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Innovative Animations

Imnouative ANIMATIONS IN TODAY'S WORLD TECHNOLOGY AND ANIMATION GO HAND-IN-HAND. AS NEW FEATURES CONTINUE TO REVOLUTIONIZE THE INDUSTRY, ANIMATION IS BECOMING MORE REALISTIC, FAMILIAR, AND USER FRIENDLY. COMPUTER A NIMATION THE CREATION OF MOTION THROUGH A COMPUTER The illusion of movement is created by displaying a series of individual states of a dynamic scene Most recently it has led to new areas like multimedia, interactive gaming and virtual reality Considered a new medium for advertisements and special effects in films Computer animation consists of many different techniques with new innovations every year For these newer areas, interactive and real-time animation have become the key focus INTERACTIVE ANIMATION ANIMATION IS GENERATED BY A COMPUTER PROGRAM IN REAL TIME, OFTEN IN RESPONSE TO USER INPUT REAL TIME ANIMATION ALTHOUGH SIMILAR TO INTERACTIVE ANIMATION, IT ALLOWS FOR MORE REALISTIC ENVIRONMENTS Is especially good for multi-user gaming PERFORMANCE ANIMATION CONSISTS OF RECORDING MOTION BY A SPECIFIC DEVICE FOR EACH FRAME AND USING THE INFORMATION TO GENERATE THE IMAGE BY WAY OF A COMPUTER Also known as digital puppetry where digitally animated 2D or 3D figures and objects in a virtual environment are rendered in real time by computers Is most commonly used in filmmaking, television productions, interactive theme park attractions and live theater KEYFRAME This method is similar to the drawing of traditional animation A POPULAR ALTERNATIVE TO PERFORMANCE ANIMATION WHERE EVERY FRAME IN AN ANIMATION SERIES IS DIRECTLY MODIFIED OR Is used by artists who wish to have complete control over the animation MANIPULATED BY THE CREATOR MOTION CAPTURE CAPTURES MOVEMENTS OF REAL PEOPLE TO BE USED IN THE FORM OF AN ANIMATION The movements are then computed and transferred to an In the past actors would have to wear uncomfortable animated character by way of software that enables the suits that would stifle their natural cameras to capture surfaces in precise detail movements Today the technology has greatly improved, allowing the actors to wear their normal clothing and be filmed with ordinary cameras THIS NEW METHOD ALSO HELPS ATHLETES AND DOCTORS Athletes can use it to analyze specific body movements Doctors can track the degree of recovery after operations on without constraints joints with this method as well INVERSE KINEMATICS PERMITS DIRECT SPECIFICATION OF END-POINT POSITIONS Joint angles are automatically Kinematics-based systems are generally intuitive but lack dynamic integrity, meaning it does not respond to physical facts like gravity or inertia determined USER EXPERIENCE AND ANIM ATION INVOLVES A PERSON'S BEHAVIORS, ATTITUDES, AND EMOTIONS ABOUT USING A PARTICULAR Enhances experiences PRODUCT, SYSTEM OR with animation though interaction design SERVICE INTERACTION DESIGN What clearly marks interaction design as a IS ABOUT design field is that it imagines how things might be rather than SHAPING DIGITAL THINGS FOR PEOPLE'S USE how they are Is heavily focused on satisfying the needs and Animation is a big part of a product's personality and interactive ability desires of who will use the product CONCL USION Animation plays a large role in our everyday lives, especially as we become more closely engaged with a variety of tech devices. Animation technology will continue to grow and shape the way we interact with our surroundings in the future. SOURCES O wyzowl =) [:

Innovative Animations

shared by Wyzowl on Jan 14
Animation plays a big part in our lives, whether you realize it or not! This infographic shows a range of animations we come into contact with on a daily basis. See the animated version of this infogr...





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