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Look What We Could Have Done With All That Water!

LOOK WHAT WE COULD HAVE DONE WITH ALL THAT WATER! 1 CUP OF COFFEE EQUALS 1 SHOWER +1 FLUSH + TOOTH BRUSHING THAT'S 132 LITRES! Good morning big water spender! One cup of coffee uses more water than a morning shower, a flush and teeth brushing all together. Water consumption for making coffee includes: Water to grow Sugar, Coffee beans and for Milk Production. NYC PARKING TÍCKETS PER DAY EQUALS 75 PLEDGES FOR SAVING COLORADO RIVER THAT'S 286,000 LITRES! Row, row, row your car, up and down the street. NYPD Blues give 22,000 parking tickets a day, using enough paper to make 286,000 litres worth of Colorado River water pledges. : Water consumption for 1 parking ticket includes: Pulping and bleaching paper. Though some water gets re-circulated during the process, much of it is taken from water sources that get polluted by factory waste 1 PLASTIC BOTTLE OF WATER EQUALS 7 LITRES OF WATER NOW THAT'S JUST CRAZY! 37 Wow! Making the bottle you are holding consumes more water than it contains. 7 litres of water are spent while manufacturing the plastic for the average commercial water bottle. Water consumption for making 1 bottle includes: Water for transportation, the energy usage at the factory and more.. 5 CHOCOLATE BARS EQUALS AN ENTIRE YEAR OF WATER FOR A PERSON IN AFRICA THAT'S 6,880 LITRES! While you are eating that sweet stuff, you should know: To produce 5 chocolate bars you need to use more water than a person in Africa will consume in a whole year. *: Water consumption for making one bar of chocolate includes: Water to grow cocoa, sugar and soy, plus watering the cow that produces the milk as well 1 CAR EQUALS 4,368 BICYCLES THAT'S 148,542 LITRES! Do you know how much water is needed to produce a car? It's the same amount that is needed to make 4,368 bikes! ** Water consumption for making one car includes: Water to produce steel, plus 1968 litres of water to make each tire 1 PAIR OF JEANS EQUALS 33 CAR WASHES THAT'S 9,982 LITRES! /clean me FaN You like your jeans washed? It costs a LOT of water! Production of the popular clothing item wastes the same amount of water as washing your car 33 times. Water consumption for one pair of jeans includes: Water for growing the cotton, stitching and bleaching the jeans, and then washing them once you have bought them. 100g OF CHEESE EQUALS 7 DISHWASHER CYCLES THAT'S 318 LITRES! Say Cheese! You just spent a lot of water... The cheese making process consumes 318 litres of water for every 100g of cheese. That is the same amount of water you need to operate your dishwasher 7 times! *: Water consumption for making cheese includes: The water to grow cow pasture, and throughout every stage of the cheese production process. 1 YEAR OF BELLAGIO FOUNTAIN SHOWS EVAPORATION EQUALS 1 YEAR OF DRINKING WATER FOR 41,643 VILLAGE PEOPLE THAT'S 45.6 MILLION LITRES! LAS VEGAS What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, or evaporates... Replenishing the fountain requires 45.6 million litres of water, after 4,560 litres are wasted during each of the roughly 10,000 shows displayed each year. Water consumption for 1 year of fountain shows: Over 45 Million litres of water refill. Since it seems like a 'Sophie's Choice' between drinking water or driving a new car in your fabulous new jeans, just pay attention to how much water we waste on things you will gladly give up if you were stuck in a desert. Cheers. Sponsored by IFOREXK These numbers are based on estimated research, and are meant to promote awareness to the ecological footprint we leave for the price of drinking your favorite latte in a shiny car. Sources: I www.tiredofparkingtick- I how-many-galons-of-water-does-it-take-to-make.html I | I I http://www.south-staffs-wa- I /EN I I

Look What We Could Have Done With All That Water!

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Are you a Big Water Spender? Start to open your eyes to how much water you consume without even realizing it. This amazingly animated infographic is full of mind boggling facts about water consumption...






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