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The Infuriating List of Annoying Office Behaviours

THE LIST OF INFURIATING OFFICE BEHAVIOURS ANNOYING OFFICE BEHAVIOURS Cramped office spaces, the stress of making deadlines and clueless clients, all mixed together with a group of contrasting personalities can create an incredibly uncomfortable work environment. There are millions of offices and tens of millions of people working in them, so you're likely to encounter a few annoying office habits. Here's just a small selection of annoying office habits: A COLLEAGUE THAT'S ALWAYS LATE FIGHTING OVER THE THERMOSTAT Office life presents numerous challenges, fighting over which way to turn the thermostat is a common We all understand it can be difficult to get up in the morning, heck that's likely to be most of us, but we all have that one office colleague that's persistently late. What do they do each morning?! If you're constantly 5-10 minutes late, why not just leave an extra 10 minutes early like the rest of us! occurrence. Turn it one way and all the females in the office start putting on Arctic gear, turn it the other way and every male in the office is perspiring like it's mid-July in the Sahara Desert. POLLUTING THE OFFICE AIR STEALING A COLLEAGUE'S LUNCH While we thank you for not smelling of sweat or other bodily odours, we do not like being gassed out of the office or being oxygen deprived. A gentle squirt of your favourite cologne or perfume is more than enough. What goes through a person's head when they steal a work colleague's food from the fridge? You wake up half an hour early to make a nice healthy meal, only for someone to come along and swipe it; the gall, the cheek, game on it's time for revenge! TALKING LOUDLY CLIPPING NAILS IN THE OFFICE Yes, the person on the phone can really hear you, so can the person next to you, so can the person on the other side of the office, oh and don't forget the office workers in the next building over. Please remember the office is not your personal grooming station and of all the potential grooming habits you could perform, clipping your nails is by far the most disgusting. Imagine having to constantly hear the clip and twang as nail clippings are ricocheted from office surfaces. STINKY FOOD IN THE OFFICE A DISHWASHER DISASTER ZONE Lunch is your choice and while last night's prepared meal may smell absolutely enticing to you, it can stink out the entire office. For the sanity of your work colleagues stop warming tuna in the office microwave, or eating reheated Chinese. It's just a bit of common sense. Water is shot up at the dishes and so placing cups and glasses upside down doesn't clean either of them, neither does placing plates on the glasses tray. Oh, and don't forget to rinse your bowls, otherwise you leave a poor colleague to try to chisel off the dried remains of your Weetabix. click! FIDGETING, PEN CLICKING OR FOOT TAPPING TOILET CLEANLINESS We've all dealt with toilets that would Fidgeting, pen clicking or foot tapping may help you think, but it doesn't help the rest of us. The constant click, click, click of your pen is slowly driving us loopy and is one of the best ways to become the least favourite person of the office. better suit a prison, than an office. Whether it's someone using the last of the toilet roll and not replacing it, the need for wellies or the delightful aroma. One rule to abide by, is leaving the toilet in the condition you would like to find it! niff! niffi snif CONSTANT SNIFFERS THE OFFICE "JOKER" Constant sniffing, it's unavoidable and one of the few things that's guaranteed come winter (not seeing the sun's another). Unfortunately, there's always one person who would rather sniff throughout the entire day, rather than taking the time to blow their nose. We've all encountered the office joker. It's rare, but sometimes they're the funniest people you've ever met. Then there's the more common office joke who thinks himself (or herself) a wit and an entertainer, but in truth no one enjoys the endless stream of nonsensical remarks and jokes. A RECENT SURVEY FOUND Office workers were asked to pick the top five most annoying habits their colleagues have. Here are the top twenty most annoying office habits: NONE OF THE ABOVE/ COLLEAGUES DON'T ANNOY ME 10.9% USE OF JARGON STEALING ANOTHER PERSON'S FOOD CONSTANTLY TAPPING/ CLICKING PENS HUMMING/ SINGING click! CARGON 4.6% 6.0% 7.3% 7.9% NOT MAKING A TEA ROUND INVADING PERSONAL SPACE TALKING TOO MUCH ABOUT PRIVATE LIFE HAVING AN UNTIDY DESK e e e e CONFIDENTIAL 9.4% 9.6% 11.8% 11.8% USING MOBILE PHONE ALL DAY COMING TO WORK SPRAYING DEODORANTS WHEN VERY ILL GOSSIPING AND PERFUMES AT DESK 13.0% 13.4% 15.3% 17.7% HAVING BAD HYGIENE TALKING ON THE PHONE TOO LOUDLY NOT REPLACING THINGS THAT RUN OUT CONSTANT PROCRASTINATION 19.7% 20.6% 20.9% 21.8% TAKING LOTS OF CIGARETTE BREAKS EATING STINKING FOOD WHINING ALL THE TIME BEING REGULARLY LATE Oh! n. LATE 23.0% 24.3% 27.8% 28.5% Interestingly men were 10% more likely to personally tell annoying individuals to stop, when compared to their female counterparts. YES I informed a senior colleague 10.5% 8.8% YES I told the culprit to stop personally 28.8% 18.6% NO I have discussed it with other colleague 22.4% 25.9% NO l'd rather avoid conflict 25.8% 35.4% N/A They do not regularly annoy me 12.5% 11.3% MyOffers SOURCES: A Survey on Annoying Office Habits by

The Infuriating List of Annoying Office Behaviours

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For the millions of office workers who have come across a collegue with horrible habits, we understand. Here are just a few examples.


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