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Look, up in the sky! / Celebrating 75 years of Superman

18 | On the cover Thursday, June 13, 2013 On the cover |31 Thursday, June 13, 2013 Thursday, June 13, 2013 On the cover | 29 22| On the cover Thursday, June 13, 2013 Thursday, June 13, 2013 On the cover | 27 Thursday, June 13, 2013 20 |On the cover MEANWHILE.. SHORT BIO MPUNTHESKY Exploring Superman's powers through science Superman's abilities have evolved throughout the decades, offering readers even more thrilling adventures. But where do his powers come from and what are their full magnitude? Are there logical explanations? Let's explore. BIRTH NAME: KAL-EL (STAR CHILD) EARTH NAME: CLARK JOSEPH KENT BOTH SONS OF IMMIGRANTS, PUBLISH "THE REIGN OF THE SUPER-MAN" WHERE A BALD HOMELESS MAN GAINS TELEPATHIC POWERS AND INTENDS TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD. GREAT AGE: 39 HEIGHT: 190.5CM (6'3") TNE JURY CONDEMNEO GENERAL ZO0 TO SPEN 40 YEARS IN THE PHANTOM ZON WEIGHT: 102KG (225LBS) CowN WITN KRYPTON!SOME CAeY SILL ENSLAVE ALL ITS PEOPLE Super hearing Superman is capable of listening to a wide JUSTICER LEAGUE: OCCUPATION: REPORTER PARENTS: JOR-EL, LARA FOSTER PARENTS: JONATHAN KENT, MARTHA KENT LOVE INTERESTS: LOIS LANE, LANA LANG, WONDER WOMAN TOP VILLAINS: LEX LUTHOR, VAMERICA Super/heat vision Superman can tune'the range of his vision across the electromagnetic spectrum (radio, infrared, UV, X-rays). He can store, intensify and reflect infrared light as a direct beam. This tuning ability helps him determine heat intensity and project it at varying degrees. www WwwM Infrared Super breath Kryptonian lungs developed larger to Celebrating 75 years of Superman Follow 75 key points in the Man of Steel mythology, from its inception to this year's film adaptation By Dwynn Ronald V. Trazo and Hugo A. Sanchez Senior Infographic Designers range of frequencies and intensities of sound, which humans aren't able to do. Je REIGN f the SUPEI MAN RIG DEA FOR 40 YEARS efficiently extract the denser oxygen in their atmosphere. Superman can store more of He can isolate a sound, like a heartbeat, identify it and locate it, even if it is emitted far away. KRYPTONIANS Jules Feiffer's book, 'The Great Comic Book Heroes, features Superman on the cover Earth-2 version of Superman, Kal-L, based upon the Golden Age's rendering, meets modern day Superman, Kal-EI, in Justice League of America #73 SUPER FRIENDS It has been implied that he unconsciously extends his 'aura'around the objects he is accepted that he can lift more than 1,000,000 tonnes, enough to carry two empty Burj Khalifas. In his adventures. he has moved Earth away from the Sun, the mass of which is approximately 6,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000kg (6x 1024). Now try to say that number! Super strength While the exact measure of his strengh is unknown, it is Earth's thin air in his lungs, compress it and expel it with extreme force because of his strong diaphragm muscles. This process also drops the air's temperature, making it The sons of a red Sun TO BETTER COMPREHEND HOw KAL-EL DISPLAYS HIS INCREDIBLE ABILITIES, IT IS NECESSARY TO UNDERSTAND "Super Friends' animated series from Hanna Barbera premieres Kryptonian villain General Zod and the Phantom Zone are introduced in Adventure Comics #283 Another cross-over with Superman and Spider-Man fighting Doctor Doom and the Parasite in Marvel Treasury Edition # 28 DOOMSDAY, BRAINIAC, DARKSEID, GENERAL ZOD, BIZARRO, METALLO, MONGUL, PARASITE, MR. MXYZPTLK TOP ALLIES: LOIS LANE, JIMMY lifting and moving, making them lose gravity or inertia Symbol used in The 12-issue "Crisis on Infinite Earths with Superman as one of the heroes Crisis on Infinite series starts: it merges DC characters' multiverse into one universe with one Radio possible for him to blow freezing air known as freeze breath. UV X-rays Gamma rays Earths series WHERE HE COMES FROM. Superman timeline; many heroes die actor George Reeves dies at age 45; his death is ruled a suicide His amazing strength is linked to his near-invulnerability. His bones, joints, skin and muscles are dense. They are able to resist the pressure of the objects he lifts and moves. Krypton - according to Superman's mythology – is a massive planet compared to Earth. Life evolved under the After his "death', four OLSEN, BATMAN, WONDER WOMAN, SUPERGIRL, KRYPTO, LANA LANG, SUPERBOY Used in the Max "Superman' is up for copyright More Fun Comics #101 introduces Superboy and his hometown of Smallvlle Superman #58 names the Fortress of Solitude Adventure Comics #210 debuts pet dog Krypto In Superman #233. a nuclear accident transforms all Kryptonite on Earth into harmless iron; it no longer affects Superman Superman Superman Superman Fleischer Superman cartoon series and the Mole Men film is released; stars #113 mentions "Kal-Er for the first time renewal, original creators Siegel and Shuster file lawsuit to regain rights but are unsuccessfull teams up with Adventure Comics # 352 has Superman turned to stone light of a red Sun known as Rao. Batman in Supermen surface in the "Reign of the Used in the "Lois Supermen Superman #76 The new skin The Superman suit has been redesigned to offer fans the best of the classic and the modern worlds. After hundreds of designs, the infamous red underwear is eliminated, it works in the comics, but not in the movies. Used in Superman Superman and Batman guest star in All-Star Comics # 36 with the Justice Society SUPERMAN George Reeves Krypton 2 Earth Action Comics #471 features Superman fighting Faora Hu-UI, the mysterious phantom who escaped from the Phantom Zone "Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Jerry Siegel writer # 9; the logo is trademarked PRE SILVER AGE OF & Clark' TV series 1958 1960 Superman' TV series which stars (llustrative comparison from the comics) 1962 Symbol used in Superman #1 issue 1956 1964 Dean Cain as Superman and Teri BRONZE AGE OF COMICS ( After the 9/11 attacks, a comic book is made as a START OF COMICS 1954 In Superman #11, he can now fly, as AT LONG LÄST Hatcher as Lois Lane, ends; the The 'Electric Blue' show premiered in 1993 9-11 1966 Joe Shuster artist POST GOLDEN AGE OF COMICS SÜPERGIR According to astronomers, the colour of the star indicates its temperature and its in the radio shows and cartoons 1952 1968 In Superman #338, the city of Kandor is finally enlarged by 1961 Superman logo tribute to real-life 1950 1963 ABC Special Presentation shows a version of Superman musical 1957 1959 heroes; in the cover is Superman standing in awe watching the men age: while red ones are the coolest and oldest, the light-blue ones are the hottest and youngest. Action Comics #64 debuts villain the Toyman (Winslow P. Schott): uses toys as a motif in his crimes Symbol used in Superman #1 The dark blue suit is actually JUNE, 1938 Although it was published in April, Action Comics #1 had a cover date of June, 1938. Superman's birthday is celebrated on both occasions In Superman #1, the planet Krypton is finally named: Superman on a world called Rokyn Used in this year's film 'Man of Steel 1955 1970 1965 a high-tech fabric worn under Kryptonian armours. The 'S' is the emblem of the house of El, 1948 1953 1951 1967 SUPERMANY SILVER AGE OF 1972 "Superman II' is released by Warner Brothers on Superman's elderly couple; Clark's mother COMICS SUPERMAN START OF PRE-MODERN AGE OF 1946 1969 ("Smallville, the TV series which started in 2001, ends; it stars Warner Brothers releases "Man of Steel, a reboot of the Superman "Superman IV' premieres from Warner Brothers and women who saved lives; this 1974 is named 'Mary Kent'; his parents die soon before Clark 1949 Rao 1971 Sun 1976 45th anniversary Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen Superman's enemy Luthor is given "Superman's Mission for President Kennedy' appears in Superman in Kryptonian, it means hope. In Supergirl #2, Lex Luthor is in possession of a new 'Black Kryptonite' rock moves to Metropolis #17 has Jimmy asking Superman to tell him his secret identity the first name of"Lex" in Adventure Comics #271; reveals that Lex and Superboy knew each other as teenagers in Smallville special is released the following year 12000 °C 5-6000 °C 28,000 °C 1944 COMICS 1947 movie franchise starring Henry Cavill as Superman; the filmis #170; it was originally pulled from 1973 1978 THE SECRET Tom Welling as young Clark kent; story focuses on Superman's early adult life Superman publication due to John F. Krypton and Rao were closer in proximity compared to Earth and Sun (149.7m kms). encounters the Eradicator in Action Comics Used in 'The START OF Lex Luthor infects Superman with virus X in Action Comics # 364; doctors fail to cure him; 1945 OSTINEO Kennedy's assassination but the story was eventually published at the request of President Lyndon Johnson and the Kennedy family 1975 CRISIS AGE OF Young Clark's high school love Lana Lang is introduced in 1942 Adventures 1980 Used in the series directed by Zack REVEALEO In Action Comics #662, Clark tells Lois he is Superman Krypton's atmosphere was thin, unlike Earth's. That fact changed the course of their species' evolution drastically. pushing them to adapt to greater amounts of radiation, even if Rao is "cooler' than our Sun. At the peak of their evolution, the people of Krypton, thousands of years more advanced than us, developed a three level defence system against the deadly red Sun radiation: 1. A natural bioelectrical field or 'aura'a few millimetres around their bodies as a first line of defence. 2. A denser and more resistant skin. 3. A highly sophisticated cellular- COMICS of Superman and were originally friends 1982 given to him by Darkseid SMALLVILLE Snyder of '300' and "Watchmen' fame 1977 SIEGEL AND SHUSTER EVENTUALLY MAKE A NEW VERSION OF SUPERMAN, THE LAST SURVIVOR OF PLANET KRYPTON, AN ALIEN IMMIGRANT NAMED KAL-L BUT KNOWN AS CLARK KENT ON EARTH GOLDEN AGE OF COMICS START OF Superman: The Man of Tomorrow #1 debuts; the title publishes quarterly 1943 Superman boards a rocket for cremation in Flammbron, the hottest sun in the universe 1979 Annual #2 Superman Superboy moves to Adventure "The Adventures of Superman' TV show starts and runs until 1958; stars George Reeves. Phyillis Superman's cousin, Supergirl, begins her public career as a superhero in Action Comics # 285 1984 Batman SEDUCTION OF THE 1940 DC Comics Comics #103 as More Fun begins reprinting 1981 1986 Superman meets Marvel's flagship character in the special crossover "Superman vs. The Amazing Spider-Man The "Superman: Birthright" series, mentions Superman's "House of El crest is also a "hope' symbol in Kryptonian In Superman Legends #14, Superman rescues adoptive father Jonathan Kent from Bizarro in Bizarro World "Secret Origin intends to be the 'definitive 1941 Comics changes to a funny "The Superman Monster' title Superboy 1983 combines elements of Superman animal format #10 Coates plays Lois Lane important comics 1988 1938 2PRESIDENT!M D NDGE UARD mythos with Frankenstein INNOCENT 1990 1985 THE COMIC STRIP WOULD BE REJECTED OVER THE NEXT FIVE ve ecRT ADENTITY As z GUARD THE SECRETS OF OUR starting with a facsimile of "Superman Il" feature film is released: 1992 origin story In Superman #17, it is revealed that the Man of Tomorrow has a 1939 WELCOME SUPERGIRL! RBY IS HERE! 1987 1994 hidden base known as the Secret Citadel, located inside a NEW OLSEN 1996 YEARS BY 17 DIFFERENT PUBLISHERS. Action "Seduction of the Innocent' book is published: psychologist and Comics #1 1989 1991 1998 2012 A living solar battery Christopher 2000 Super flight Superman's ability to fly is one of the most mountain range near Metropolis JIMMY Reeve is 2002 2008 2010 Superman "Daring New Adventures of 2004 "Supergirl feature film is released from 2006 # 257 has a story which reveals that if Krypton Used in Columbia Superman series The first issue is released with COMICS author Dr Fredric Wertham calls Superman 'un-American" and 'fascist': claims hidden sexual themes in Batman and Christopher Reeve stars in the Richard a first run of 200,000 copies 1993 Superman again while Terence Stampis Kryptonian villain General Zod: Richard 1995 1997 discussed topics over the years. He can control his priced at 10e at a time when the average American earned s than $25 per week; it would be selling 500,000 copies a month by issue #7 Donner directed film, "Superman: The Movie' by Warner Let's focus now on baby Kal-El and Jor-EI, his father, who sends him to the Earth before Krypton explodes. He knew where he was sending his son, a planet with a more intense Sun and protective atmosphere rich in oxygen, where the evolutionary advantages of Kryptonians could be multiplied Supergirl UNTIL... flight to reach velocities beyond light speed (299,792km/s). Here are some theories that may 'explain' this miracle. The old theory: The gravity difference According to the comics, Krypton had 1,000 times more gravity. 90kg here, would be 90,000kg in the extinct planet. That could result in extreme freedom of movement. But let's think about the astronauts in moon missions, they experienced 1/6th of the gravity of Earth and their movements were slow and awkward. The modern speculative theory Scientists are now studying the existence of sub-atomic particles called Gravitons, which basically travel in the form of waves while carrying gravity. If Kryptonians are capable of creating gravitons. 2013 Near invulnerability ('Superman', the begins; lasts Symbol used in Superman #4 issue "Superman animated series' from Ruby-Spears is broadcast 1999 2001 2011 Warner 15-part movie serial debuts hadn't been destroyed, only 23 issues Brothers proposes to Lois Lane in 2009 2003 2007 From simple bullets, to the I says Wonder Woman is a lesbian 2005 DC Comics publishes the 'Zero Hour' mini-series designed to smooth timeline inconsistencies repair system. This amazing alien race also developed the capability to absorb certain radiation from their Sun and synthesised it, this Robin: Broadway musical, 'It's a Bird. It's a Plane. It's Used in the 1978 feature film equivalent of a million nuclear warheads, Superman has survived everything in his adventures. His tough skin, his accelerated cellular ON APRIL 18, 1938, THE from Columbia WHY. DOES EVERYBOOY HATE ME. SUPERBOY! Brothers (In keeping up with '80s action stars, a more muscular look is revealed as artist/writer John Super speed POST FLASHPOINT AGE OF Superman Superman Superman fights world hunger in "Superman: Peace on Earth' by Alex Ross and Paul Dini Superman/Batman #46, a genuine Silver Kryptonite is introduced; one piece of Silver-K gets Superman high, a secondary WORLD'S FIRST COMIC Ina two-page story for Look magazine called "How Superman Would End the War". Superman Pictures; actor Kirk Alyn plays the Man of Steel Attacks on comics lead to a US Senate investigation; would have become the leader of the BOOK SUPERHERO IS FINALLY INTRODUCED Superman!" is produced: I HAVE SUPER-POWERS LIKE Lester takes In the comic books, Superman has run steadily alongside #50 Christopher YOu--I D0 GOOD LIKE YOU. YET YOU'RE A HERO TO THEM--AND I'MA Reeve, who played Superman in it stars Bob Holiday as The first of many variations of the symbol COMICS standards are set as over as film's produced substances that fed them and boosted their organic functions, similar to the process of the photosynthesis in plants. They don't need food at all to survive, the Kryptonians can be fed and powered by sunlight. IN ACTION COMICS #1. repairing and his 'aura', that works Byrne revamps Superman; history and continuity are re-introduced in "The Man of Steel director the Flash (the fastest man alive) reaching 3,200km/s. Superman fights foreign leaders and ends World War Il by rounding up Hitler and Stalin Comics Code Authority is interstellar police, "Green Lantern MENACE! as a force field, has been massively increased by the yellow Sun's light. four movies. dies; a horse-riding accident in 1995 left him piece restores his mind Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #133 by Jack Kirby introduces "The Newsboy Legion': issue also includes Morgan Edge's first appearance: Kirby's 'The Fourth World' concept featuring Orion and the New Gods battling Darkseid developed from this SUPERMAN'S OUTFIT IS ( Astrophysicist Neil Used in 'Kingdom Come' special The Mark of El in "Smallville His velocity depends on the strength of his tissues, notably exponentially. The natural capability of Kal-El to absorb, assimilate, metabolise and store DeGrasse Tyson plots real location of Superman' planet; Krypton orbited the red dwarf star LHS BASED ON CIRCUS ACROBATS, HIS POWERS created The 'aura' is the writers excuse why Superman's tight suit is almost never destroyed, unlike his cape. mini-series "Jerry Siegel and I came up with the 'S'insignia. We his joints which can handle the friction generated by Corps TV series ARE LIMITED TO GREAT TME the energy of our yellow Sun is the reason for his amazing abilities. STRENGTH, SUPER SPEED, STRCTLY ON-ARVAN Used in comics during his death wanted to somehow use the first letter of the character's name. We kiddingly said, "Well, it's the On the same year that co-creator Jerry Siegel dies at age 81, Clark marries Lois in Superman: Wedding Album #1 Luthor learns Superman is Clark in comics Superman would be able to ride through the waves and fly freely in any direction. moving very fast. Plus, he has super stamina. RESISTANCE TO INJURY, ( Superboy quadriplegic AND GREAT LEAPING ABILITY (1/8TH OF A MILE). FELLOW REPORTER LOIS 2520 in the Corvus ( After fighting the villain Doomsday. Used in 'Superman Returns'movie introduces #68 constellation; it is Superman's Achilles heel: Kryptonite This material is basically radioactive story in the comics 'The New 27.1 light-years from Earth first letter of Siegel and Superman #30 introduces the 5th Dimensional being. Mr. Mxyzptlk (mix-yez-pitel-ick), who can only be made to leave by tricking him into saying or spelling his name backwards (kel-tipz-yex-im) Superman is seemingly killed in in Superman #75: co-creator, Joe In Adventures Blue Kryptonite This is aK variation that Green Kryptonite This is the most common form of K, it weakens Kryptonians and its prolonged exposure could be fatal. Red Kryptonite Black Kryptonite The Kryptonian exposed to this strange kind of K is split into two entities. One with good personality and one with evil. Superman's Gods. The Forever People, and Mr. Miracle 1 Brandon Routh stars in the film "Superman Returns'; movie is directed by LANE ALSO DEBUTS, imperfect duplicate, Bizarro Shuster. Initially I made it of Superman Gold Kryptonite Agreen Kwhich passed through a red cloud in space. This causes random temporary personality and physical effects. A rare variation of K. It permanently destroys the Kryptonian's ability to process the Sun's energy. It means losing powers. WORKING FOR THE DAILY like a shield. As the strip #583, the Man of Steel stands corpse of the shards of planet Krypton generated STAR NEWSPAPER, WHICH LATER WOULD BE KNOWN AS THE DAILY PLANET only affects the being known as Bizarro and is completely harmless to Kryptonians. evolved, the emblem In Superman #698. Superman is held inside Brainiac's ship while Brainiac robots attack after its explosion. Across Superman's adventures, it appeared in different colours with diverse effects. became larger and larger." Shuster, dies at Superman - Joe Shuster # 26 issue the age of 78 in same year Bryan Singer residents of New Krypton Batman Sources: DC Comics. Warner Brothers. The science of Superman: The last guide of the last Son of Krypton,,,,, Images: DC Comics, Warner Brothers, supplied CGulf News

Look, up in the sky! / Celebrating 75 years of Superman

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This is our three spread tribute for the 75 years old Superman, published in Gulf News. 75 key moments in the life of the superhero plus a deep look of how his superpowers works. Designed by Hugo A. ...


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