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Hunger Games Survival Guide: 7 Real-Life Tips to Keeping the Odds Ever in Your Favor

HUNGER GAMES SURVIVAL GUIDE: 7 REAL-LIFE TIPS TO KEEPING THE ODDS EVER IN YOUR FAVOR When the Victors of previous Hunger Games are called back to the arena for the Quarter Quell, they're faced with treacherous dangers each hour of the day. Although the trials faced in the 75th Hunger Games are not all real threats we face today, Survival Life wants everyone to learn a real world application and which survival skills may help keep you alive. WITHOUT SPONSORS AND MAGICAL GIFTS THESE TIPS MAY COME IN HANDY ONE DAY! 11 1. Lightning To protect yourself from lightning, avoid open fields, elevated mountaintops, or watery areas. Isolate yourself between rocks or in caves and make sure to never lie flat on the ground. In the US 300 people on average are injured by strikes each year. 2. Blood Rain Collect rainwater and use a water purification system (like boiling your H2O or using bleach - 8 drops/gallon) to clean the water of pollutants. This is a priority as a human body can survive no longer than three days without water. 3. Paralyzing Fog When traveling through heavy fog it is important to stay on a trail and use a compass. ttSome use pacing and time to help aid navigation to help estimate distances. Also consider ranger beads - move a bead each 100m traveled. 4. Monkey Mutations See 'Beast' for survival tips against Monkey Mutations 5. Jabberjays Similar to how Jabberjays mimic the cries of a Tribute, songbirds can mimic vocalizations of animals and also make it easier to find a predator lurking nearby through a shrill, alarm cry. The Jabberjays also play mind tricks; reminder that it's important to remain calm in crisis - use slow breathing and keep your mind on the task-at-hand. 7. Beast For large animals like mountain lions and bears, wear a bell or carry another noisemaker to scare them off. Pretend to fight back against a mountain lion, play dead near a bear, and never, ever look into a wolf's eyes. 11. Saltwater Wave While a tsunami may not be an immediate threat to you, if stranded at sea, float on your back in calm water, float face down on your stomach in rough water emerging for air when necessary, and allow the current to take you to land or rescue. 12. Deadly Insects Just like the deadly insects within the arena, bug bites can ruin any outdoor activity. Try to find plants and herbs like lemon balm, citronella, or peppermint to ward off bugs. Mosquitos alone are responsible for over 1 million deaths a year! Don't forget to shake out clothing to avoid other creepy crawlies. SURVIVALOLIFE PREPARE - LEAD PROTECT BEFORE YOU FIND YOURSELF STUCK IN A REAL-LIFE SURVIVAL SITUATION, SURVIVAL LIFE CAN HELP PROVIDE KNOWLEDGE, TIPS AND PERTINENT SKILLS. TO FIND MORE INFORMATION ABOUT PREPPING AND SURVIVALISM, VISIT SURVIVAL LIFE'S SITE AT SOURCES ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

Hunger Games Survival Guide: 7 Real-Life Tips to Keeping the Odds Ever in Your Favor

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Survival Life wants to help celebrate the 75th Annual Hunger Games! With seven real-life survival tips to help you get through each of the deadly traps within the Quarter Quell arena, you're sure to b...


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