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A Look at the Watches of James Bond

A Look at the Watches of JAMES BOND Rolex Submariner () 10 Different versions of the Submariner were worn by Bond in Dr No, From Russia With Love, Goldfinger, Thunderball, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Live and Let Die and The Man With The Golden Gun. ROLEX Rolex Gadgets: In Live at Let Die, In the same film, Bond's Rolex features Bond's Rolex features a buzz saw, allowing him to cut himself free from his shackles a magnet that can divert bullets (& open zips on dresses!) Breitling Top Time Bond wore a new watch for Thunderball, a Breitling Top Time Ref 2002. This was the first time Bond had a watch gadget, making it an important part of 007's history. BREITING Breitling Gadgets: In Thunderball 007's Breitling featured a built-in Geiger counter direct from Q branch. This allowed Bond to measure radioactivity levels in the environment Seiko 0647 / M354 Many people forget the Seiko's in the history of Bond's watches. The first two - the 0674 and the M354 Memory Bank Calendar marked a brief switch to digital watches for the British secret agent. SEIKO 15:00 Seiko 0647 and M354 Gadgets: In Moonraker, Bond In The Spy Who Loved Me, Bond's new had a Seiko M354 Seiko 0647 had a built which featured a in pager with ticker tape printer built-in detonator he used to escape Seiko G757 Sports / Liquid Crystal Bond had two other digital watches, both made by Seiko. The first was a Seiko Liquid Crystal TV Watch, and the second was a Seiko G757 Sports 100 watch, both with their own unique features. Seiko G757 Sports and H357 Gadgets: 7:00 32 In Octopussy, Bond's Seiko G757 Sports watch featured a built-in GPS tracking device In the same film, Bond's Liquid Crytal TV Watch could take • SEIKO• satellite video calls on the move Tag Heuer Professional Timothy Dalton's Bond wore a Tag Heuer Professional Night-Dive wristwatch in The Living Daylights, as well as a Professional 200 Meters watch in the same film. HEUER 20 - Tag Heuer Gadgets: Bond's Tag Heurs didn't feature any overt gadgets, however the Tag Heuer worn by General Leonid Pushkin featured a button that allowed him to alert his security guard to Bond's presence Omega Seamaster The most recent iterations of Bond - played by Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig - have worn different iterations of the Omega Seamaster, which is now considered the official watch of 007. Omega Gadgets: In Tomorrow Never Dies, Bond's Omega Seamaster features an integrated detonator In The World Is Not Enough, 007's Omega Seamaster Professional has a built-in grappling hook In Die Another Day, In the same film, Bond's Omega has a built-in remote Bond's watch has an integrated laser which can be fired from the wrist detonator, as in his previous outings SOURCES: | | | | | TIC W AT C HES° TIM E IS CH A NGI N G

A Look at the Watches of James Bond

shared by Eavesy on May 05
Here is an excellent infographic by TIC Watches that takes a look at some of the best James Bond watches from over the years including information about the various gadgets that each watch had.


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