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An Illustrated Guide to Iconinc Fictional Locations

An illustrated quide to ICONIC FICTIONAL LOCATIONS Whether you are a superhero with special powers or a scientist travelling through time, it is essential you have an appropriate base to operate from. We take a look at some of the most iconic fictional locations of all time; their features and flaws, and how you can colour your own base in the same way. ICONIC STATUS FEATURE FLAW JURASSIC PARK POLICE BOx THE TARDIS ISLA NUBLAR Dr Who Jurassic Park Time and Relative Dimension in Space (The TARDIS). Dr. Who's trusty companion can travel to any time and any space! A tropical island, populated with multiple species of cloned dinosaurs, and home to the infamous Jurassic Park theme park. Canary Yellow White Oxford Blue Azure Blue Night Grey Light Bold Red Dark Brown Weatherwork 85% 50% Isla Nublar has a 57 square kilometres surface area, which is equal to 22 square miles. The park's security system only works if the main power grid is on. Bad news if there's a power cut! Thanks to trans-dimensional The TARDIS makes an unusual engineering, The TARDIS is bigger on the inside than the outside. wheezing and groaning noise when taking off and landing. 742 EVERGREEN TERRACE THE DEATH STAR The Simpsons Star Wars This famous pink, two-storey, detached house is home to America's favourite, and craziest, animated sitcom family! A gigantic grey, moon-sized Imperial military battlestation armed with a planet-destroying super laser. Light Aircraft Grey Biscuit Salmon Pale Roundel Dark brown Medium Sea Aircraft Grey Dark Sea Pink Blue Grey Grey 100% Still remains a comfortable (yet chaotic) happy familly home after 25 years and 23 seasons. The house often appears run down with the walls full of toxic waste, Designed to destroy entire planets with the use of a massive deadly super laser. Poorly designed and vulnerable exhaust ports ultimately lead to the Death Star's destruction. dancing mice and asbestos. THE CRYSTAL SHIP BIKINI BOTTOM Breaking Bad Spongebob Squarepants The mobile laboratory in which Walter and Jesse cooked Crystal Meth in Breaking Bad. Christened by Jesse as The Crystal Ship! Located at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, below signature island Bikini Atoll and home to Spongebob Squarepants. Manilla Deep Cream Golden Light Orange Lemon Fiesta Blue Eau De Nil Grass Green Yellow 35% 25% Mobile, inconspicuous, and a bargain at $7,000. Walter White's life savings were well invested! An underwater civilisation Big, heavy, slow and prone to battery failure - when the keys are complete with restaurants, shops, vehicles and schools. Faces constant danger and littering from all the things dropped above sea level! left in - not ideal when in the desert! THE BATCAVE THE KINGDOM OF NARNIA Batman The Chronicles of Narnia The Batcave is the safe house, HQ and command centre of superhero Batman - his sanctuary and equipment store! A sprawling land of rolling hills, mountains and forests, filled with humans, talking animals and other mythical creatures. Light Straw Light Brown Pale Roundel Night Grey White Pale Roundel Middle Venetian Red Blue Blue Brown 70% 55% Includes a crime lab, mechanised workshops, a personal gym, docking and hangar space. Thanks to the wardrobe, the Pevensies were able to find Narnia Time in Narnia is unpredictable. Generally, more time passes in Damp, dark and full of bats! (Need we say any more?) and end the White Witch's rule. Narnia than it does in the real world. FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE BARAD-DÜR Superman The Lord Of The Rings The stronghold of Clark Kent and repository for all the Kryptonian's known knowledge of the universe. Located in the North West of Mordor, and known as the Dark Tower, Barad-Dûr is the location where Saruman resides in the LOTR series. White Light Grey Pale Roundel Arctic Blue Golden Light Orange Bold Red Black Blue Yellow 65% 55% With little known by the general public to its location or existence, it really is a place of solitude! The whole of the fortress can be shut down by removing the control crystal. The Eye of Sauron sits at the very top of the tower. Visible for miles, very few can endure its fiery gaze. The Eye of Sauron's power depends on the existence of the ring; if destroyed, this power dissolves. THE USS ENTERPRISE ASGARD Star Trek Thor A 23rd Century Federation Constitution-class starship operated by Starfleet and the most celebrated starship of its time. The City of Asgard is the capital of Asgard itself, part of the nine realms and home to the Norse God of Thunder, Thor. Light Aircraft Grey International Orange Dark Sea Cherry Red Light Beige Bold Yellow Strong Blue Ruby Grey 45% With a state-of-the-art Warp Drive, the Enterprise is able to travel faster than the speed of light! Sitting atop the main base of the ship, the Enterprise's bridge Home to the Cave of Time, this natural phenomenon allows The security of Asgard at its main portal (the Bifröst), relies solely upon the lone gatekeeper Heimdall. appears vulnerable to attackers! one to time travel! STARK STARK TOWERS Iron Man / The Avengers HOGWARTS Harry Potter Located in New York City, Stark Towers is the pinnacle of modern architecture and home to inventor, playboy and billionaire Tony Stark. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is a wizarding boarding school, teaching the magical arts to its students. Pale Roundel Light Buff Light Brown Black Manilla Vellum Dark Camo Roundel Blue Blue Desert Sand 80% Built with almost indestructible Because of the work that goes on materials, this HQ has luxury living quarters, labs, an armoury and gym. inside, Stark Towers often finds itself under constant threat of attack. Hogwarts has 142 moving staircases, 8 floors and is supported by the use of magic! Port keys work within the grounds of the castle, meaning that anyone can gain access by making a key! rawlins PAINTS & COATINGS Porformanoe. Peotoction Solutions Want to decorate your headquarters like the Death Star or The TARDIS? Visit for all of your industrial paint and coating needs. SOURCES / / / / / / / / / / / / / HEE

An Illustrated Guide to Iconinc Fictional Locations

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An infographic detailing the most iconic fictional locations of all time!


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