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If your festival were a welly

IF YOUR FESTIVAL WERE A WELLY... THE BEST UK FESTIVALS-AND THE BEST WELLIES TO WEAR TO THEM Forget your toothbrush but don't forget your wellies When it comes to packing for festivals forgetting your toothbrush is not the end of the world. Forgetting your wellies, however, is unforgivable. It's not those practical concerns that matter.. After all, you can navigate those mud baths with plastic bags tied round your trainers. Here's the rub(ber) Wellies are an essential element of festival fashion and an essential part of the festival experience. Without them you may be in the crowd but you'll be standing and sliding alone. If Glastonbury were a galosh, Bestival a boot and WOMAD a welly. So, what festivals are you going to this year and what sorts of wellies do they most resemble? The best UK festivals-and their archetypal wellies to boot! Down on the farm wellies GLAS O NBU Y When is it? 25-29th June Where is it? Worthy Farm, Somerset Whats in the FOOTPRINT? shoe box? 雙雙 metallica Arcade Fire Kasabian 175,000 Suitable farm wellies to wear? Muck Boots Chore 2K, Bogs Rancher, Aigle Benyl Since 1970 Michael Eavis has been inviting seasonal revellers to give his farmland a good working over. The play is better than the pay but 175,000 festival goers can't be too far wrong. READING & LEEDS Working wellies When is it? 22-25th Aug Where is it? Richfield Avenue, Reading and Bramham Park, Leeds Whats in the shoe box? FOOTPRINT? Queen's of the Stone Age Paramore | Blink-182 Arctic Monkeys 變 162,000 O Suitable working wellies to wear? Bogs Rancher Steel Toe Capped, Aigle Parcours 2 Enduro Khaki A festival with its feet in two camps where rock is the order of the day. Heavy duty wellies are highly recommended to protect those delicate tootsies. Safety wellies DOWNLOAD When is it? 13-15th June Where is it? Donnington Park, Derby Whats in the FOOTPRINT? shoe box? 雙 Avenged Sevenfold Linkin Park Aerosmith 000 110,000 O Suitable safety wellies to wear? Dunlop Acifort Ribbed Safety Wellington Boot, Muck Boot Chore Steel Toe Safety Some of the weight of all that heavy metal has been somewhat stolen by Metallica headlining at Glastonbury this year but don't take the risks too lightly: you still need some industrial grade protection for your feet even if you wouldn't be seen dead wearing ear defenders. White wellies When is it? 16-17th Aug FESTIVAL Where is it? Hylands Park, South Staffordshire Whats in the shoe box? FOOTPRINT? Justin Timberlake The Killers U UUUU 90,000 Suitable white wellies wellies to wear? Dunlop White Safety, Dunlop Devon White What else for a Virgin festival but white wellies? Do not expect to leave with them looking quite as pristine, though: besmirched purity and confused innocence are trademarks of the festival scene. A'cut-above the rest' neoprene wellies BESTIVAL When is it? 4-7th Sept Where is it? Robin Hill Country Park, Isle of Wight Whats in the FOOTPRINT? shoe box? Outkast Chic | Beck Foals 79,000 Suitable neoprene wellies to wear? Muck Boots Hot Pink Arctic Adventure, Bogs Classic Mid Handles Black Shiny For a festival that sees itself as a cut above you are going to need to be sporting wellies with the added insulation and padded comfort that neoprene provides. And, no, nothing else will do darling. Eco-friendly and fair trade wellies wome When is it? 24-27th July Where is it? Charlton Park, Wiltshire Whats in the shoe box? FOOTPRINT? Youssou N'Dour Richard Thompson Nitin Sawhney U UUUU 40,000 Suitable eco-friendly & fair trade wellies to wear? Greentips wellies Was it Ghandi who said that in order to change the world you first must change your wellies? FSC certified rubber and a prominent fair trade label are de rigeur for the conscious attendees of a music festival that brings the world to Wiltshire. Something decidedly boot-ique' The Secret Garden Party Festival When is it? 24-27th July Where is it? Abbots Ripton, Huntingdon Whats in the shoe box? FOOTPRINT? Little Dragon Fat Freddy's Drop Clean Bandit 32,000 Suitable boot-ique' wellies to wear? Chiruca Chelsea Tan Leather, Tayberry Chocolate Brown Waterproof Leather. If it's not classy leather then make sure it's Hunters! If Bestival is a cut above, then, the Secret Garden Party is in a different class altogether. Those wellies are going to need to step up to a different level to survive the rarefied air of the garden party crowd. Keep it leather or keep it Hunter. Think boutique rather than boot! Children's wellies Shambala When is it? 21-24 Aug Where is it? Secret Country Estate, Northamptonshire Whats in the shoe box? FOOTPRINT? Mulatu Astatke Gentleman's Dub Club 8,000 Suitable children's wellies to wear? PVC Bumble Bee/Monster/Monkey/Princess Wellies. Anything goes as long as it's bright! The family friendly festival par excellence calls for brightly coloured wellies for the kids and early nights for the parents. Green wellies 2000 TREES When is it? 10-12th July Where is it? Upcote Farm, Gloucestershire Whats in the shoe box? FOOTPRINT? Band of Skulls Dan le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip Public Service Broadcasting 5,000 Suitable green wellies to wear? Aigle Aiglentine Khaki Green, Bogs Classic High Olive, Easy Evergreen Spot. As long as you're seen in green you'll be treading the right path. The winner of last year's Grass Roots Festival Award deserves a good showing of green wellies to acknowledge the "organic labour of love" from which it has sprung. DOLY FESTUNL Psychedelic wellies When is it? 11-13 July Where is it?Coney Woods, Leicestershire Whats in the shoe box? FOOTPRINT? Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs 000 Маx Соорer Slam Gaudi 00 2,000 Suitable psychedelic wellies to wear? Ranger Puddleton Yellow Flower, Funky Wellies Cream Cup Cakes, Funky Wellies Hippy Flower Far out footwear for far out music. You need boots that make you trip to enjoy the Glitch, Breaks and psychedelic musical mindscapes on offer here. SAVE THESE UP FOR A RAINY DAY? Of course, there are plenty of other festivals to brighten our summer – and plenty of other welly styles to sport should summer forget to show. Here are a few others to save for a rainy day. CHEAP WELLIES FUNKY WELLIES have to be worn at the tribute band festival that is Glastonbudget to show your moves off at dance-oriented We Are FSTVL SHORT WELLIES for the brief one day flings of British Summer Time DOG WALKING WARM WELLIES WELLIES are needed if you don't want to be barking up the wrong tree at the Cambridge Folk Festival for the rather less active affairs offered by the high-brow cultural pursuits at the Wilderness GRUFFALO CHILDREN'S BLUE WELLIES WELLIES or those family for co-ordinating frolics in the WADERS for those deep bass lines at One with the St woods at Latitude Andrew's flags at Tin the Park BLACK WELLIES Love for the urban vibes and black 'sole' at Wireless RED WELLIES SILLY for the sheer passion of Lovebox WELLIES for all that nonsense at Jabberwocky A FESTIVAL OF WELLY FACTS! Now that you know what sort of welly your favourite festival is, here are some quick facts about festivals and wellies that you can ponder as you queue for the portaloos. The increase in welly sales that the festival season ushers in. A bit of rain and a lot of festivals in August can see sales of wellies grow by as much as 99% compared to the previous month according to Debenhams. The number of women who now view wellies as a fashion accessory. Festivals have helped to make wellies something that can be worn into the city, rather than furtively stashed away for rainy walks in the country. H 印 IAO The number of pairs of wellies that were recycled from the 2012 Leeds Festival. Just like the Wombles there was a team picking up the things that everyday festival goers leave behind and putting them to good use. The pairs of wellies that were sold in less than two days by Millet's at the 2009 Glastonbury. Downpours quickly saw all stocks depleted before the majority of festival goers had even arrived. More than double the originally anticipated stock was quickly shipped in. JI%::::: The growth in Google searches using 'wellies' during August between 2004 and 2013. The welly industry has a lot to thank the growth of UK festivals for! THE OFFICIAL WELLY FESTIVAL Every music festival has its own unique style of welly. But the welly has its own official festival too. The Welly Wanging (or throwing) World Championships takes place in the birthplace of this illustrious sport-Upperthong Village, Yorkshire. The maximum number of steps allowed in the run-up. This was scientifically chosen in honour of Douglas Adams who was a welly wanger as well as a galactic hitch-hiker. Only Dunlop green, IZE Q size 9, non steel toe-cap wellies can be thrown The current record for men set by Teppo Luoma of Finland. The current record for women set by Sari Tirkkon also of Finland. ***I *!@* A rough translation of what the local Yorkshire folk uttered when two Finns threw wellies further than the rightful heirs of the sport. RUBBER SOLE There you have it. Now you know that the next time you are at a festival it won't only be those up on some stage who are giving it some welly. Wellies give festivals definition and define festival goers. They are the heart and rubber sole of all the UK's musical tribes' gatherings. designed by sources> sales welly-Waterproaf-boots-selling rate-pairs-minute-high-street.htmlaixzz32X USXXSV ta ales-soar html EDED EDEDED 静

If your festival were a welly

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An infographic showing you the best wellies to wear to which UK festivals, there is also a list of the UK festivals as well as some fun statistics .


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