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Insights From Nielson's Social TV Data

INSIGHTS FROM NIELSEN'S "SOCIALTV" Data MULTIMEDIA AND MULTITASKING VERY FEW PEOPLE WATCH TV AS A SOLITARY ACT: OF SMARTPHONE OF TABLET USERS 49% 66% USERS SURF THE WEB HAVE THEM OPEN WHILE WATCHING WHEN WATCHING TV. THEIR SHOWS THIS IS REFERRED TO AS “DOUBLE SCREEN VIEWING." THIS HAS RESULTED IN A SIGNIFICANT INCREASE IN SOCIAL MEDIA ENGAGEMENT: 25% 15% USERS BECAME SAID THEY AWARE OF MORE ENJOYED TV SHOWS. TELEVISION MORE. "SOCIAL TV" HAS MADE TV ADVERTISING EVEN MORE IMPORTANT MANY USERS SHOP WHILE WATCHING TV, AS... ... 24% 44% OF TABLET USERS OF SMARTPHONE USERS ...SAID THEY BOUGHT VARIOUS PRODUCTS ONLINE WHILE WATCHING. DOUBLE SCREEN VIEWING ALSO MAKES VIEWERS LESS LIKELY TO CHANGE THE CHANNEL WHEN A COMMERCIAL COMES ON. ONLY... E 13% OF VIEWERS USING A SMARTPHONE 8% OF VIEWERS INTERACTING ON TWITTER .CHANGED THE CHANNEL DURING A COMMERCIAL BREAK. Twitter users also demonstrated a better ability to recall ads and brands. THIS SHOWS JUST HOW IMPORTANT SOCIAL IS TO YOUR MARKETING STRATEGY! THE TV SOCIAL CAMPAIGNS THAT ARE TAKING OFF Live Entertainment RECEIVES SOME OF THE LARGEST NUMBERS IN AUDIENCE SOCIAL MEDIA ENGAGEMENT. THE MOST POPULAR ARE... LIVE LIVE AWARDS SHOWS SPORTING PROGRAMS Socially Savy Programming THAT IS DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY FOR ONLINE ENGAGEMENT. SHARK WEEK psych DISCOVERY CHANNEL'S SHARK WEEK PSYCH A weeklong programming event that used social media for promotion and engagement, displaying viewer Tweets during episodes. Psych not only has a show hashtag, but also has a social schedule, such as: #PsychFF = Psych Fan Fridays. #9SYCHFF LATE NIGHT "JIMMY FALLON JIMMY Kinmel WITH LIVE! LATE NIGHT WITH JIMMY FALLON JIMMY KIMMEL Besides the official #LNJE Kimmel uses social media ? hashtag, Fallon also selects a hashtag on air for audience members to use to answer for laughs on the show, as his segment "Celebrities read mean Tweets" has various questions on Twitter. garnered millions of views. TWITTER IS PARTICULARLY IMPORTANT TO TV SOCIAL ENGAGEMENT, AS IT OFFERS TOOLS THAT CAN BE EASILY MOLDED TO BE TV-CENTRIC, SUCH AS: HASHTAGS RELATED TO THE SHOW Behind-the-scenes #tydrama BEHIND-THE-SCENES PHOTOS FROM EPISODES New trailer! VIDEOS OF TEASERS, TRAILERS AND SCENES QUOTES FROM CHARACTERS AND Watch us tonight! #theshow RETWEETS FROM ACTORS TWITTER ACCOUNTS FOR STARS AND NETWORKS ALSO SEE: #3 39% 46% 48% 53% increase in with attached with videos with quotes photos engagement with hashtag use THE TV SOCIAL CAMPAIGNS THAT ARE TAKING OFF You might not be Shark Week, but you can still use Nielsen's daily ratings to find out what's popular and join the conversation to boost your visibility! VISIT: 1 corporate/us/en/top10s.html nielsen DETERMINE HOW THE GENRE OF Here you can keep track of what shows are generating the largest audiences and social followings. THE SHOW CAN RELATE TO YOUR NICHE AND TAP INTO THAT. 3 ENGAGE WITH THAT AUDIENCE BASE. #TVSHOW Tweet with show Host contests Offer limited edition items related to the show. hashtags related to the show For the extremely-social Breaking Bad finale, a local donut shop in Arizona saw raving success by sprinkling "blue meth" sprinkles on their donuts! HACK IN To SOMETHING ABOUT A POPULAR SHOW THAT ALIGNS WITH YOUR SERVICES OR BUSINESS, AND USE IT TO YOUR ADVANTAGE! BUSINESS WITHOUT BORDERS SOURCES: Gryffin make-fans/ media.

Insights From Nielson's Social TV Data

shared by gryffin on Sep 23
Nielsen's Social TV reports have some surprising information about the way American families watch TV.




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