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Live the Fantasy: Video game locales you can visit

Live The Fantasy Video yame locales you can visit The Elder Scrolls WORLD ĐRAGON AGE FERELDEN SKYRIM WARCRAFT Northrend Storm Peaks • Natives known as Nords • Approximate size of E • Theology similar to Norse Mythology • Imposing peaks • Jagged and snowy • Treacherous elimb • Plentiful farmland • Charming cottages • Lush • Mountainous • Snowy BETHESDA BIOWARE BILZZARD FINAL FANTASY VI PORTAL APERTURE WINHILL LABORATORIES MINECRAFT • Colorful and quaint • Tudor-style cottages • Cobblestone streets • Waterways • Sterile interior • Limited to no windows • Experimental structures • Shock factor • Geometrical building blocks • Box-like appearanoe VINIC CMOJANG VALVE ARESOFT Europe GOD WAR- SHADOW COLOSSUS • Fucled by Greek Mythology Fingal's Care Staff. Amach Eigach Scofland Fictional version of Aegean Sea • Lush • Sprawling landscapes • Rocky slopes • Medieval Castles • Classical Greek Scotland Architecture Seandinania Ircland Mediçual England Comar, France Santa Monica Studio Mumok, Vienna PHam C. Medicval Frence Renaissaince Iraly Medieval Tasceny Ronda, Spain Gcient ĐIAGON AGE ANTIVA ASSASSINS CREEDII ĐRAGON AGE ORLAIS • Spanish acoents • Seafaring culture • Mediterranean climate • Venice-style gondolas • Renaissance flair • Neoclassionl • French tems and titles • Thriving artistic culture • Fashion mecon Architecture BIOWARE BIOWARE BATTLEFRONT LIBISOFT KASHYΥΥΚ THE LAGIND OF JADE EMPIRE ZELDA HYRULE • Surreal Column-like mountains • Misty air • Vibrant greenery •Wuxia style • Chinese architecture and feng shui interiors • Dazzling cherry • Exotic range of geographical fentures • First Europcan use of blossom trees • Abundant castles PANDEMIC BIOWARE Nintendo Asia Tianzi Mountains China UNCHARTED Imperial China Nepal AHONG THIEVES MASS Marina Bay Sands Hotel Singapore EFFE • Nepali architecture and artwork The Presidium on the Citadel • Himalayan backdrop • Hindu and Buddhist symbolism • Bright • Wide open spaces • Crisp infinity pools • Luxurious accommodations MASS EFFE CT NAUGHTY DOG • Various levels Eden Prime Falleut ALAN NEW VEGAS WAKE Cauldron Lake BIOWARE • Efficient co-op housing units • Pioneering structure Landscaped terraces • Parallel landmarks •Arid climate • Modest population • Deep blue caldern Inke ONEER SALOCH • Lodges • Diving BIOWARE OBSIDIAN Rorth America REMEDY Crater Lake National Park, Oregon Habitat 67, Montreal, Canada Goodsprings, A Nevada Phe Grand Canyon Google Office, NYC Los Angeles, California L.A.NOIRE FINAL FANTASY VO COSMO CANYON „SİMS The • The environment replicates 1947 Los Angeles • Dusky colors • Steep-sided plateaus • Breathtaking views • Bold colors • Modular fumiture • Zany variety • Rocreational delights TEAM BONDI SQUARESOFT A book hotels, B&Bs and apartments Sources: MAXIS photos/anonymouscollect ve

Live the Fantasy: Video game locales you can visit

shared by Michaelson on Nov 11
People all over the world and from all age groups play video games. Maybe it's to get away from it all, to explore an impossible locale or do things you'd never be able to do in real life. Whatever th...


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