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Lesser Known Facts About Superman

LESSER-KNOWN FACTS ABOUT SUPERMAN SOME INTERESTING THINGS THAT YOU MIGHT NOT KNOW Rights to Superman The rights to Superman were sold for $130 by his creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. They were sold to Detective Comics in 1938. Pink Kryptonite In an issue of Supergirl set in an alternate reality, it was revealed that exposure to pink kryptonite turned Superman into a homosexual. Vampire Proof In the comics, Superman was once bitten by Dracula, but because the Man of Steel is fueled by the sun, Dracula immediately exploded. Lex Luthor Soviet Superman Superman's Crest According to the comic books, Lex Luthor hates Superman There was a version of The 'S' doesn't stand for Superman created where Superman was raised in the Soviet Union, and was a hero for Russia, not America. Superman, but instead it's the crest of Kal-El's family. It means 'Hope', or when upside down means 'Resurrection'. because he believes the Man of Steel contributed to the balding of his head. Not Just the Glasses Superman's Clark Kent disguise is more than just glasses. The lenses change the shade of his eyes, and he also uses his muscle control to give himself a different voice as Clark. Superman's Flight Superman couldn't always fly. His original ability was leaping tall buildings, but as this was difficult to animate the studio Love for the L.L. Almost all Superman's love interests have the initials L.L. From the obvious Louis Lane, to Lana Lang, Lori Lemaris and a Kryptonian he meets called Lyla Lerrol. requested that the ability be changed to flight. Superman Cover Up In 1945, the US Government tried to cover up a Superman comic that was about Superman & Ali In 1978, DC Comics released a comic in which Superman teams up with Muhammad Ali in order to fight off an alien invasion of Earth. Lifting Thor's Hammer Superman once wielded Thor's hammer in the epic crossover of JLA / Avengers. Not a feat of strength, but because he was 'worthy'. scientists splitting the atom to create an atomic bomb. Sources Ai BUY METAL ONLINE

Lesser Known Facts About Superman

shared by Eavesy on Jul 14
A fun infographic from Buy Metal Online that provides some interesting things that you might not know about the famous man of steel.



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