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Lord Of The Rings

MERRY PrrIN SAM ARAGORN BOROMIR LEGOLAN FRODO GIMLE GANDALE Hem hatlis won against the enemy A crucial Im's Deep The Fellowship of the Rine 100 The Two Towers 200| O minutes TIMELINE IsengaraA Saruman and his evil army The 300 petetor e Fellowship is reunited in a difficult battle Mount Doom The One Ring is destroyed The Black Gate The final stand of man against Sauron's forces EARTH This map accurately represents Midle Earth geography and ia wtens of rivers and labrs Mountaina, hill, and Sorests are excluded in order to aid vial clarity O Minar Dtinatinn .. Paef e Fellhip THE FELLOWSHIP from Hobbiton to Mordor Characters NAME A visual depiction of the Fellowship of the Ring and their journey as Frodo Locations Hobbit The outer rings of information include a timeline of the trilogy seen in The Lord of the R Sam trilogy, directed by Peter to the film time code and a character map showing which NAME Jackson, based on the original book trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien. REGION Merry members of the Fellowship were together at any given time. Rivendell Pippin Moria Gandalf Wizand The inmost circle is a geographically accurate map of Middle Earth Parth Galen Rohan Агagorn Man Major events in the story are highlighted along the timeline and according to Tolkien's design, and the journey of the Fellowship is Fangorn Boromir point back to where they occurred. Location names and short plotted according to major destinations and places of action. Isengard Legolas descriptions accompany each event on the timeline. Helm's Deep Gimli Dwarf Minas Tirith Gonder The Black Gate Mordor Mount Doom .. designed and illustrated by JT Fridsma, 2011 Parth Galen is broke killed and the Fellowship peps ova ow Rivendell angorns to Middle Earth Sun Return of the Kine 50 MIDDLE

Lord Of The Rings

shared by Angel on Mar 27
A visual depiction of the Fellowship of the Ring and their journey as seen in The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy. The Lord of the Rings trilogy is incredible yet complicated and epic piece of cinemat...




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