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Journey to Middle-Earth

8 On the cover Tuesday, December 9, 2014 Tuesday, December 9. 2014 On the cover 21 10 On the cover Tuesday, December 9, 2014 Tuesday, December 9, 2014 On the cover 19 OF HEROES, ALLIES AND VILLAINS JOURNEY TO MIDDLE-EARTH Middle-Earth is inhabited by wondrous yet diverse beings. Conflict is constant and battles inevitable. But bonds of friendship and an affinity for good trump treachery, vengeance and lust for power. A look at some who wreak havoc and some who uphold the peace. A1.23 (Indicates appearances in The Hobbit trilog) O1.23 (Indicates appearances in The Lord of the Rings trilogy) The final installment of The Hobbit trilogy hits the UAE this week. This wraps up the Peter Jackson film adaptations and ties up to The Lord of the Rings series. As it comes full circle, tabloid! brings you a comprehensive illustrated guide. BILBO (Hobbit) SMEAGOL/GOLLUM (Hobbit) FRODO (Hobbit) SMAUG (Dragon) The Golden, The Impenetrable. The Tyrannical A 12.3 The last great dragon to exist in Middle Earth. Smaug captured Erebor after being drawn to its enormous wealth. This drove the dwarves into exile. Thorin and company included. In seizing the Lonely Mountain, he laid waste to the city of Dale - Bard's ancestral hometown. by Dwynn Ronald V. Trazo, Nino Jose Heredia, Ador Bustamante, Ramachandra Babu and Jyotika Eapen ANGMAR udging strictly from the title, it might seem safe to assume that The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies the concluding instalment in Peter Jackson's latest trilogy of films based on the writing of JR.R. Tolkien, would arrive as something of a war film, Middle-earth style. But Jackson insists that the blockbuster fantasy, whichopens in UAE cinemas on Thursday, is far more interested in charting the descent of proud dwarf Thorin Oakenshield (Richard Armitage) into a crip- pling madness than it is in conjuring images of bat- tlefield brutality. "It's very much like a thriller. That's the tone of it," Jackson said. "I'm not letting that tone go for a second. It gives me a chance to feel like l'm making a different movie, not something that has the familiar elements that we've had in the past." Jackson, 53, has spent more than a decade bringing the faraway land to life on the screen with his Lord of the Rings films and the Hobbit movies, earning critical acclaim and an outsized cinematic reputation along the way. The final Hobbit instal- ment, The Battle of the Five Armies, represents the culmination of a life's work in a certain way. The story, based on Tolkien's landmark 1937 youth novel, picks up where last year's The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug ends, with dwarf king Thorin (Armitage) and company, accompanied by Martin Freeman's good-natured hobbit, Bilbo Baggins, hav- ing reclaimed the treasure of their lost homeland Er- ebor from the evil dragon (Benedict Cumberbatch). A vengeful Smaug heads to Lake-town to decimate the nearby village of Men, setting into motion the conflict that will grow to include the armies of the title. As they did with Smaug, Jackson and his writing partners Fran Walsh and Philippa Boyens again took liberties with the original story - in this case, giv- ing the human character Bard the Bowman, played by Luke Evans, a more substantial role in the story. "We wanted to give Bard a deeper role... He's the counterpoint to Thorin, really... On one side of it you've got this dwarf descending into madnėss and on the other hand this human being who has to hold his people together and confront Thorin. He is the guy who has to try to manage what's happening and carry all the humanity that Thorin has lost." Jackson, who already has begun writing scripts with Walsh for projects that have nothing to do with hobbits, orcs or goblins, said: "The other five Tolkien movies have all had journeys. This movie, there ain't no - l travelling. Everybody's exactly where they need to be." A RECORD DEIII BIlbo's journey in The Hobbit series 05 08 T.A. 2941, July T.A. 29 June Gandalt, Bilbo and the dwarves meet Elrond in Rivendell after they escape the Trolls in Trolishaws. They depart for Misty Mountains after Elkond deciohers Thorin's map. OF EVENTS Thief in the Shadows, Barel Rider A123 O123 Bearer of the One Ring Ai O12.3 Slinker, Stinker O Frodo's journey in The Lord of the Rings series The company spends the night in Beorn's home before they enter Mirkwood, where they are attacked by great spiders. They are rescued by woodland elves, taken as prisoners and brought to Thrandul - Legolas' father. AI O 12.3 EREBOR 01 SECOND AGE (S.A.) 1500 The Rings of Power are forged. A hundred years later, Sauron forges The One Ring to rule them all in Mount Doom. Chosen by Gandalf and hired by Thorin as a burglar in their quest to reclaim Erebor from Smaug. Bibo is one of the bearers of the Ring having found it in Gollum's lair. He wrote of his adventures in his book "There and Back Again" Smeagol, originally a hobbit, iled his cousin to possess the Ring. Nicknamed Gollum due to the sound he makes with his throat, he helped Frodo reach Mt Doom Conupted by the Ring. healways desires it. It's his.preciousss Like his uncle, Bilbo, Frodo lacks the features of a hero. Vet, at the Council of Elrond, he offered to destroy the Ring in Mt Doom-a gigantic task for this humble hobbit, but one that als0 rid Mddle-Earth of the evil that is Sauron YOYM FORNOST MISTY MOUNTAINS TROLLSHAWS 02 S.A. 3441 Sauron is defeated in Mount Doom by the Last Alliance of Men and Elves. He loses his physical form. ARAGORN THORIN (Dwarf) SAM (Hobbit) HOBBITON BYWATER (Man) THE GREY HAVENS 03 THIRD AGE (T.A.) 2799 The kingdomof Dale and Erebor, The Lonely Mountain, are destroyed by the dragon Smaug 12 THE SHIRE BREE WEATHERTOP RIVENDELL MIRKWOOD 14 KETOWN 19datɔ0- 19dmstqs2 stsl, Aes.AT 04 05 Refer tomap 29v19 bns,bnsa yd bel.nemsksJ to snot inioj ertT nistnuoM yignoJ grtt ot riem JubnerfT yd bel bns nieO hswb wollstnolleo ot nhorlT gnitgnong glart not yms zirl T.A. 3018, October 6 06 Refer to illustration below The hobbits, Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin, camp in Weathertop. They are raided by the Witch King and the rest of the Nazgul. Aragom, whom they met in Bree earlier saves them from the attack but not before Frodo is stabbed by the Witch King. Arwen comes and takes Frodo to Rivendell to heal him RHO 07 T.A. 2941, July After escaping the goblins in Misty Mountain, Bilbo and company are attacked by Azog and his orcs on wargs. They are saved by the great eagles. 9rtt.9notenshA grt liunbnsrT bns bis8 29vig odlia 2sU6) zirT slun ot irgh 2916wb sti to lodmy2 nstto liutnsitT bns bis8 YGWG mirl Jas) ot nhoriT gate ierti not gensrlag ni enotangkhA grt nihoriT grt 19v0 9ugis yeriT.gUR69nt 21oda13 to sto gnimsal 19fts stinu sisltud anoitsidogen sfT 2310 to ymIs grimoɔno srt – 169rti 191691g n99wiad - triguot al asimA svAto sitsa zİZeed 1691g srti bns 230 1em 29v9,2VIEWD MORIA Heir of Isildur - King of Gondor Strider O 123 Kingunder the Mountain A123 Samwise the Brave O 12.3 Aragom was fostered by Elrond and raised to bea leader. After Sauron's forces are defeated at Pelennor Fields, he is eventually crowned as the First High King of the Reunited Kingdom, prompting the Reign of Men in Middle-Earth Samis Frodo's best friend and his ever-trusty companion in the jouney to Mordor. He saved his life many times, even fighting the giant spider Shelob, at one point. Throughout the quest, Samserved as Frodo's moral compass DOL GULDUR The leader of the company of dwarves, who, along with Bilbo, infitrated Erebor- the Lonely Mountain, to take back their kingdom from Smaug, In the Battle of the Five Armies, Thorin fought alongside elves and men - led by Bard 08 Refer to map 22 04 LORIEN T.A. 3019, March 25 09 T.A. 2941, September 21 Bilbo and company escape prison and ride barrels down the river while fighting orcs. They are then smuggled by Bard into Laketown. After winning at Pelennor Fields, Aragorn and his amy charge the Black Gate to distract the All-seeing Eye Sauron who's always looking for the ring bearer. Frodo carrying the One Ring and Sam reach Mount Doom. Inside, Gollum fights to take the ring from Frodo. Their sauffle ended with Gollum in possession of the ring but falling into the fires of Mount Doom in the process. The One Ring is thus destroyed. With its end, Sauron and his forces are finally defeated. ERIADÓR T.A. 2941, April 26 Thirteen dwarves led by Thorin Oakenshield and Gandalf the Grey throng to Hobbiton in The Shire. Bibo is recruited in the Quest of Erebor. Gandalf gives Thorin his gandfather's map and key to Erebor. The company make their way to Trollshaws. srt to owT.mosa yd beliai glod,9ltted srt nl nihoriT gnibnstsbbslil 16 JA bns liN, 29VIswb tud 2aib etsl niortT.bsbruow ylsv6ig ozls zorw beglert ortw .nisa.odia rtiw grilono91 9notsd ton gniX wen srtt agmosd sted grt ni yms znihorIT NisInuoM erti 1sbnu GALADRIEL (E) SARUMAN (Mala) ELROND (Ef) 10 Refer to illustation below DUNLAND - SPOILER ALERT 11 ES 19dmatqa2,raes.AJ zyouabbns nisinuoM vlenal ert 29v69l gusm2 NEmwod srti bisa yd bellil ai sH nwotslsl Flipped text contain spoilers to the yet-to-be-released third Hobbit movie. If you wish to read, use a mirror FANGORN FOREST SPOILER ALERT Flipped text contain spoilers to the yet-to-be-released third Hobbit movie. If you wish to read, use a mirror 19* 12 Refer to map T.A. 3019, March 3-4 ISENGARD Merry and Pippin escape their captors in Fangorn Forest and meet Treebeard who marched the ents to attack Saruman's stronghold in Isengard. 13 T.A. 3018, April 13 Many years after Bilbo0's joumey, Gandalf examines the ring Bilbo left to Frodo and determines that it is the One Ring. He tells Frodo of the Ring's dark history and Frodo volunteers to leave The Shire to secure the Ring Sam, Merry and Pippin leave with Frodo. R OH Meanwhile, with a battle with Sauron's forces imminent, Theoden retreats to Helm's Deep. Gandalf, Aragom, Legolas and Gimli help Theoden defeat the enemy. DEAD MARSHES Ladyof Lórien, Lady of Light A123 O 123 The White Wizard, Lord of Isengard A13 O12 Lord of Rivendell A13 O12,3 The One Ring has anelvish inscription around it which reads: HELM'S 14 Refer to map 15 Refer to illustration below DEEP EDORAS Born before the First Age. she received one of the three rings of power given to elves. But she rejected the One Ring that Frodo offered. One of the greatest beings in Middle-Earth, she ruled Lothlorien. She is Arwen's grandmother More powerful than Gandalf, Saruman was the head of the wizards who opposed Sauron. His greed and hunger for power led him astray. He aligned himself with evil and became one of its captains. Saruman's stronghold is in Isengard A very wise elf who helped shaped the course of Middle-Earth by advising Aragom, sheltering Bilbo and Froda, and deciphering Thorin's mag which led them to enter Erebor. Elrond is the father of Arwen and son-in-law of Galadriel BLACK GATE 16 T.A. 3019, January 15 In the mines of Moria, The Felowship is ambushed by orcs. As they Cross the bridge to exit Moria. Gandalf talls off fighting the Balrog. The rest of The Fellowship escape to Lorien. Los Angeles Times BARAD-DUR "One Ring to rule themall, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all, and in the darkness 17 TA. 3019, February 26 The Fellows hip of the Ring break up after being attacked by an army of unk-haland orcs. Mery and Pippin are captured. Boromir dies trying to protect them Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli to pursue them. Frodo continues his journey with Sam. LEGOLAS (Elf) GIMLI (Dwarf) AZOG (Orc) MOUNT DOOM bind them" MINAS TIRITH MORDOR 18 TA. 3019, March1 In their pursuit of Merry and Pippin, Aragorn, Legolas and Gimi enter Fangom and meet the resurrected Gandalt now the White. They seek help from Theoden in Edoras as Gandalf senses Sauron's army plottinga big atltack led by Saruman, who betrays Gandalf by siding with the enemy. OSGILIATH MINAS MORGUL GANDALF (Maia) The Grey, The White Rider A1.2.3 O 1.23 19 20 Refer to map 22 Refer to imap 20 Prince of the Woodland Realm A 2,3 O 12.3 Elf-friend, Lord of the Gittering Caves O 12.3 21 Refer to illustration below The Defier, The Pale Orc Awizard who, along with Saruman, was sent to Middle-Earth to quell evil. His pursuit had him instigate Thorin and his company of dwarves to regain Erebor from Smaug and convince Bibo to join the quest. bringing about a great struggle between good and evil in Middle-Earth. T.A. 3019, March 12 A12,3 23 T.A. 3019, May 1 With the enemy vanquished. Aragorn is crowned King and the Age of Men begins. Two years later, the 131-year old Bilbo departs from the Gray Havens to the Undying Lands. He is joined by Gandalt Frodo, Galadriel and Elrond. They leave Middle-Earth in peace. Gollum, whom Frodo and Sam take as guide, leads the hobbits into Shelob's Lair in Minas Morgul hoping "She" will kill them so he can take back the One Ring A skilled archer and ifelong triend of Gimi. He Is loyal to Aragorn and volunteered to represent the race of elves in the Fellowship of the Ring An axe expert, he represented the dwarves in the Fellowship and fought beside Legolas – even having an orc-slaying contest with him The orc captain who killed Thorin's grandfather. Thorin cut off his right armin retaliation. Azog has been hell-bent on killing him ever since While Gandalf was very instrumental up to the Battle of the Five Armies, he was more crucial and influential in the formation and protection of the Fellowship of the Ring – the aliance of brave individuals of different races around the hobbit, Frodo, whose mission was to destroy the One Ring ARWEN 10 15 21 WITCH KING (Man)A TAURIEL (Elf) (Elf) T.A. 2941, September 22 T.A. 3018, December 18 T.A. 3019, March 14 Bilbo helos the dwarves access the Lonely Mountain to try and steal the Arkenstone. Smaug awakens and is angered by their presence. Meanwhile. Gandalf, who split from the group, learns of Sauron's retum as the Al-Seeing Eye in Dol Guldur. Azog and his son, Bolg. lead the charge for Sauron. At the council of Elrond in Rivendell, men, elves and dwarves decide that the One Ring needs to be destroyed in Mount Doom. Frodo volunteers to do it and the counci creates The Fellowship of the Riing made up of Gandalt Sam, Merry. Pippin, Legolas, Gimli, Boromir and Aragom to help Frodo. They head to Moria. Sauron's armies of uruk-hai, orcs. trolls and men on elephants try to destroy the stronghold of men in Minas Tirith hoping to quel any resistance to his rule once he gains possession of the One Ring The battle takes place on Pelennor Flelds where Theoden dies and Eowyn kills the Witch King. Aragom's help was crucial to their victory. SAURON (Ainur) The Lord of the Ring. The Dark Power, The Necromancer, The Great Eye A12,3 O1,2.3 Sauron is the Second Dark Lord after being chief lieutenant to Mekor – the First Dark Lord. He belongs to a race far more powerful than Maiars such as Gandalf and Saruman. A fallen Airur, he created the Rings of Power and by his deception, forged another ring - the One Ring to rule themal. Queen of the Reunited Kingdom O123 Captain of the Elven Guard Δ23 She's from Mikwood-the samerealmas Legolas. Tauriel helped protect the questing dwarves Lord of the Nazgul 012.3 Arwen healed Frodo after he was stabbed by the Witch King She later became Aragorm's wife Sauron's second-in-command, he almost killed Frodo. He met his end at the hands of Eowyn BARD (Man) THEODEN (Man) EOWYN (Man) In his quest for total domination, Sauron was defeated by the last allance of men and elves in the Second Age. His physical form was destroyed but his spirit.cruelty and malice remain with the One Ring. He spent hundreds of years regaining his strength while taking formas the Al-Seeing Eye in the Third Age. He waits for the day when the One Ring makes its way back and reunites with him. 06 T.A. 2941, July 1 Bibo and the dwarves are captured in the Misty Mountains and taken to the Goblin King. Bilbo is separated from the group. finds the One Ring and meets its previous bearer - Gollum. From his stronghold in Mordot, he has recruited Saruman and his army of uruk-hal, orcs and some men, as well as the Nazgul led by the Witch King to fight for him, acquire the One Ring and rule Middle-Earth The Bowman, Man of Laketown A 23 King of Rohan O23 Shieldmaiden of Rohan O 23 Bard has royal ancestry. He has the last Black Arow - a projectile able to pierce Smaug Freed by Gandalf from Sanuman's control he fought in the battles at Rohan and at Gondon Being Theoden's niece, she bravely fought in the battle at Pelennor Fields in Gondor The Eye of Sauron SCALE OF EPIC PROPORTIONS Fell Beast Dragon Mount Everest MERRY & PIPPIN (Hobbit) TREEBEARD (Ent) SHELOB s Ahalf Great Spider, half Mala) 20m Elf Man Uruk-hai Maja 1160m 6750m The setting is as grand as the tale, the creatures that inhabit it are great and the structures gigantic. Take a step back and see how some denizens of Middle-Earth stack up against our world. Marvel at the sight of Smaug soaring over Burj Khalifa. Orc Great Eagle Great Spider Barad-dur 5625m 15m Dwarf 870m 500km 4.0m 4500m The Shire Bilbo's journey Erebor Hobbit L0m 3.0m 580m ...... .......... MIDDLE EAST Skin Changer Ainur Burj Khalifa Mount Doom Bilbo travelleda distance of 1530km (approx) in 172 days. That's Ikewaking from Dubal to Riyaoh to Doha MIDDLE-EARTH 2.0m Great Goblin "She Her O3 Esquire of Rohan and Knight of Gondor O123 As Frodo's close friends, they defied the odds and helped him in his quest to destroy the Ring Riyadh, a Saudi Aabia Shepherd of the Trees O23 05m 290m Jebel Hafeet, UAE 1.0m 125m Led the ents to overthrow Saruman in Isengard after being convinced by Merry and Piopin Trapped Frodo in her lair but was wounded by Sam. Only Gollumknows a safe way around her Warg Mumakil Balrog Erebor Saurtes: The Hotbit book The Lord of the Rings books, tokiengatewayret. lotpriject.comiotwikácom,, wetafu.coe theorerng net

Journey to Middle-Earth

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The third installment of The Hobbit trilogy hits cinemas this month and ties up with The Lord of the Rings series. As it comes full circle, we made a comprehensive illustrated guide. My collaborators...



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