Jersey Shore Hair

DRAMA SURROUNDS SEASON 4 IN ITALY! If you can't beat 'em, join 'em! JERSEY SHORE HAIR • MTV announced Season 4 would be filmed in Florence, Italy. • Mayor Matteo Renzi laid down strict rules about filming locations I | and subject matter: no filming in or around historical sites, no drinking on camera, or portraying Florence as a drinking town (seriously, what else do they do?). | Italy revoked their filming rights amidst a furor of disapproval from a member of Italian Parliament, a contingent of residents of Florence, and prominent historical sites (the Uffizi, Palazzo Vecchio, I and Boboli Gardens). L• Meanwhile the cast, suitcases packed, waited for MTV to work through the red tape before their Italian getaway. Reasons why the Italians are Freaking Out Right Now! Again! • Snooki, JWoww, and the rest of the gang are assembling in Italy. I. what's next in the drama leading up to Season 4? 18 Aen A yaA Reasons hy Italy KEANLY banyed thd showy DJ Pauly D DELVECCHIO MIKE The Situation SORRENTINO The Blow Out Step One: Blow it out and keep it high volume. Step Two, Rub lce Spiker Gel around the perimeter - it's a little white - so just rub in the white. (f you're not using Spiker you don't have a blow-out.) Step Three: Spray götab ghued blasting freeze spray for 15 seconds. Step Four: Touch up with a blowdryer. "This is what makes it PERFECT. Don't worry -if David vs. The Situation: Who's got the better bod? Famous Locks Superstar Locks: The founders of GTL were spotted enjoying the Super Bowl showing off their Joico hair productsl you mess it up just SPRAY IT AGAINI" How long will they last? The Situation is definitely, albeit subtly, losing his hair (note kis hairline has receled since the old days). Will he gracefully go for a shaved head in a few years or will he be the first person to have a ring of gelled spikes surrounding his bald spot? Only time will tell how this situation turns out! comes out perfect everytimel (rou mey nt to bay piker Gel tar temo mins auidos Ronnie Vinnie GUADAGNINO MAGRO Faded Tight Ummm..can we Get Itt Vinnie's signature style is faded tight on the sides and back with probably a number two blade on top and an outlined front. The Faux Hawk just hit the bar? Get Itl The faux hawk is faded low or the sides and back and cut shorter at the front. The top is styled into a Does it Work? Some people think Vinnie's head and face shape don't work well with this cut. What do you think? Does he rock it or should he uses Pauly-D's favorite Spiker gel. Lookin' Good (for Reals): Many people agree that, of all the Jersey Shore guys. Ronnie's haircut probably works the best for him. While the faux hawk is a bit dated, it frames his face well. wear a little more length on top with a more squared-up style? 3 Words to live by CLEAVAGE · BRONZE · HAIRSPRAY SHADES T-SHIRTS HAIR GEL JENNI JWoww FARLEY NICOLE Snooki POLIZZI The Snooki Bump Step One: Tease a chunk of hair in the crown area and spray it with hairspray.S minutes straight! Step Two: Gather the teased area together, push it up high and clip it with a white plastic jaw clamp. Note: Pouf to add height. Sweet! A table tap! JWoww Extensions Option One: Patience.and lots of hair reconstruction and protein treatments. Voila - the Snooki Bumpl Option Two: Hair extensions. This is the quick and easy fix, but they are expensive - up to 800 Eurol Contrast is key! (Extensions may nor be for everyone) Cuidettes hours SAMMI Sweetheart GIANCOLA Deena NICOLE CORTESE Sweetheart Straight Lucious Curls Start with clean, dry hair. Step One: Separate hair into smallish sections Her Secret: Hair extensions. and a LOT of teasing Step Twoc Spray each section with a shine spray with or without light hold. (Aguage mokes a fabulous one) Run a one-inch flat iron from roots to ends. On Teasing: "I am big on teasing I use a tease brush all the time as if it were a normal hairbrush. I'm a Can we live here Jersey girl - 1 like big hair On Haircare: "1 get my extensions maintenanced every couple months and use a non-sulfate shampoo and conditioner to wash my huir. I aso try to deep-condition the ends as mach asI can to keep my hair looking as natural as possible." instead? Step Three: Finish with a light mist of the same shine spray and a light smoothing lotion (hike Tigi's After Party) for fly-aways. T ha e ----

Jersey Shore Hair

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This infographic illustrates the hairstyles of the different members of the "Jersey Shore" cast. It also provides information on how to achieve these hairstyles and different styles from the character...


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