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The Language of the Beatles Abbey Road

e come old flat The Language of The Beatles' Abbey Road ovin up slowly He got joo-j0o eyebal He just do what he please He wear ot Coca Cola He say I know you, you her, right now Over me He bag pro- pinal cracker H ot feet downelow three Got to be good looking 'Cause he's so hard to see Come togethe, right now Over me Come to- gether, yeah Come together, yeah Come together, yeah Come together, yeah Come together, yeah Come together, yeah Come together, yeah uh Come together, yeah Come together, yeah SOME- THINAlbum facts he way she moves Attracts me like no other lover Something in the way she woos me I don't want to leave her now You know I believe h THE MOST USED WORDS 2,176 words VOU don't be2,176 words Key words are ows That Ibelie know majesty, anymore, how i bang, darlinghink of her may show Somethir505 different.wordson't v ow, I don't know Something i ime MAXWELL'S SILVER HAMMER Joan was Tou hammer, maxwell, now dicin dullaby, nignts e phone. all aOn average, there are 128 words ell Edise STudie ience "Carand 50 different words per song a, oan? on the door. Bang! Bang! Maxwell's silver hammer Came down upon her head. Clang! Clang! well's silver hammer Made sure that she was dead. Back in school again Maxwell plays the fool again, Teacher gets annoyed. Wishing to avoid an unpleasant Sce, e, e, ene, She tells Max to stay when the class has gone away, So he waits behind Writingnow times "etnudsSa, o, o, 0." But when she turns her Come Togelher her something Maxwell's reeps up uposilver Hammer Oh Clang! Maxwo saic Darling Octopus's dirty one, Garden |I Want You Rose she's So Heavy) does not agree and he tells behind. Bang! Bang! Max silver hammer Made edicine Sun love g reababez gonnaock comes MOX from Omeavy. ner hammer Came down *Cead. P. C. Thirty-one e Oh, oh, oh, oh. Tee) The judge ecomes fro GI Maxwell's aving Words per song 190 aming 236 % of different words in song sure believe me l'll never do 8 if you leave me l'll never please you told me you diant arling. When me you didn't need m me l'll never make it a didn't need me anyma Side 1 eave me anymore Well your down Believe me whes Total words: sea In an octopus' gar in the shade l'd ask myn sea In an octopus' garde neath the waves Resting o. 1,168 and dance around becaus %6L uld sing octopus (Lies be- d they're safe garden neath the ocean waves) Oh (Happy and they're safe) We to be under the sea In an octopus's so bad I want you I want you so bad li bad, babe I want you I want you so bad so bad, babe I want you I want you so bad you so bad I want you I want you so bad It's driving me mad It's driving me mad She's so heavy Heavy, heaHercccomchukessunep Because ) heavy Heavy, heavy, heavy I want you I want you so bad I want Vou You Never Give Me Your Money Imad It's driving me mad I want you You know I want you so bad, yo Sun King Mean Mr MuUstard vou so bod It's driving me mad It's driving me mad Yeah She's so babpolythene Pam she Came in you SIDEThrough the Bathroom Windowe comes the mPuoo de doo ovoelere comes the sun, and I say It's alriaGolden Slumbers been a long, ce lce Here eneatne sHere comes the sur the shade We wo Commer, t to do l'd like cried HƏMXDU Vant you/want vou Want you I want you so 183 ont vou to mad I want you I want you iving me mad I want you I want Hege d t's silver. s driving tells, pictures, anymore, darling, harm cno s SO likt vears since it's been here 70 faceHerMajestyng It seems like yecers I say It's alright Sun, sun, sun, he sun, sun, here it comes Surssi ling It seems like years sins It's alright BECAUSE Aaccur elomiles returning to the Comes the sun, and 36 186 51% 74 35% 61% ge it comes Sun, ng Little dar- 6, It's alright the world wind kes me ahhhh- funny you round...aaaaaa-hhhhhh high...aaaaaaaa-hhhh cry Because the sky hhhh YOU NEVER paper And in the m my situation And in pay no rent All the m Side 2 hock Yellow lory slow Total words: rning ing, nowhere to go Ne 1,008 sweet dream Pick up te and vine and wipe that tear awa E One it did) One two three four All good children go to He ghe gas ay (Yes Six seven two three four five six seven children go fo Heaven One tw oa ven One n All good six seven All four five six seven All good childr go to Heaven SUN KING Aaaaahhhon 55% Bu One two three 43 poga good children body's laughing Everybody's happy Hele4 carathon Mundo paparazzi mi amore cicce a 06 mi amore de felice o tantamucho que canite Sark Shaves in the dark trying to save aoy sawoɔ Apoathe sun king Every Pingu carousel MEAN MR. MUSTARD Mean Mister Mustard sieupns paper Sleeps in a hole in the road Saving up to buy some clothes Keeps a ten-bob note up his nose Such a mean old man Such a mean old man His sister Pam works in a shop She never stops, she's a go- get British Invasion 2.0: The Beatles in the ESL Classroom Always shouts out something ene Such a dirty old man Dirty old man POLYTHENE PAM Well you should see Polythene Pam She's The Beatles have been a longtime favorite inn Well you should se her in dro the ESL classroom. Here's a good reason to keep it that way: The General Service List (GSL) yeah yeah Ge a dose is an ensemble 'of 2000 words considered to bethe kind of girl th m of the greatest general service" to learners of English. Percentage of song words on GSL: eah yeah yean SHE CAME INHR Mondrcressed in her P well's Sav et jackb. Wa so Heav Yes you Srou topus's Garden ROUC 91.36% of all words bathroom window F from Abbey appear on the G 1 WINDOW er thumb unday THE RO on the phone to Monday, Tuesday's on the phoi and s of her Sideon t 84.73% 98.53% 85.35% |१5.83% 94.25% 97.88%un worked at 15 clubs a day And though she thought I knew the answer Well I knew what I could not say. And so I quit the police department And got myself a steady job And tkugh she tried her best to help ncer me She could steal but srie could no ANever e Didn't anybodo tell her? Dic yboroy see?unday's on the Shere was a ne to me Oeah. a de not CRong pho Side 2 day. Trasday's on t nomevard O. vay et ba hoSle OLDO I will sing do not cry Sun King On lulla ye You Smilec uwakeou ween you dse Slee prettydarling e there was o way to ret bark homewoard Once there was a Me Your And Lwill sinn a lullahve way lo ger 96.77% 88.52% 91.45% 53. 19% 94,44% 80.72% 96.92% 89.15% 91.89% you're going Carry that weight a long time Inever give you my pillow Ionly send you my invitation And in the middle of the celebrations I break down Boy, you're going to carry that weight Carry that weight a long time Roy youre 91.77% 85.71% eight Boy, you're going to carry that weight CA corpus linguistics study by time THE END Oh yeah, all right Are you gonna be in my dreams tonight? Love end, the love you take Is equal to the lo XQ4Y ove you Love you, love you And in the ER JESTY Her Majesty's a pretty nice girl, but t she changes from day to day I want to she doesn't have a lot to say Her Majesty tell her that I love her a lot But I gotta ge. ubyone er Majesty's a pretty nice girl Someday I'm going to make her mine, oh yeh, someday I'm going to make her mine. 152 61 h Darling 56% , bang. ave. 19% 136 232 A5% 0/79 377 83 broke, 41%

The Language of the Beatles Abbey Road

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This infographic breaks down the words from the Beatles Album, "Abbey Road." It provides information for the number of words on the album and the most commonly used words in the songs. Finally it brea...




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