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James Brown: The Most Sampled Man in Showbiz

JAMES BROWN THE MOST SAMPLED MAN IN SHOWBIZ Known as the hardest working man in show busin es s; Mr. Dynamite; Soul Brother No. 1; Mr. Please Please Please hims elf-James Brown, the godfather of funk and soul, is the most sampled artist in music history. With over 3,000 songs in various genres since the 1970s, Brown's leg acy continues to live on long after his death in 2006. Below is an illustration of the top 400 most popular records that sampled Brown's top 20 most popular sampled records. JACKWN Things V lot (Hp Hop MiK) s LUM 2 VEF Chile SEPTIMO FRAGMENTO & MIC ABERRACION FT BASCUR. o Bar 0 A'ONI F AMES L MIAMIS EW KIDS ON 1ICKI MINAJ S KEN & WATERMAN FONOUE FT DJ PR ARLEY AND THE WAILERS Black Progress Let's Take It to the Stage water pumpee BLIND MAN CAN SEE IT 1973 BLUES & PANTS 1971 COLD SWEAT 1970 DON'T TELL A LIE ABOUT ME AND I WON'T TELL THE TRUTH ON YOU 1974 FUNKY DRUMMER 1970 Toly SILVER BI 01 spuener sto Comply istandee ZY JEF CARLET BEGON LLAGE KRICK RICK Knife Fight RICK ROSS FT KOOL G RAP Live Fast, Die Young RICK ROSSS FT KANYE WEST The Morning RAEKWON, COMIMON, PUSHA T, 2CHAINZ, CHYI THE PRINCE, KID CUDI, DBANJ Rush it Cakes RzA MILES DAVIS Yesterr LLE ULLET UAI The Kids BOB Ở NEAL 0 & NATA JAN CE Eve No OOL G RAP astic RIP SLY Turn It Lp (The Jam/Lewis Party Jam) RAJA NEE Tempos Df ficeis RACI ONAIS MCS Panico Na Zona Sul RACIONAIS MCS Queen of Royal Badness QUEEN LATIFAH am 4 UREDMAN The Ruff Stuff RATED X Scream RAPPINSTINE Jam Blow Your Mind REDMA N FUNKY PRESIDENT 1974 GET ON THE GOOD FOOT 1972 Da Cipher PUN CH & WORDS Who Stole the Soul PUBLIC ENEMY Welcome to the Terrordome PUBLIC ENEMY GET UP (I FEEL LIKE BEJNG A) SEX MACHINE 1970 HOT PANTS 1971 I GOT YOU (I FEEL GOOD) 1965 Rebel Without a Pause PUBLIC ENEMY GET UP OFFA THAT THING 1976 Prophets of Rage PUBLIC ENEMY How to Kill a Radio Consultant PUBLIC ENEMY IT'S A MAN'S MAN'S MAN'S WORLD 1966 MAKE IT FUNKY 1971 MIND POWER 1973 Give it Lp PUBLIC ENEMY Fight the Power PUBLIC ENEMY Contract on the World Love Jam PUBLIC ENEMY I'MA GREEDY MAN 1971 Bring the Noise PUBLIC ENEMY Perspective PSYCHE ORIGAM Street Theory 101 PROBLEM Word From the Wise POOR RI GHTEOUS TEACHERS MY THANG 1974 Funky Vibe (Dr Dres Vibe) PO BROKE & LONELY Do It PETE ROCK & SMF-N-WESSUN FT HURRICANE G ft Ain't Rough, It Ain't Right PETE ROCK & CL SMOOTH SAY IT LOUD, I'M BLACK & PM PROUD 1968 THE BOSS 1973 PAPA DON'T TAKE NO MESS 1974 All the Places PETE ROCK & CL SMOOTH The Boss PETE ROCK Take Your Time PETE ROCK Lindagr ound Boss PENTHOUSE PLAYERS CLIQUE The Chronicles (I WII Always Lover HER) PEANUT BUTTER WOLF Tale Five Cities PEANUT BUTTER WOLF Ditty PAPERBOY BOB. OUTKAST Fuck Tha Police NWA THE PAYBACK 1974 1995 Comme Ln Grand 1995 Taille de Guepe 2PAC Souljah's Revenge 50 CENT FT 2PAC & DJ WHITEOWL Gettin' It 88-KEYS FT RED MAN The Burning Bush A TRIBE CALLED QUEST Money Maker A TRI BE CALLED QUEST FT CONSEQUENCE What Really Goes On AB SOUL, SCHOOLB OY Q, KENDRICK LAMAR EI Campo 2 100 Miles and Runnin' NWA Just Raying (Dreams) NOTORIOUS BIG Sex, Sex, Sex NICE & SMOOT H AB SOUL Be a Man AESOP ROCK FT BLUEPRINT Alchemy AFRO-RICAN GIve It All You Got (Doggy Style) ARTIFACTS FT BUSTA RHYMES C'mon With Da Get Down (Buckwitd Remix) BEANIE SIGEL Man's World BEASTIE BOYS Hey Ladies BECK Diskobox BELGRADE GHETTO FT GRU In Da Hood BIG DAD DY KANE Long Live the Kane BIG DADDY KANE Mister Cee's Master Pan BIG DADDY KANE Mortal Combat BIG DADDY KANE Niggaz Never Learn London Bridge is Falling Down (Special Vocoder Mx) NEWTRAMENT Freaky Funk Flow NEFFA & DJ STILE FT CARRY D, DRE LOVE & MC MELLO O PP (Utimix Remix) NAUGTY BY NATURE Get Down NAS Hip Hop Hooray NAUGHTY BY NATURE Man's World NATURE Ht Me MYSTIKAL Time to Build MC GERONIMO FT JA RULE, JAY Z& DMX Jane Stop This Crazy Thing MC SHAN All That MC LYTE Pump It Up MC HA MMER Mathematics MOS DEF BIG DA DDY KANE Raw BIG DA DDY KANE Somethin' Funk y BIGL Fed Up Wit the Bullshit BIGL FT KID CAPRI Put it On BIZ MARKIE A One Two BIZ MARKIE Vapors BLACK EYED PEAS & Q-TIP FT TALIB KWELI, CEE-LO GREEN, JOHN LEGEND Like That BLACK EYED PEAS FT JAMES BROWN They Don't Want Music BLACK MOON FT SMIF-N-WESSUN Headz Ain't Redee! Gotta Get Mine MC BREED FT 2PAC The Rebel MARLEY MARL FT TRAGEDY THE FUNKY BUN CH Hypest from Cypress MELLOW MAN ACE FT CYPRESS HILL Dancin' Machine MC HAMMER You Gotta Believe MARKY MARK AND T The Payback J8 & JD (in tal MADLIB Skillz in '95 MAD SKILLZ Real Lover MAD LIO A DOGG PO DA UNDIASCO BLENO. OcK & RON Stop the World BL ACK MADLIB Rainbows MaD AN BOOGIE DOWN PRODU Droppin' Science MARLEY MARL FT CRAIG G FTERS Lola NUBIA, TODUCTIONS South Bronx Just A Friendy Game of Baseball MAIN 1Dedicatio T LEFONQUE Music Evolution (DJ Premier Mix) CLEMENTIRG O FINESSE LONE andy CcI MANE Make It Look Easy strip O s Groove EINSTEIN The Tabl es are Turnin' SORD FIN California Livin' MAC DRE FTCO V We Get High LOGIC min' Syse IL CO dergram LC c ) e Methed Funky Child LORDS OF THE UNDER ute Mudo ON FUNK stem LL CC is L0OSE B OR Music To Be Murdered By Mama Said Knock Youn O GEN RE (COUNTER CLOCK WISE) Hip Hop Electronic/ Dance R&B O Rock/Pop Jazz O Reggae Funk/ Disco JAMES BROWN'S TOP 20 THE LEGACY LIVES ON: TOP 400 MOST POPULAR MOST POPULAR SAMPLED RECORDS SAMPLED RECORDS BY DECADE # OF TIMES SAMPLED TITLE OF SAMPLED RECORD TITLE OF # OF TIMES SAMPLED RECORD SAMPLED Funky Drummer 763 Blues and Pants 63 Funky President 438 I Got You (I Feel Good) 46 Artists in different genres continue to sample various records in James Brown's catalogue. Based on the top 400 most popul ar sampled The Payback 196 Cold Sweat 45 Get Up Offa That Thing 133 It's a Man's Man's Man's World 45 Say It Loud, I'm Black & l'm Proud Blind Man Can See It 40 records that sampled Brown's 121 top 20 most popular most sampled Get Up (I Feel Like Being a) Sex Machine 118 My Thang 36 records, the following illustration Get on the Good Foot Papa Don't Take No Mess is a chronological account of 108 33 sampled records over time. Hot Pants 101 Mind Power 32 Make It Funky 88 I'm a Greedy Man 15 1980s 1990s 2000s 2010s The Boss 64 Don't Tell a Lie About Me & I Won't Tell the Truth on You 7 NOORTHE CHI TOWNOW ETT BRODINSKL N POS SE Pump it Up (Pump the Acid Mix) TEDDY RILEY 03 00 DE My Lovin (YouTe Never Gunna Get it) ayMueaN AV N 3177UD You're in Lo KOo, o, umber One ay Love Goes qnia sin Ajeuy Su LNYOA ife Remix) ving James Brown Re ht (Liebrand R ARA TH SOUL F RY J BLIGE Y The Rocky & Bullwinkle Show (Take 1) DJ PEPE AND TOLETE SY-KICKBrown Paper Bag HE CRYSTAL N MPBELL & MAR sf Jason OR REAL Stay VOHN OR P& ADAM F FT METHOD MAN The Pit DJ RED ALERT & MIKE SLAMMER You Are the One ET Good Lovin ER Gr OD ECI It's Alright HORACE BR ) AHIS IN IW UNDERO Say Kids, New Dance Craze DJ MAE STR cot ne ls l? COLD CUT Beats & Reces Col Doin' It CHOPSTICK & N PAUL Co (Kicks LIke a poncorn APHER NTCH Good For You CLAPTONE Lge Great "88 CAR THE BASS It Is What it 15 Dont Take MA E VI BERT Fused Into JAus (oakland Style) On the Cut B AWES OME X.Ecution Ae Word Play Mana TIONERSECUTIO CLAN ump Shaker WRECKY.N EFEECT ET TEDit LIE D s COLDCUT YOGI BE AR & M YO-YO u Don't Work, U Don't Fat WwC & THE AMA An OIneLE ET J-DEE LA ICE We're All in the Same Gang WEST C GIRL RAPPE Kick That S. WI WhouAST ALL ot WU-TAN RILEY T DJ PREM Kool Keith HousneargULTRGLY K OSS Take it to Da thre TRICK DADDY Fish/ Bonnin Bitch TyL ED THE ODEATOR FT FRE ENIS BIG Thing ULTRAMAAGNCKLI Ego Trirnin LTRAMAGNETIC AMAGNETIC Me FT THE S TOTAL E AL Gew CouBAo Ain't 2 Proud 2 o Head NOTOR a Mi G T AGE Stra e HE NAAQUAN fiends TLC Knighte of the Turntabler TUE DYNA S NA ROL n THE NI DOPE Buck Whylin'TERMIN ATOR Y ET CHUCK E gn THE DOC XFT CHUCK Do the James.. SUPER LO ICAL TWO VEET TE & CASANOVA J WEASEL MDENOAL ED OKIE CREW CTERESS EFA Reedom of Speak (We Got Three Minut es) DAS 2 Passs ant FEX DE LA S eK CE TOR h Prince of Bel-Air (Outro) DELNO S PN CE To the Beat yall Porndge m Addicted HABI PESH PR My Man Prand New Funk INCEPumPume Ton ERE SH P DA Junon4 DJ JAZZY J cum to the Tep RICEne gea ADOW Lesso DOUBLERESHdeun HOP Colarinho Branco DRU JAM T GIFT OF GAB & LATEEF STEINSKLLesson 2(James Brown Mix) DRE Let Me Ride DU BOSS ICE Ct S Hr Squad Heisi The G EFA Brothesi derk own Mx) EPMD FT R aybmminn My J0 ER DJ Maca THE TRUEL FAT BOET DUTONk 1,1.1 FILIP FAMILTumility GAB GOTGR 2 Steps Aneac Eric Bis Pr At Cha GANGTARR Gotch 4 HANNIBAL STAX Same Team, No Games n Full (Seven Minutes of Madness the Cold Cut Remix) GANG STARR FT NIG GRANDMASTER FLASRi Tyme HEAVY D& TE DOME Gurdz They Love Me HERVI DR THE BOYZ We Got Our Own Thang HEAVY D & THE BOYZ You Ain't Heard Nuttin' Yet HIT BOY FT AUDIO PUSH, JUICY J & PROBLEM T.U GETO BOYS SLAH Michty Healthy Supreme Clientele GHOSTFAC Pre ak Looseie Move GRAMATLURA That's How We URIOUS FIVE Gold GRAND MASTER FLASH & E FURIOUS FIVE The Boy is Dope ky 1 CE T INI sdoj A pakeH no Lnchaned (The Payback/ Untouchable) JAMES RANK OCEAN No Church in the Wie Red Black Green IAM BROWN & 2PAC It's a Man's Worie CUBE KANYE WEST DEE EDEE ENO-S GTEE Raw JAZET ONS T PUSHA T Paback's Vant Money KO KANYE WES WEST ET フ AV ARGE PROF ta have it JAY Z& KANJAYLUR Otis JAY Z & KA Bad Trip They Wart Rey Mysterio" New Gr Cold Chillin' on the Spot JAZZY J How Kool Can One Blackman Go For It (Heart and Fire) JOEY B ELat Down Bitch Don't Kill My Vi be (Remix) KENDRICK LAM

James Brown: The Most Sampled Man in Showbiz

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Known as the Hardest Working Man in Show Business; Mr. Dynamite; Soul Brother No. 1; Mr. Please Please Please himself—James Brown, the godfather of funk and soul, is the most sampled artist in music...


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