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The Illustrious Omnibus of Super Powers 2

POP CHART LAB M M X I ESUPER ЈPE APPROVED By The AMERICAN LEAGUE OF CHARTOGRAPHY THE ILLUSTRIOUS OMNIBUS OF POWERS Molten Man Colossus Metamorpho Hydro-Man Speed Quicksilver Peepers Stone Boy Emma Frost Medusa Spider Girl Luke Cage Daredevil Angel Rhino Ferro Lad Hulk Demon Molten Organic Sandman Archangel Johnny Turn into Hammerhead Juggernaut / wonder VMan Turn Quick Turn into Any Element Echo- location Enhanced Vision Metal Steel Turn Water into into Diamond Impene- trable Skin Super Flash Speed FImpulse Rival Prehensile Halr Human Hellboy Blockbuster Iron Stone Turn Adaman- Super Strength Torch Wings into tlum Turn into -Enhanced Sand Superman- Max / Mercury Metal Skull Thing Envelop Body in Fiery Plasma Right Hand of Doom Absorbing Man Take on Iron Fist Super Durability Night Vision Transmute Riptide Topspin Sensory Properties of Anything Touched Chi- Enhanced Fist Morph Mystique Body Amazing Man Turn into Animal, Vegetable, Mineral Animal- Toго Body Super Rotation X-23 -Vegetable- Mineral Man Matter-Eater Dr. Mid-Nite Apocalypse Fatal Face Parts Whirlwind- Lad Shape- shifting Super Johnny Sorrow Vision Bouncing Daken Ingestion Superhuman Ability Changeling Boy Plastic Man Claws Doomsday Lady Deathstrike Will 'o Stretch and Elongate Body Elongated Mister Bouncing Betty Inflatable Bouncing Body Super Healing Chameleon Boy the Wisp Lobo Change Density of Body Man Fantastic Ant-Man Atom Wolverine Deadpool Black Bolt Banshee Tyroc POWERS OF Doll Man Shrink Tiger Shark Parasite in Aquaman Alter Size Body Manipulation Aquatic Adaptations Shrinking Violet Size Skinhead Amazo Screaming Namor the Sub-Mariner Super Scream Deadline Rogue Mimi Phantom Girl Attuma Colossal Boy Assume Black Canary Jamie Madrox Dazzler Leech Weather Gibbon Silver Swan Grow in Size Cloak Powers of Intangibility Red THE BODY Wizard Goliath Convert Klaw Others Ice-Man Wolfsbane (Invisibility -Ghost Multiple Dampen Polar Ghost Sound into Storm Boy Powers of Darkness All Form of Weather Giant-Man Multiplex Man Light Powers of Self- Monkey Shadowcat Replication Others Reduce Puma Control Tigra Dimension Control Temperature Wolf Invisible Kid Ghost Sound Killer Frost Invisible Woman Majority Silent Scorpion Spider-Man Meta- Powers Puma Squirrel Girl Control Rider Nightshade Icicle Triplicate Shadow Hellfire Tiger Timber Man- Man-Bat Girl Scorpion Raise or Lower Temperature Squirrel Spider Lass Weather Control Wolf Wolf Scarlet Spider Otherwordly Celsius Sound- Related Control Shadows Bat Forçes Air and Wind Manipulation The General Mammals Yellowjacket Shade Red Feline Attributes Graviton Cats Blackout Tornado ANIMAL Arthropods Geo Force Wasp Lightning Lad Owl Control Darkforce Feral POWERS Yeti Insects Generate Other Vertebrates Dove Hawk -Blob Electricity Cheetah Werewolf Killer Wasp Gravity Avian Chronos Lightning Lass Mythical or by Night Crypto- zoological Swarm Angel Non- Beak Black Static Generate & Manipulate Electricity Specific Salvatore Mamba Time Cheetah Toad Wendigo Electricity Travel Deathstroke Karate Kid Sasquatch Control Fundamental Per FORCE Toad Lizard General Animal-Like Physiology Animal Lizard Silverclaw Degaton Time Trapper Witch Man Punisher Scarlet Forces Zzzax Electro Master of 31st-Century Karate CONTROL Tactical & Weapons Expertise Beast Skilled with Sports- Beast Sportsmaster. Deadshot Snowbird Captain Black Boy Mimic Animals Lightning Themed Marvel Magnetism Batman Sun Boy Hawkeye Weapons Generate Generate Heat & Light Magnetic Нехes Archery Guns Fields Green Black Adam Shazam!- based Arrow O-Sensei Saber Marksman- ship Martial Ravan Huntress Cosmic Boy Arts Richard Doctor Control Javelin Mysterio Dragon Light Magnetism Martial Magic Radiation- Bullseye Wild Arts Dr. Fate MASTERY Magneto Manipulate Light Huntsman Related Master Throwing Objects Wizard Enchantress Captain Boomerang Magnetic Kid Illusions Mystic Polaris Expert Bronze Tiger Doctor Contor- Arts Boomerang Strange Wield Northstar Rag Doll tionism Hunter Energy the Power Cosmic Control Kraven the Hunter Zatanna Emission Mister Sinister Slipknot The Roper Saturn Radiation Create Performance Brother Voodoo Rope Mastery Girl X-Man Energy Plasmolds Arts Ventrilo- Chat Lasso Emma Frost, Aquaman Silver Surfer quism Tele- Radioactive Chameleon Read & Influence Thoughts Dummy Super- Jubilee Moondragon – portation Commun- Icate with Animals Read Man The Question Imperson- Melter Paste-Pot Pete Heated Thoughts ation/ Gateway Plasma Darkseid Disguise Professor X Projects Glue Spot Nemesis Blink Gambit Metal- Melting Ray Hypnotism via Violin Playing Psionic Black Orchid Brainwave Ant-Man Havok Cyclops Nightcrawler Force Human Evebeams Acrobatics Fiddler Quentin Quire Field Telepathy Thorn Bomb Energize Objects Lady Liberty Projectiles Puppetry Virtuoso Harlequin Sue Storm Control Plants WEAPONS- BASED Hologram Powers via Glasses Robin Generates Armor Mayflower illusion Beams from Liberty Torch Puppet Master Illusions Plant-Based Captain Cold Powers via M-Vest Princess Projectra Shade, POWERS Make Plants Grow Freeze Advanced Technology the Changing Gun Various OF THE Mr. Tralned Man Starfire Faster Powers via Cosmic Starman Shocker Freeze Bees Red MIND AChlorophyll Bee OBJECT Punch Rod Dream Girl Kid Tattooed Turn Matter into Stone for One Hour Vibro- Shock Powered Destiny Omni- Power Man Flight via Special Shoes Prostheses Lingualism MANIPULATION Over Gauntlets Various Powers via Mystical Tattoos Blindfold Mirrors Precognition Drive Giant Wheel Truth- Discovery vla Lasso of/ Truth AGrey Gargoyle Manipulate Trickster Preview Longshot Water Vulture Mirror Cypher Master Wonder Mera Hobgoblin Electro- magnetic Flight Harness Affect Probability Woman Egghead Mole Man Psylocke Molecule (Intelligence Doctor Various Powers via Spectrum Enchanted Gems Doctor Goblin- Themed Tentacle Big Wheel Man Doom Enchanted Objects Manipulate Molecules Hellion Change Color of Objects Arms Hazard Weapons Domino Sinestro Telekinesis Penguin Stilt-Man Green Calamity Goblin Jackal Evil Element Alter Speed of Chemical Reactions Green Cable Armored Sult w/ Telescopic Legs King Dr. Octopus Lantern Ozymandias Genius Lad Color Armored Iron Man -Wizard Strength & Stamina via Flight, Energy Absorption & Projection Mjolnir Green Energy Powers via Brainiac Cloning/ Transmute Jean Grey Boy Mechanical Genius Suit Various Goblin Super Genetics Increase Elements Enchanted Flight and Enhanced Eyesight via Nth Metal Kang the Konqueror Powers via Mass of Titanium Crowbar Birthmark Queen Intelligence Genius Chemical Mystical Scarab via Mje Jade Objects Man Leader Star King Firestorm Crimson Dynamo Beetle Devos the Fixer Wrecker Thor Hawkman Forge Ani-Mator High Evolutionary Boy Cosmic King Devastator Blue Beetle //1000

The Illustrious Omnibus of Super Powers 2

shared by popchartlab on Jan 30
Issue #2 of the universe's most extensive charting of superpowers. This deluxe Silver Age edition now features over 300 heroes, anti-heros, villains, and beasts. Face front, True Believer! Thanks t...


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