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How to Write a Hit Song

how to write a lit Song Live Lije Fall in love, fall out of love, see a movie, read a book, keep a journal, save your ideas, look back-move forward! IĞ¿put Listen to music you like, listen to music you don't like. Imitate, emulate, then forget it all and create. Don't chase a trend, be the trend! periment Don't judge your ideas, make a mess, dare to fail, keep it private until you're ready to go public! Do The Work Make an appointment with yourself and show up to work. Even when you're not inspired, make sure to write during your appointed time. Make some music and let the melody form words. Make some words and let them form melody. When you are inspired chase the inspiration. If you don't finish, come back to it the next day and the day after that! Talent is important. Hard work is more important. Be a ruthless editor. Hold your song up against hit songs you like. Is your song that good? If it isn't, keep working on it until it is! Bevelop Jour Craft A song is not a poem or a novel. It has it's own form. Make sure you're writing a song. Tell a story. Make it rhythmic, make it rhyme, make it understandable and always look for a great hook! The hook is a lyrical line or melodic phrase that makes the song memorable. Make Sure It's A Song RUCord Pro-Tools, Logic, Cubase, Garage Band and more.there are so many ways to record your song. Make a track that fits the style of your song. Get It Hearder KURZWEIL PC2 "My first hit song became a hit because I gave a copy to a friend who had a brother who was dating the personal assistant to someone famous. You Tube That's a crooked road straight to success!" --Billy Kirsch SOUNDCLOUD Spotify facebook No one will knock on your door to ask you if you've just written a hit song... Post your song anywhere and everywhere online. Submit it to songwriting contests. Give copies to everyone, from your local bar band to the backstage bouncer at a concert! Here is a list of 6 great places to promote, upload and record your music online. 2. Youtube 3. Soundcloud 4. Instagram 6. Facebook 1. Twitter 5. Spotify KIDBILLYMUSIC TEAM BUILDING THROUGH SONG Sources Instruments of Music 4 by PastorAwes Hand Sound Board Mixing Studio DJ Volume Knobs ( by Matt Hobbs In Love by Emilie Hendryx Instruments 1 by tatlin Headphones 3 by magstefan ( ( Microphone by Cricava Technologies ( Designed by Veronica Webb-Shelton ....

How to Write a Hit Song

shared by DigitalFirefly on Jul 15
Ever want to write a hit song? Award winning song writer Billy Kirsch goes through some of the essentials steps to write a great song and make it a hit.


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