If Justin Bieber Fans Were a Country

JUSTIN BIEBER FANS WERE A COUNTRY Babybabylon Neverlund Justindorf Loneligistan Onetimeland Bieberstah Population 37 Million Fanistan Gulf of Love 37,627,509 Total Fans 831,357 251,215 27,316 FANS/DAY FANS/WEEK FANS/MONTH BIEBERSTAN Algeria 35 Million Canada 34 Million POPULATION 37.6 MILLION Uganda 34 Million Sudan 32 Million 34th Most Populated country in the world twitter Followers 14,548,940 14 MILLION OVERALL RANK 8 MILLION 2 MILLION FEB2010 DEC2010 JUL2011 NOV2011 35,910 261,159 1 Million followers/day followers/week followers/month facebook. Fans 10 37,627,509 OVERALL RANK 35 MILLION 20 MILLION 5 MILLION APR2010 SEP2010 FEB2011 NOV2011 27.316 251.215 831.357 fans/day fans/week fans/month Justin BIEBER In 2011 his net worth was $85 Million E $300,000 For each live show performed $48.3 Million From tour revenue $3 Million Perfume "Someday" $48.5 Million From album sales. $73 Million NEVER NEDER Never Say Never' is the highest grossing concert film in UŠ history. $6.9 Million 7 million digital tracks sold. DEMOGRAPHICS I love Justin! I saw him first GENDER OO AGE 20 and Under 57.1% 21- 35 32.1% 30-50 7.1% 51 and Over 3.5% 79% 21% NET WORTH 85 MILLION DOLLARS

If Justin Bieber Fans Were a Country

shared by 97th on Jun 01
Lets take a look at the world of Bieber fans. What would their statistics look like if they were a country? Welcome to Bieberstan population 37 million.




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