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James Bond Beards for Movember 2015

Brought to you by PENHALIGONS A MAN'S BEARD IS HIS BOND, JAMES BOND. THERE HAS BEEN A GREAT DEAL OF SPECULATION ABOUT THE UPCOMING JAMES BOND MOVIE, AND WHO WILL BE PLAYING EVERYBODY'S FAVOURITE SECRET AGENT IN THE FUTURE BOND FILMS TO COME. IN THE SPIRIT OF MOVEMBER, LET'S ENGAGE IN A LITTLE IDLE SPECULATION AS TO WHAT KIND OF FACIAL HAIR THIS MYSTERY MAN MIGHT WEAR BY GUESSING WHAT ALL OF THE GREAT BONDS OF THE PAST MIGHT HAVE SPORTED... The Bandholz SEAN CONNERY Connery is of course one of the truly classic Bonds, and also a man who knows how to rock a beard. As it would be cheating to assign the beard he actually wears these days, we're going to suggest the Bandholz – a full face beard and moustache combo with just a hint of handlebar twirl. Rugged, stylish and just a few whisks of a clipper from the perfect disguise for infiltrating a rogue Russian submarine. The Balbo GEORGE LAZENBY Lazenby's Bond was one of the most finely chiselled faces of o07, and even in his later years he remains rugged and sharply defined. The proper beard might have to hide that cleft chin, but it would be a crime to blur those cheekbones. A classic from the times the original books were written is called for - The Balbo. Classic Sideburns ROGER MOORE Roger Moore is another one of the most distinctive Bonds, and the one many people remember best. He's really not a 'beard' chap, though. Still, the modern international man of mystery has many facial hair options, and Moore in his prime would have looked quite dashing with a pair of Classic Sideburns. A steampunk reboot, perhaps? I'd go see that. The Evil Twin TIMOTHY DALTON Whilst Dalton is more famous for the sinister little moustache, that look would never do for Bond - it even looked a bit dodgy on Prince Baron. If Dalton's Bond were to go bearded, it would have to be something properly sinister. Melodramatic, yes, but not of the Snidely Whiplash variety. I suggest The Evil Twin. Classic, attractive, and sure to let him infiltrate CMEPIII without a proper CV. The Ducktail PIERCE BROSNAN Brosnan is, of course, one of the few Bonds to ever appear wearing a beard, though only under the most trying conditions. The judging here is also complicated by the fact that he looks amazing (though a bit like a hipster/riverboat gambler) in the aforementioned Bandholz. Nonetheless, that belongs to Connery. For Brosnan, we also need to leave those chiselled cheeks clear with another classic, the Ducktail beard. DANIEL CRAIG The Klingon ----------------- Craig was (or is) perhaps the most stubbly Bond. It's hard to call looking like you forgot to shave' a facial hair style. Craig's Bond is perhaps the most rugged and as a 'gritty reboot' sported many bruises and scratches. So what could complement that better than the Klingon, AKA the Bandito? BUT ONE BOND STILL REMAINS... MAYBE Craig hasn't officially got the axe yet, and he may well be Bond for another movie or two, but the Hollywood rumour mill (and the British tabloids) have suggested Damian Lewis as heir to the licence to kill, if it were to be passed on now. Trimmed Full Beard Lewis has a classic Bond face – clean cut and angular, and tricky to hang a good beard on. Still, either he (or his colourist) can grow a proper bushy ginger mop when he needs it, which is no small feat. I've got to go with closely Trimmed Full Beard, full ginger, if Lewis does indeed take up the mantle.

James Bond Beards for Movember 2015

shared by wond on Jan 22
A look at all the James Bonds through history but with beards! A Movember special! An illustrative infographic also split into micro content for twitter.


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