTE ALL THOSE MUSICALS) SOURCES: | | | Superfi -------- TAXES

Makin' Money In Music

shared by BoomOnline on Feb 16
We've been doing some research on how people make money in the music industry. Every single or album that you buy is paid to the people that wrote, sang, produced, manufactured and distributed (plus m...





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