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Inception for Dummies

(MAIN PLOT : THE IDEA THAT PEOPLE CAN FALL ASLEEP AND THEN SHARE DREAMS INA DREAMWORLD.) INCEPTION FOR 'DUMMIES' OPENING SCENE, SAITO TARGETED IDEAS EXPLORED -Extraction: Theft of an idea from a person's dreaming mind. -Dreams can be shared, they can collapse, and people can be 'kicked' out of them. -Cobb considers suicide, implying that he thinks life might be a dream to wake up from. -Totems are like life-lines to reality, so that dreamers can know they're dreaming. -Totems are reliable and secure... or are they? FIRST DREAM WITHIN DREAM - -Ideas are viruses. SAITO GLOATS AT COBB, BUT THEN CATCHES ON THAT IT'S ANOTHER DREAM. HE'S IMPRESSED. OPENING DREAM CONVINCING SAITO TO PART WITH HIS SECRETS REALITY? - ARTHUR + COBB WAKE FROM SHARE DREAM ON THE TRAIN THE CON SETUP IDEAS EXPLORED -Inception: An idea is planted in a person's mind, and their life starts to take a new path. (Like brainwashing.) -The plan is to get Fischer to 'give himself' an idea, in a dream within a dream , within a dream. -World-shaping, self-creation, and reality-as-a-dream. ROBERT FISCHER: THE SETUP -Saito wants Cobb to use his dream-skills to persuade Fischer to break-up his father's empire. -The team is assembled to plant ('incept') that idea, and a plan is created, and the stage is set. REALITY? - SHARED DREAM ON THE AIRPLANE DREAM LEVEL 1 - YUSUF'S DREAM: CAR CHASE IDEAS EXPLORED -We learn Cobb's subconscious will wreak havoc on their dream adventure. -When members of the team die in a dream, they don't wake up, they go to limbo. -Going deeper and finishing the inception-job is the only way to get out alive. ARTHUR'S DREAM - ARTHUR STAGE IS SET -We learn Fischer's subconscious has been trained against Inception. -The team is assembled to plant that idea and the plan is created. -Fischer's mind is taught there's a will in his father's safe, and that he knows the combo. REMAINS HERE, CHILLING IN THE HOTEL AND READYING THE ELEVATOR-FALL KICK EAMES' DREAM - EAMES IS HERE, READYING THE FORTRESS EXPLOSION KICK. YUSUF'S DREAM - YUSUF IS HERE, ALWAYS DRIVING DREAMS 2,3,4 - ACTION SEQUENCES IDEAS EXPLORED THE VAN & WAITING FOR A KICK. LIMBO -A DESPERATE RESCUE OF SAITO AND FISCHER BY COBB AND ARIADNE, DEATH . HERE IS THE KICK. -The power of music synchronizes the kicks' or exits for the team on each dream level. -It seems Cobb planted (incepted) the idea that “THE WORLD IS NOT REAL (DEATH IS THE ONLY ESCAPE)" in his wife's mind, to help her leave the dream world. The idea rain wild though, and she hung onto it even after waking in the real world." -What happens when we die? ROBERT FISCHER: MISSION FAILED? -Fischer is shot & killed (& Saito dies also) in Dream Level 3, & the team goes one dream deeper to give their dream-dead friends a kick, waking them up and rescuing them. -Cobb finds Fischer and Ariadne 'kicks' herself and Fischer out of the dream. -Cobb states that he knows Mal is a SHADE of his imagination (see the work of Carl Jung). -Fischer embraces the incepted idea that "My Father doesn't want me to be him." WRAP UP IDEAS EXPLORED -Ideas are above all things. -Emotional healing alters perception, and altered perception leads to a changed life! -Ideas come from inspiration, between the uncertainty of dreaming and certainty of awareness. -Letting go of guilt, memories, and projections allows for pleasurable results in life. -Not caring whether you're living 'reality' or a 'dream' also does this. -What do we know (thoughts)? What do we believe (feelings)? What is real? What is dream? EVERYONE RETURNS TO REALITY ON THE PLANE EPILOGUE X. COBB SEEMS TO RETURN -All wake up from the dream on the airplane, satisfied. -Fischer breaks up his father's empire (mission accomplished team!) -Cobb passes imigration and returns to his family. -Regardless of all this, Cobb chooses to turn his back on his totem, choosing to be with his kids, finally. HOME TO HIS KIDS... -The film ends with our senses suggesting to us that Cobb's spinning top is going to fall, meaning that he's finally living in 'reality' with his 'family', but Nolan (the director) cuts the film before we see with our own eyes whether it's a dream. This also suggests that the 'totem' concept, and the way we mea- sure reality is flawed, and may not really tell us if were dreaming. ...OR IS HE STILL DREAMING? OUR REALITY? - ARE WE WATCHING A MOVIE CALLED INCEPTION, OR ARE WE DREAMING THAT WE ARE? ENJOY THE SHOW! Much love from THEMES: REALITY, PERCEPTION, IMAGINATION, SELF-CREATION, AFTERLIFE, FAITH, ARCHETYPES, RELATIONSHIPS and \889 KIÇKS

Inception for Dummies

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Inception was a major blockbuster movie, but just because many people watched it, doesn't mean that they all understood it. This infographic provides an explanation of the complicated film, making eas...


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