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An Introduction to the Suicide Squad

AP AIA DO DO SUICIDE SQUAD AN INTRODUCTION TO THE HARLEY QUINN Originally a psychiatrist at a Gotham asylum, Quinn falls in love with The Joker while he's an DEADSHOT Deadshot is an assassin with a near-perfect record. He has a red cybernetic eyepiece designed to improve his accuracy, and displays a disregard for both human life and his own. Deadshot has a 'suicide wish' and joined the squad due to his desire to die in a dramatic, spectacular manner inmate and turns criminal herself AM THE LIGHT THE in an attempt to woo him, donning a distinctive Harlequin inspired outfit. lls & Experience Toxin resistance Skills & Experience Trained in gymnastics, psychotherapy and in unarmed combat Expert Marksman FIRST APPEARANCE: Robotic eye 1992 grants increased accuracy 00 JOKER'S FAVOR * VILLAIN NAME: Harley Quinn REAL NAME: Dr. Harleen Quinzel FIRST APPEARANCE: 1950 BATMAN #59 VILLAIN NAME: Deadshot REAL NAME: Floyd Lawton. KILLER CRỌC Killer Croc is a super-strong villain who suffers from a condition which causes him to develop reptilian features - an atavistic throwback to very early human ancestors. Originally a gangster, he was tested on for genetic experimentation causing him to become more monstrous. Killer Croc was never a ENCHANTRESS Enchantress is a powerful sorceress who lacks the ability to fully control her powers. Originally introduced as a hero, she turned villain after fighting Supergirl in an attempt to gain omnipotent magical powers. She became a member of the Suicide Squad early on and was one of the most member of the Suicide Squad, and had no affiliation with them & Experience powerful members. Super strength Skills & Experienc Regenerative healing and super reflexes Magic practitioner FIRST APPEARANCE: 1983 Powers granted by an evil, demonic entity BATMAN #357 VILLAIN NAME: Killer Croc REAL NAME: Waylon Jones FIRST APPEARANCE: 1966 STRANGE ADVENTURES #187 VILLAIN NAME: Enchantress REAL NAME: June Moore BOOMERANG Boomerang is an assassin-for-hire who is proud of his Australian heritage and uses a collection of specially customised deadly boomerangs to take down his victims. Following the death of his father (Digger Harkness) Owen took on the mantle and fought as part of several groups, including the Rogues, the Outsiders and the Suicie Squad. Mercer was inducted after a stint in prison EL DIABLO AP AIA El Diablo is a skel and pyromaniac Suicide Squad redemption. a gangser the power of pyrokenisis, Santana accidenta burned down an n-faced ex-criminal who joins the to seek Driginally with -aills & Experience apartment where women and kids died. After turning himself in, El Diablo joined the squad Super speed bursts Skills & Experience A collection of unique trick boomerangs Pyrokenisis FIRST APPEARANCE: 2004 A genuine conscience and desire to seek IDENTITY CRISIS #3 redemption VILLAIN NAME: Boomerang REAL NAME: Owen Mercer FIRST APPEARANCE 200 EL DIABLO VILLAIN NAME: EI Diał REAL NAME: Chato Sa SLIPKNOT Slipknot is a supervillain and a hired assassin who is renowned for his prowess with ropes. Originally an enemy of Firestorm, Slipknot was defeated by the hero and sent to prison, where he came to the attention of the Suicide Squad and joined the team RICK FLAG A no-nonsense military officer, Rick Flag is charged with keeping an eye on the Suicide Squad members during their missions. His father led the original incarnation of the Suicide Squadron, and Flag Jr took on the leadership of the team after his father's death Skm- Experience Trained assassin Skills & Expe Mastery of ropes and knots of all kind DO DO Firearms expert FIRST APPEARANCE: L 1984 Expert in military tactics, demolition and infiltration FURY OF FIRESTORM #28 VILLAIN NAME: Slipknot REAL NAME: Christopher Weiss FIRST APPEARANCE: 1959 THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD #25 VILLAIN NAME: Rick Flag REAL NAME: Rick Flag Jr KATANA Katana is a martial arts master and expert swordswoman, who wields a weapon called Soultaker, capable of gathering the souls of everyone it kills THE WALL Katana isn't a member of the incarcerated Suicide Squad, but works as the personal bodyguard of Rick Flag. She is actually a superhero rather than a villain, and has even been a member of the Justice League during her comic book backstory Amanda Waller - The Wall - is a doctor of political science and former government aide who now runs the Suicide Squad. Hailing from the tough streets of Chicago, where she witnessed the murder of her husband and daughter, Waller fought hard to get to a position of power, and is nicknamed 'The Wall' due to her Skills & Experience reputation for stubborness Martial arts master Skills & Experience Wields the legendary sword Soultaker Runs the Suicide Sq IRST APPEARANCE: 1983 Holds a position çof power within the US government THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD #200 VILLAIN NAME: Katanà REAL NAME: Tatsu Yamashiro REAL NAME: Dr Amanda Waller, 'The Wall' Danaged The Joker and Batman While the Suicide Squad will take up the main focus of the new film, The Joker and Batman will also play important roles. Although their exact roles are open to interpretation and plenty of speculation. Early theories suggest that the Joker will be the target of the Suicide Squad, who are tasked with bringing down the unpredictable supervillain. Batman on the other hand, is unhappy with the use of villains to police crime, and will likely be after the Joker himself... Sources: l I I I Brought to you by: CASINO experience matters

An Introduction to the Suicide Squad

shared by Designbysoap on Jun 23
Ahead of the greatly anticipated release of Suicide Squad later this summer, the guys at Casino Reviews decided to put together an infographic to help you get to know the members of the team before th...


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