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Indian Rock Bands

THE INDIAN ROCK SCENE EARLY YEARS Like Western rock musicians at the time, Indian musicians also began fusing rock with traditional Indian music from the mid-1960s onwards. Many of these songs were often filmy songs produced for popular Bollywood films, which often overshadowed the country's independent rock scene. With the arrival of MTV, tastes rapidly changed, encouraging bands to harden their style and focus more on underground styles such as death metal, alternative metal, and progressive rock. alternative styles, such as punk, and metal styles, such as thrash. The Indian sub-genre of fusion, which encourages a similar blend of ancient Indian musical traditions with rock music to raga rock, was also carried forward, and is perhaps the Western bands, and have been compared favorably to other internationally recognized acts. Now digital technology is making it easier than ever for these bands to distribute and sell their music. Some British bands of South Asian origin, such as most unusual Indian style of rock. Swami have, like their hip-hop counterparts, tried to enter the Indian market in addition to maintaining the traditional fanbase of non-resident Indians in United 2000'S Kingdom, Canada and the United States. Others, such as Rudra, have emerged from Indian communities in other Asian countries. Progress is certain for the Indian rock scene with the advent of entities that support this genre. Rock Street Journal and Rolling Stone India are the two major publications that have been promoting The 1990s saw the rise of a much larger following of various harder styles for this The current Indian rock scene has a larger following than ever, (although it is still marginalized compared to Indian film music, particularly the filmy soundtracks of Bollywood) and may soon become recognized in the international arena, as various reason. Bands that had formed in the 80s, such as Rock Machine (known as Indus Creed now), Easy Meat from Pune and Bands such as Holocaust, Morgue, Dorian Indian rock bands. Platonic from Assam, Grassroots Revival, Postmark, The Cannibals, Phoenix, Phynyx and Drixian Empire/Dark Crusader from Manipur. Others formed in the 90s with harder styles influenced by the growing split between popular rock, such as Britpop, South American and Japanese bands have become. Recent entries into the rock music scene are increasingly becoming comparable in their production quality to EVOLUTION OF ROCK BANDS ROCK ALTERNATIVE METAL 30 25 25% Percentage of Bands (Genre-wise) 9% 21% 43% 15 70% 32% Most Appreciated Genre 10 5 1995 2015 (EST) 1975 1980 1985 1990 2000 2005 2010 KROSS- WINDZ Devoid Insomnia 1990 2005 Lakkhichhara 2002 Shaa'ir n Func (Jazz Rock; Classical Rock) 5,233 (Alternative Rock; Progressive Rock) 15,702 (Death-Metal) 9,363 1999 2007 (Hard Rock; Blues) 2,278 Silk Route (Alternative Rock; Electronica) 18,785 Indus Creed 1995 (Indie Rock; Blues) 1,803 1984 (Alternative Rock; Indie Rock) Lounge Piranña 16,498 Scribe Kryptos 2005 2005 Indian Ocean Demonic Resurrection (Post Hardcore Meta 1998 (Alternative Rock; Post-Rock Band) Mohiner (Heavy Metal; Trash Metal) 7,102 90 Ghoraguli Skinny Alley 12,271 (Folk Rock) 242,621 2000 Zygnema 5,374 (Death-Metal; Thrash Metal) 54,931 1976 1985 2006 (Folk Rock) 13,612 (Metal) 13,058 (Rock; Soul) Little Babooshka's Grind 412 Joint Family Undying Inc. 2004 1996 2006 (Nu Metal) 3,977 (Rock) (Metal) 11,704 Cactus 658 1992 Chandrabindu Junkyard Groove (Alternative Rock) 12,843 1997 2005 (Folk Rock) 24,488 (Alternative Rock; Funk Rock) Euphoria 1988 Avial 49,142 (Hindi Rock) 354,647 Half Step Down 2003 (Alternative Rock; Malayalam Rock) 106,681 2005 Menwho- pause (Rock n Roll) 3,256 Parikrama Motherjane 1991 1996 Public Issue Zero 2001 (Rock; Alternative Rock) 18,612 (Rock) 64,423 2006 (Rock) 4,157 1998 (Alternative Rock) 3,429 (Funk Rock; Progressive Rock) 865 Soulmate Blind Image 2003 2006 (Blues; Soul) 11,848 (Groove Metal) 5,489 BANDS BY GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION Thermal And Agnee A Quarter 2007 (Folk Rock) 282,457 1996 Mantra (Indie Rock) 60,409 2001 Null Friction Pentagram (Indo-Nepalese Rock) 2,450 2006 1994 (Electronic Rock) 129,750 (Indie Rock) 1,904 Third The Saturday Sovereign Silver Tears Night Blues Band 2003 2007 (Death-Metal) 2,460 Bhayanak Maut (Experimental Rock; Progressive Rock) 4,373 1999 (Blues; Soul) 2,061 2003 Darjeeling (1 band) (Metal) 40,517 Guwahati Fossils Delhi (1 band) 1999 (10 bands) (Folk Rock) 67,991 Skrypt 2006 Shillong Oikyotaan (Progressive Trash Metal) (1 band) 2001 (Folk Rock) 312 Bhoomi 4,012 Kolkata 1999 (10 bands) (Folk Rock) 13,065 Raghu Dixit Project Mumbai 2007 (14 bands) Them Clones Evergreen (Folk Rock) 105,727 2000 2008 (Alternative Rock) 11,633 The Bicycle Days (Alternative Rock) 4,080 TOP 5 SONGS (BY POPULARITY) TRENDING NEW BANDS Hyderabad O (1 band) 2008 (Alternative Rock) 4,822 Bande Indian Ocean Frank's Got The Funk 6,084 Bangalore (5 bands) Indigo Children Kandisa Indian Ocean Sky Rabbit 1,739 Frank's Got The Funk Maaeri Euphoria Tribal Flora 1,420 2004 Pangea (Rock) 4,235 Dooba Dooba Silk Route Pangea 1,170 2010 2009 Tribal Flora Chennai (6 bands) (Progressive Metal) 1,170 (Alternative Rock; Electronica; Funk Rock) 6,084 Aahatein Agnee Kerala 2008 (Psychedelic Rock; Experimental) 1,420 (3 bands) Please Note: These are just few of the many rock bands of India; we have produced many more Bands which have got less publicity than what they deserve. Designed by ritesh rajan as part of a college assignment. As of 1st March 2013. Source:; NO. OF BANDS 20

Indian Rock Bands

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An info-graphic narrating the history of Indian Rock Bands. Shows the trend of rock music and also the kind of rock sub-genre which is appreciated in different parts of the country.


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