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K-Pop Idol Groups

K-Pop Idol Groups A Soompi Infographic 115 Boy Groups | 102 Girl Groups KOR Debut Clon, Untitle, H.0.T., Goofy, Hamo Hamo 1996 B.B. Jinusean, Sechs Kies, NRG, Taesaja 1997 Baby V.0.X, Diva, S.E.S. 1Tym, Shinhwa, 4Men 1998 Fin.KL, Circle, Han's Band g.o.d., Team, Click-B, Fly To The Sky 1999 0-24, Cleo, See U, T.T.MA, As One, Chakra Ryanghyun Ryangha, Moon Child, UN, CB Mass 2000 Papaya, To-Ya Brown Eyes, K'Pop, jtL, 5Tion 2001 Jewelry, VoixCo, KISS., M.I.L.K, NAZCA J.Walk, Blackbeat, Leessang, F-iv 2002 Sugar, Shinvi, SWI.T, LUV, Isak N Jiyeon Dynamic Duo, Brown Eyed Soul, S, Buzz, 2003 Big Mama Epik High, Dong Bang Shin Ki SG Wannabe, V.0.S, TRAX 2004 Shyne 45RPM, Soul Star, SS501, Norazo, Paran, 2005 Perfume, CSJH The Grace, LPG, i-13, Gavy NJ Super Junior, Monday Kiz Big Bang, Super Junior K.R.Y., Xing, Battle 2006 Red Sox, SeeYa, Brown Eyed Girls, 2NB iM, Super Junior-T, F.T. Island, T-Max, Supernova, Code-V 2007 Baby Vox Re.V, Wonder Girls, Kara, Black Pearl, Girls' Generation Mighty Mouth, AʼST1, SHINEE, Super Junior-Happy, 2AM, DNT, SMASH, Untouchable, U-Kiss, 2PM 2008 Davichi Jumper, December, 3Chongsa, Supreme Team, Shu I, MBLAQ, BEAST, F.T. Triple 2009 Brand New Day, After School, Jewelry S, 2NE1, 4minute, T-ara, f(x), HAM, Secret, Lady Collection, JQT, Rainbow roome ZE:A, F.Cuz, CN Blue, The Boss, One Way, 2NISE, Electroboys, Young Gun, Infinite, Teen Top, Homme, Dalmatian, JYJ, LED Apple, Touch, Crispi Crunch, SM The Ballad, GUY.M, GD&TOP 2010 Vanilla Lucy, SISTAR, Orange Caramel, miss A, Girl's Day, GP Basic, Nine Muses, Chocolate, Bebe Mignon, VNT, Girl2Schoo1, Girl Story G.IAM, Block B, X-5, A Peace, B1A4, 2011 N-Train, Boyfriend, M&D, HITT, B.o.M, Twi-Light, BB.Boys, N:Sonic, M.Peror, ESQ, Boyz, M.I.B., MYNAME, Double A, TAKEN, Phantom, Bang&Zelo Dal Shabet, Piggy Dolls, LA.G, BBAN, Coin Jackson, 5Dolls, Harasora, Bella, INY, Chi Chi, Leader'S, RaNia, Brave Girls, A Pink, SpinEL, SISTAR19, Ei-Yo, BGH to, Swincle, Cacaro Girl, Eye To Eye, AS Red, AS Blue, Blady, Elizabeth, Super 8 Bit, Chocolat, Swing Girls, Stellar, Sweet Revenge, April Kiss, Jewelry S (2011), C-Real, Woman Power, New F.0. Total Boys: 515 Average # of members in a group: Total Girls: 43O Average # of members in a 4.47 group: 4.21 *The actual number of total members is likely less due to the same person being in different sub-groups, project groups or re-debuting with a different group. 35 16 Mixed Groups Boy Groups Debuts Girl Groups Debuts | 30 Young Turks Club (1996) UP (1996) Siłarp (1998) Koyote (1998) Turtles (2001) B2Y (2009) F1RST (2010) Co-Ed School (2010) Soul Harmony (2010) Clover (2011) WE (2011) AXIZ (2011) Trouble Maker (2011) | 25 22 20 20 15 10 13 Typhoon (2006) Sunny Hill (2007) 8Eight (2007) 10 Total Members: 67 Average # of members in a group: 1996 2001 2006 2011 4.18 232 Groups in the past 15 years I Out of the 232 total groups, Most group debuts by agency (including subgroups) 26% debuted in 2011 Total Mixed Groups: 16 19971996 1998 SM Entertainment (21) 6% 1999 2011 DSP Media (8) 2000 2001 Core Contents / Mnet Media (8) 2002 44% 50% JYP Entertainment (7) 2003 2004 YG Entertainment (7) 2005 2010 2006 Star Empire Entertainment |(6) Total Boy Groups: 115 Total Girl 2007 2009 2008 Groups: 101 10 15 20 Group Name Patterns Sub Groups Jewelry S Orange Caramel 30 Super Junior K.R.Y. Super Junior-T Super Junior Happy 5dolls F.T. Triple SM The Ballad Homme GD & TOP M&D Bang & Zelo (26) Diva, Big Mama, LPG, AMen, Brown Eyed Girls, Wonder Girls, Girls' Generation, Lady Collection, MBLAQ, BEAST (B2ST), Girl2School, Girl Story, Co-Ed School, miss A, Girl's Day, Nine Muses, SISTAR, Electro Boyz, Brave Girls, SISTAR19, Swing Girls, BB.Boys, ESQ M.Peror, Boyz, Woman Power (30) Sechs Kies, 1TYM, 4Men, O-24, As One, 5tion, 45RPM, SS501, i-13, 2NB. 8Eight, A'st1, 2AM, 2PM, B2Y, 2NE1, 4Minute, f(x), 3chongsa, BEAST (B2ST), One Way, 2NISE, First, Nine Muses, Infinite, 5dolls, X-5, B1A4, SISTAR19, Super 8 Bit (28) Click-B, j-Walk, F-iv, S. SWI.T, Isak N Jiyeon, Code V, Super Junior-T T-Max, A'st1, U-Kiss. T-Ara, Jewelry S, Shu i ÉCuz GUY.M, G.IAM, Leader'S, A Peace, Block B, x-5, A Pink, N-Train, N:Sonic, M.Peror, Jewelry S (2011), C-Real, Double A AS RED AS Blue Jewelry S (2011) Trouble Maker 25 (23) Н.О.Т., NRG, S.E.S. Baby V.O.X. g.o.d, jTL, LUV, Vo.S., Super Junior, K.R.Y., LPG, Baby V.o.X. Re.V, DNT, JQT, ŻE:A, HAM, VNT, JYJ, LA.G, INY, BGH to, FIX, B.O.M., ESQ, M.I.B. 20 15 2012 Debuts & Upcoming (12) Black Beat, Brown Eyes, Brown Eyed Soul, Red Sox, Brown Eyed Girls, Black Pearl, CN Blue, Rainbow, Orange Caramel, A Pink, AS Red, AS Blue B.A.P. NU'EST EXO-K EXO-M E-7 Chaos 4Heaven Invadas Prizmoliq Rainbow Pixie Six Bomb EXID Viva Girls BT-Swing Spica Lay.T 10 (10) Papaya, M.I.L.K, Turtles, Sugar, HAM, Vanilla Lucy, Chocolate, Orange Caramel, LED Apple, Chocolat Single Letter Focus Food '3' Letters Colors Gender Numbers Specific Original article link: Sources: Ver. 6 Infographic research and design by Sylphid Soompi 5.

K-Pop Idol Groups

shared by GeeGrl on Mar 27
Hip-hop groups/duos and other bands were added to this list due to their popularity. These groups also tend to promote on the same music shows (Music Bank, Music Core, Inkigayo) as idol groups.




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