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How your favourite films really could have been ruined by a mobile phone

How your favourite films really could have been ruined by a MOBILE PHONE At Energenie, we understand what a pain it can be when your mobile phone runs out of juice, especially when it happens just as you are trying to save the world or locate your child's kidnappers... TAKEN I will look for you, I will find. Hello? hello? Unsure of next approach. Daughter makes desperate phone call to father while being nicked. Father speaks to kidnappers. Daughter goes to Paris where she I will look for you, I will find you and I will kill you. Looks for him, finds him, kills him. is set upon by kidnappers. FINDING NEMO WHERE HAV THEY TAKEN U? LUV DAD P. SHERMAN TOOK ME TO 42 WALLABY WAY, SYDNEY Help?! -))) A lot of unnecessary hassle avoided. Father and son devastated by eel tragedy in which entire family is consumed. Pledge never to lose each other. Dad required to search the A lot of Son kidnapped by divers. entire ocean. unnecessary hassle. 인 01 001 THE MATRIX 00 'Mr. Wizard, get me the hell out of here. Gets the hell out Able to produce trilogy of multi-million-pound grossing films. of there. Neo required to enter Matrix to - 'Mr. Wizard, get me the. Hello? Hello?. have words with agents hell-bent on manipulating entire human race. Neo has heated words with agents, who try to, kill him. Stuck in Matrix and Cinema goers left bitterly unfulfilled. likely exterminated. TOMORROW NEVER DIES Villain tricked into electrocuting Escapes. himself. Q provides James with mobile phone that can electrocute user, if needed as Bond gets himself in predicament after liaison with old a weapon. Enemy gets frustrated by mobile phone not working. Bond Daniel Craig never realises dream of flame, who is now enemy's missus. becoming 00 agent. Forced to sign on. meets his maker. TITANIC CALLING LIFEGUARD Rescuers Go to see Titanic 2 Titanic is sinking. Rose and Jack arrive sooner. on first date. do not make it to Tll never let go, Jack." a lifeboat. Rose seeks refuge on a floating piece of wood while Jack waits in the water. Waits. Lets go. ROMEO & JULIET Romeo and Juliet live happily ever after and have herd of illegitimate children. Parents disown them all over again. NOT RLY DEAD. WILL WAKE UP SOON ;) LOL. WILL RUN AWAY 2GETHER SOON? Romeo and Juliet fall in love. *THIS MESSAGE FAILED TO SEND* Juliet fakes death in order to safeguard future happiness with Romeo. Romeo kills himself. Juliet kills herself (properly this time). THE HANGOVER ON THE WHERE R U? ROOF, U ***** Groom found quicker. Filmmakers uninspired to produce 2 more mediocre sequels. Public spared. Friends enjoy raucous stag do. WELCOME TO Fabulous LAS VEGAS NEVADA Wake up to find groom missing. A lot of unnecessary hassle. Groom found. Don't let your phone run out of juice at those all important moments. Give us a call to find out more about our innovative charging solutions. Or send us a carrier pigeon if your phone is already dead. Whatever. ENERGENIE your switch is my command 1

How your favourite films really could have been ruined by a mobile phone

shared by Energenie on Aug 04
At Energenie Towers, we really do understand that there are few things in life more annoying than your mobile phone running out of battery and ruining your entire day. - See more at: http://blog.energ...




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