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The Loose Ends that Could Unravel Walter White's Heisenberg

Br eaking Bad THE LOOSE ENDS THAT COULD UNRAVEL WALTER WHITE'S HEISENBERG W.W. 1:548691382|: IRS DIVORCE LOOSE ENDS I SPY THAT COULD RUIN WALTER WHITE WILL HE SPOT THEM ALL. See if you can spot them before Walt ties them up. THE LAB 1:548691382|: 15486591382/ THE RV THE KITCHEN DIVORCE DIVORC THE INTERROGATION & s w. w ATHE HEISENBERG SUSPECTS Indentifying Information: Name: Walter White Master Chemist Description: : Don't you know who I am?" Newsflash Walter! Building a big identity is not necessarily the way to stay hidden from the cops! Didn't you learn anything from Gus? And oh the irony! Walt's biggest danger... is himself. His ego and arrogance are spreading as ITEMS FOUND: quickly as the cancer running through his veins, both of which could lead to his demise. With no one to tie up the loose ends, the world None would then come crashing down on his family in a cloud of meth ridden smog. They'll face repercussions, and completely defeat the reason he got into the meth business in the first place. Indentifying Information: Name: Jesse Pinkman Partner of Walter White Description: : Ask Jesse if Walter White's ever taken advantage of him, and he'd say "Yeah B**** " Haunted by a trail of deaths plaguing Jesse's conscience, and a growing fear of his partner, Walter White may have possibly turned the world's most loyal partner against him. Sure Jesse knows Walter is responsible for the deaths of Gale and Gus. ITEMS FOUND: None But what about the death of his first love, Jane; the killing of Jesse's mentor, Mike; or the poisoning of the innocent Brock Cantillo. Indentifying Information: Name: Hank Head of the DEA, Albuquerque & Brother-in-Law to Walter White Description: Wherever you find Hank you can be sure to find a series of racial slurs. But what he lacks in class, he makes up for in perseverance. Hank's longest game of Clue brought many questions; Was it Hugo in the High school with the respirator? Jesse in the Junkyard with the RV? Gale in his apartment with the Lab Notes? But give Hank some time on the toilet and a little light reading, and he'll solve the case. In the latest mid-season finale, Hank finds Walt Whitman's "Leaves of Grass" with a small dedication in Walter's bathroom. "To my other favorite w.W. It's an honour working with you. Fondly G.B.," leading Hank to make the connection between Gale ITEMS FOUND: w.w. and Walt. Indentifying Information: Name: Skyler White Wife of Walter White Description: : Skyler has been on the verge of a mental breakdown for months. She's afraid of Walt and what kind of violence he's capable of committing. She could crack and tell her sister Marie everything at any time. ITEMS FOUND: None Indentifying Information: Name: Saul Goodman Criminal Lawyer Description: Saul is connected, either directly or indirectly, to almost every single character. He's been tied to many of the characters as their legal counsel. This makes him a very large threat. If the DEA ever connected Saul to anything involving the Heisenberg drug ring, Saul could easily expose all of the characters. ITEMS FOUND: None Indentifying Information: Name: Declan Connection: Phoenix Meth Distributor Description: : This hot head meth distributor based in Phoenix could lash out at Walt for backing out of his deal, in which Walt promised to become the sole producer of crystal meth for Declan's drug ring. ITEMS FOUND: Indentifying Information: Name: Pamela Divorce Attorney for Skyler White Description: Divorce Attorney's know everything. During a counseling session, Skyler reveals to Pamela that Walt is a methamphetamine manufacturer. Pamela advises her to divorce Walt right away and says that she can turn Walt over to the police with Skyler's consent. ITEMS FOUND: DIVORCE Indentifying Information: Name: Wendy Prostitute and Drug Addict Description: : When the police pick up Wendy and Jesse for questioning after finding Jesse's car at Tuco's safe house, Wendy tells police that he was with her the entire time. However, drug addicts aren't typically the most reliable people, and either lack of wit or fear could cause Wendy to give Jesse up – easily. ITEMS FOUND: Indentifying Information: Name: Badger and Skinny Pete Local Drug Addicts Description: These two low-life drug addicts are Jesse's best friends, and virtually no threat. However, they do know everything about Walt's meth business, and pressure from the DEA could cause them to release information. Their loyalty to Jesse also makes them a threat to Walt if Jesse ever decides to take Walt down. ITEMS FOUND: Indentifying Information: Name: Barry Goodman Mexican Doctor Description: Dr. Barry Goodman is the head M.D. of Gus Fring's emergency medical crew in Mexico. He has blood samples and knows the complete medical history of Gus, Mike, and Jesse. ITEMS FOUND: Indentifying Information: Name: Francesca Office Secretary for Saul Goodman Description: Never trust someone who accepts bribes. Saul's secretary, who also had a brief romantic fling with Saul, is solely responsible for destroying documents that could incriminate the criminal lawyer. Accepting a $20,000 bribe from Walt in the past illustrates that, for the right price, she would expose Saul and his ITEMS FOUND: clients. Indentifying Information: Name: Old Joe Junkyard Owner Description: From building magnets, to cleaning harddrive's that are in police custody, to disposing of cars belonging to Walt's murder victims (Mike Ehrmentraut), this junkyard owner, with a shocking knowledge of law, covered for Walt and Jesse when Hank followed Jesse to the junkyard to retrieve the RV they wwere cooking meth in. ITEMS FOUND: Indentifying Information: Name: Lydia Rodarte-Quayle Executive at Madrigal Electromotive Description: Lydia helped Gus Fring distribute meth across the southeastern U.S. During the investigation following his murder, Lydia put out a hit on everyone else who worked with Gus. Her lack of nerve, paranoia, and anxious personality make her a threat to anyone she's involved with. This puts Walt, her new business partner, at risk. ITEMS FOUND: Indentifying Information: Name: Jane Margolis Deceased Girlfriend of Jesse Pinkman Description: What happens when two heroin addicts fall in love? They blackmail Walter White. When Walt refused to give Jesse his share of their earnings until he got clean, Jane threatened to expose him. Later that evening, Walt found himself inadvertently knocking the passed out Jane onto her back where she dies from asphyxiating on her own vomit. Walt considers helping her, but ends up watching her die. Knowledge of her death would surely turn Jesse against Walt. ITEMS FOUND: Indentifying Information: Name: Jack Nazi Gang Leader and Uncle of Todd Description: He's a man with no morals, and clearly the right man for the job. Walt hires Jack, uncle of Walt's new pony boy Todd, to carry out a hit for the 10 remaining people in jail connected to Gus Fring's drug ring. This primitive killing could easily trace back to Jack, and ultimately Walt. ITEMS FOUND: Indentifying Information: Name: Todd Replaces Jesse as Walters Assistant Description: Walt's new golden boy, Todd, has an affinity for the business. But his ambitions could become a problem for Walter. He's shown his lack of judgment and the costs hell go through to protect his progression, after killing Drew Sharp, a young boy who witnessed their ITEMS FOUND: stealing of Methylamine. His desire to hold onto keepsakes from his kill, particularly a tarantula the boy had with him, make him more of a danger. Indentifying Information: Name: Ted Beneke President of Beneke Fabricators Description: Ted Beneke doesn't have a lot of spine. He sleeps with a married woman, specifically Skyler White, and runs a company that under IRS investigation for fraud. Afraid the IRS wwill then investigate her, as the primary bookkeeper for Ted's business, and the car wash where she launders Walt's drug money, she hires Saul's "A-team" to force him to pay his taxes. Instead he ends up breaking his neck and going into a coma. When he wakes up, he promises he won't tell anyone what happened. ITEMS FOUND: IRS Indentifying Information: Name: Brock Cantillo Son of Jesse's Girlfriend Description: Who knew 6 year olds could get mixed up in drug rings. His only actual crime was that Jesse cared about him. As a result, he was poisoned with a rare plant, Lily of the Valley, which causes Jesse to act out towards Walt claiming he's responsible. Walt convinces Jesse that Gus Fring was behind it, and they conspire to murder him. After killing Gus in revenge, we later see Walt getting rid of the plant which was sitting in his backyard. ITEMS FOUND: Indentifying Information: Name: Hector Salamanca Ex-Cartel Boss Deseription: This former cartel boss was once a huge loose end for Walter.--his hate for the DEA was the only thing that stopped him from turning in Walt and Jesse. To cut one loose end, Hector went out with a bang, killing Gus Fring. But where one door closes, another opens. Surely someone, or a video camera, noticed Walter's frequent visits of the ex-cartel member only hours before the explosion. ITEMS FOUND: Indentifying Information: Name: Gale Boetticher Lab Assistant for Walter White Description: Criminals don't usually come in the form of karaoke singing, lab coat wearing, poetry reading, anime enthusiasts. But that's not the case this time. Once Walt's meth partner and the future of Fring's meth manufacturing, Walt has him murdered to protect his leverage. But with his public death, come clues that will bear ITEMS FOUND: O w.w. consequences for Walt. After investigation, Hank finds Gale's lab notes with a poem by Walt Whitman, along with the note "To W.W. My Star, My Perfect Silence." Indentifying Information: Name: Gustavo Fring Drug Leader and Mass Distributor Description: This criminal mastermind may no longer be a threat to Walter White physically, but his legacy is sure to do some damage. Without Fring around to clean up any messes, and a flooding of investigations on his properties and business, the loose ends continue to hang for Walter White. In fact, a very fruitful investigation yielded a bank routing number which could lead to Walter White's ouwn ITEMS FOUND: 1:548691382|: accounts. thread PULL ONE thing & the whole thing will unravel... Walt Wendy Todd Declan Marie Schrader Badger Lydia Rodarte-Quayle Skyler Jesse Skinny Pete Gus Fring Jane Margolis Brock Cantillo Barry Goodman Gale Boetticher Saul Hank Old Joe Ted Beneke Drew Pamela Francesca Jack Sponsored by: Mike Clarity Way C.d

The Loose Ends that Could Unravel Walter White's Heisenberg

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Up until now, TV drama's Breaking Bad protagonist has avoided the DEA with a web of lies. But there are still a ton of loose ends to tie up. See which loose ends to could unravel Walter White's web of lies!


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