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Influential TV Series

7 TV SHOWS THAT HAVE CHANGED OUR LIVES It is fair to say we are a nation of telly addicts, as there are few things more enjoyable than sitting in front of the box and catching up on a much loved soap or series. But did you know that television can literally change your life? In recent years, certain shows have influenced our buying preferences and opinions on people. Don't believe us? Well, here are 7 examples that prove television remains a powerful and prominent form of entertainment. F.R:I·E:N·D.S In the 1990s, Joey's "how you doin'?" chat-up line might have been jokingly used by men looking to break the ice in a bar, but it turns out women were more pre-occupied with the cast's haircuts. Jennifer Aniston made the "Rachel" cut one of the most popular hairstyles of all time. YORK Since the show debuted over 15 years NEW ago, it is estimated that 11 million women tried to replicate this style. GAME OF THRONES It seems as though the guts and gore of this fantasy drama are making their way onto our plates, not just our television screens. Sales of foods linked to The Middle Ages have soared in supermarkets. In four weeks, Morissons sold: 54,000 packs of 105% more pig lamb bones livers than usual the BiG BANG THEORY You may not be able to climb the career ladder as high as Sheldon or Leonard, but this hasn't stopped various students pursuing scientific subjects during higher education. The subject of physics enjoyed a surge of interest among A-level students since the show's debut in the UK. There was a 10 per cent increase in the number of students accepted to read physics at university between 2008-09, which is when the show first broadcast here. Breaking Bad No, Breaking Bad hasn't resulted in more of us setting-up our own methamphetamine cooking laboratories. Instead, it has changed the way we watch TV. On-demand streaming services like Netflix mean we now binge on TV shows, consuming multiple episodes in one go. NETFLIX We also take to social media and share our opinions on the latest episode. CSI:Crime Scene Investigation Television can inform and inspire us in a number of ways, but it can sometimes take this interest a little too far as well and adjust our perception of reality, as CSI demonstrates. CRIME "E SCENE CRIME SCENE -OENE CRIME SCENE CRIME - SCENE CRIM In the UK, the number of students enrolled in forensic science majors has increased from 2,191 in 2002-03 to 5,664 in 2007-08 thanks to shows like CSI. However, these crime dramas have also affected court cases, as juries believe forensic evidence and DNA is always on hand to solve any mystery. HOUSE of CARDS While most of us would all love to know what goes on behind the White House's closed doors, we have to make do with political dramas like House of Cards. But this might be closer to reality than you may have previously thought. Bill Clinton believes 99 per cent of this sitcom's portrayal of Washington is an accurate reflection of reality. Some critics have also said that House of Cards is politically biased towards conservative beliefs. MADMEN Despite the fact Ask Men named Don Draper as the most influential man in the world, we are seemingly more interested in his choice of beverage rather than the advertising mogul's life and career. US revenues for Kentucky bourbon and Tennessee whiskey rose by 9.6 per cent to $2.7 billion in 2014. C Exports topped $1 billion for the second straight year in 2014. Produced by JBH The Content Marketing Agency Follow us on Twitter @jbh_marketing JBH Creating compelling content for brands Sources: • • • • • •

Influential TV Series

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