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If Hair Could Talk: The Secrets Behind Famous Hair

If Hair Could Talk THE BEATLES We're longer and more luscious than even Jesus's haircut! The Secrets Behind Famous Hair The Fab Four's haircuts weren't just full-bodied - they were full of themselves! JEAN-LUC PICARD PRINCESS LEIA ORGANA GANDALF (STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION) (STAR WARS) (THE LORD OF THE RINGS) Ineed a bath and some time to put my feet up. Ahhh much better! ARE YOU MAD WOMAN?I RUN One day. I'll conquer this cranium then Earth... then the universe! The reason Leia's hair was so tight was because it was also very skittish! Gandalf the Grey's hair used to be very grumpy before he became Gandalf the White. Picard's hair had to be shaved to keep it under control. DONALD TRUMP CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW THE DUDE (THE BIG LEBOWSKI) (PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN) Look, let me explain .. I'm not a hairstyle. I'm just, The Hair So that's what you call me. That, or His Hairness Harry, El Hairbanero, if, you know, you're not into the whole brevity thing. Thank you, thank you! I just flew in from Xibalblat 5, and boy, are my follicles tired! He thinks he has a jar of dirti I could fil three with all of the dirt I have! His hair is, in fact, the galaxy's greatest comedian atop a robot body. It's not easy to stay clean on the seven seas ... There's no need to dress your hair up for a chat with the Dude. OBI-WAN KENOBI JOHNNY BRAVO SON GOKU (STAR WARS) (JOHNNY BRAVO) (DRAGON BALL Z) Hey! Don't touch the hair You won't like it when it's angry Oh no, here we go again . Although they parted ways after The Phantom Menace, Obi-Wan's padawan braid was also force- sensitive and a skilled swordsman. Johnny Bravo used so much product that his hair was practically radioactive. Son Goku's hair had a difficult life. GASTON YAMI YUGI (YU-GI-OHI) THE JOKER (BEAUTY AND THE BEAST) (THE DARK KNIGHT) No hair coif's like Gaston's! No hair parts like Gaston's! No hair's as incredibly slick as Gaston's! OK ... looks O like he's got a Blue Eyes White Dragon in his hand. You wanna know how I got these split ends? The real secret to 'The Heart of The Joker was a terror at his local barbershop. the Cards' was a great hairstyle. Mornings with Gaston .. THE TENTH DOCTOR LEONARDO DICAPRIO RAPUNZEL (DOCTOR WHO) (TANGLED) Who needs an Oscar when you've got hair like me? Rapunzel's hair had more fun than Rapunzel on their adventure! It doesn't look like much, but it's bigger on the inside. A never-ending source of positivity! DOROTHY GALE DAENERYS TARGARYEN RYU (THE WIZARD OF OZ) (A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE SERIES) (STREET FIGHTER SERIES) Jeez! Watch it with the fire! HAIRDOUKEN! Awesome! After the credits rolled, Dorothy's hair got its wish from the Wizard of Oz to come true. Daenerys's hair and her dragons never really got along. Ryu's hair was also a martial artist and competed in its own hair-styling tournaments. COMMANDER SHEPARD (MASS EFFECT SERIES) Not again - can't the galaxy save itself for one day? MOSAIC Commander Shepard's hair was always a bit .. frayed. HAIR TRANSPLANT

If Hair Could Talk: The Secrets Behind Famous Hair

shared by LivinLevin on Nov 24
Your hair can say a lot about your personality. But what if your hair could literally talk? What secrets would the hairstyles of the famous and powerful have to share? Here's how we imagnie what some ...


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