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The Inventions of Professor Shonku

BYOMJATRIR DIARY III PROF. SHONKU O IGIPSHIO ATONKO 2 MIRACUREALL The miraculous medicine which cures all kinds of ailments SHANKOVITE An anti-gravity metal with which Shonku ANNIHILLIN A pistol that annihilates threats/ enemies OMNISCOPE An instrument which is SHANKOPLANE AIR-CONDITIONING PILL A capsule that keeps the body temperature normal in extremes of climate A small aircraft created PROF. SHONKU O HAR 3 using anti-gravity alloy called Shankovite a microscope, telescope and x-ray machine in one made the Shankoplane PROF. SHONKU O MACAW 4 Zz. PROF. SHONKU O ASCHORJO PUTUL 5 SOMNOLIN A sleeping pill that will work in any condition COMPUDIUM A computerised medium, to establish contact with REMEMBRANE A memory enhancing instrument ROBU A robot built with very cheap materials, programmed to answer any question asked to it LINGUAGRAPH EVOLUTIN A medicine that speeds up evolutionary PROF. SHONKU O GOLOK RAHASYA 6 An instrument to translate languages human and other terrestrial life into bengali. Does not work on aliens process departed souls PROF. SHONKU O CHI CHING 7 PROF. SHONKU O KHOKA 8 SHONKU O BHOOT 9 COMPU A computer brain with 10 crore delicate circuits in it INTELLECTRON An intelligence measuring machine ORNITHON An instrument invented to train birds SNUFF GUN A gun that causes sneezing for 33 hours PILL FOR NIGHTMARE Causes sleep and makes the taker have terrible BIDHUSEKHAR The mechanical man with artificial intelligence SHONKU O ROBU 10 nightmares SHONKU O ROKTOMATSHYA RAHASYA 11 SHONKU O COCHABAMBA-R GUHA 12 FISH PILL A space food/ fish substitute for NEWTON the cat ROCKET A rocket for space adventures BOTIKA INDICA A pill made from sap of banyan tree to ward off need of food SPECIAL ROOM FRESHENER A room freshener made up of 36 different flower essence MANGORANGE Hybrid fruit with characteristics of both INVISIBILITY DRUG A special drug to make living things invisible for at least 5 hours SHONKU O GORILLA 13 SHONKU O BAGDADER BAKSHO 14 mango and orange SWAPNADWIP 15 THE INVENTIONS ASHCHARJYA PRANI 16 MARURAHASYA 17 OF CORVUS 18 PROFESSOR EKSHRINGO OBHIJAN 19 DR. SHERRING-ER SMARANSHAKTI 20 SHONKU HYPNOGEN 21 SHONKUR SHONIR DOSHA 22 ©RAJ SHONKUR SHUBORNO SUJOG 23 th A277 MUNROE DWIPER RAHASYA 24 reeveve MICROSONOGRAPH Sound amplifier which allows humans to hear ANAESTHIUM PISTOL It anaesthetises threats/ enemies SMELLING INJECTION Medicine to increase power to smell ANAIHILIN TABLET A medicine that cures 277 different illnesses LIFE Shonku claimed that he was instrumental in the creation of artificial life in an experiment FRUIT A fruit made mixing different types of seeds SHONKUR PARALOKCHARCHA 25 inaudible noise COMPU 26 MAHAKASHER DOOT 27 NOKURBABU O EL DORADO 28 CARBOTHIN FABRIC A fabric which is non conductor of electricity and saves from shocks ANNIHILIN ACID Most powerful and dangerous acid ever invented by Shonku TIRANIAN PHOSPHATE A very strong and dangerous acid NEO-SPECTROSCOPE A device to contact departed souls. Almost similar to Compudium PAPER & INK A rubber like paper and a color changing ink LUMINIMAX A small ball which gives light of 200 watt power when ignited SHONKUR CONGO OBHIJAN 29 PROF. SHONKU O UFO 30 ASHCHORJONTU 31 хX ANTI CAT FOOD Space food for cats. A single pill is enough for 7 days X & ANTI X X was supposed to bring out Mr. Hyde like qualities in its user, while anti-X is the antidote NERVIGOUR A medicine to tone OXIMORE POWDER A powder that helps breathing in low oxygen areas like high altitude SHONKU FRANKENSTEIN FORMULA A better version of the original formula CAMERAPID SHONKU O ADIM MANUSH 32 A camera with instant printer up nerves PROF. RONDI-R TIME MACHINE 33 NEFRUDET-ER SAMADHI 34 SHONKU O FRANKENSTEIN 35 ELECTRIC PISTOL A pistol which fires 400 volts electricity CERIBRILANT Medicine to make brain functions better MARJARIN A medicine to increase longevity in cats FOOD FOR BIRDS It was made for his crow CORVUS. And had multivitamins in it SHANKOPLAST It is some kind of wonderful plastic TEA PILL A pill to take instead of drinking DR DANIELI-R ABISHKAR 36 tea DON CHRISTOBALDI-ER BHABISWATBANI 37 Л SWARNAPARNEE 38 COFFEE PILL A pill to take instead of drinking coffee SHANKOLON Plastic – strong but light, with which this tent is made POLAR RIPLION THEORY OINTMENT To protect from insect-bite especially barracuda fly of the Amazons TRISHNASHOK Tablet to quench thirst INTELLECTRON 39 TURBOLIN A super charged fuel DREXEL ISLANDER GHOTONA 40 SOURCE: ANIRUDDHA DEB MANY THANKS TO: TAL SIACH , UPAL ROY CHOWDHURY, MANOJ DEB, ANIRUDDHA KHASNOBISH, YUSUF BEGG, ABHEEK BARMAN, ANIRUDDHA SARKAR, GAUTAM ANAND DE SERIES: SeiES - C RAJ

The Inventions of Professor Shonku

shared by Tal on Feb 11
Bengali science fiction hero Professor Shonku has invented plenty of offbeat gadgets and geek inspired solutions for everyday problems you never thought to 'solve' (aka "first-world problems"). This i...


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